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R1: McAllen vs Edcouch-Elsa

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News video: R1: McAllen vs Edcouch-ElsaMasterminds round one between McAllen and Edcouch-Elsa.

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Transcript: R1: McAllen vs Edcouch-Elsa

we have 10. >> hello, everybody. welcome to a brand new season of "masterminds". it is edcouch-elsa and mccallum high school. we'll see if anybody can unseat i.b. who won last year at the end of the season. see if they can move on to be this year's champion. let's get to t hands on your buzzers, students, here we go. what mathematical symbol resembles a period? edcouch-elsa. >> alex. >> that's right or decimal point. >> spell palatable. >> p-a-l-a-t-a-b-l-e >> that's correct. factor x-squared minus 6x minus 27. edcouch-elsa, jesus. >> (x-3) and (x-9). >> no. mchi, anyone? >> (x+9) and (e-3). >> (x-9) and (x+3). the mediterranean sea touches all shores of these countries except morocco, algeria, libya, or sudan? >> morocco >> no. mchi, alex? >> sudan. >> sudan. >> that's correct. >> name the state that borders both california and new mexico. >> arizona. >> what category of receptors are light sensitive. >> photo. >> correct. what planet has the longest year? mchi, jesus. >> neptune. >> that's right. what is the lightest of the noble gasses. >> helium. >> what was lost and regained by poet john milton? >> edcouch-elsa jesus. >> eyesight. >> no. >> hearing. >> paradise. >> paradise lost and found. >> what interrupted paul revere's famous ride? >> british. british? no. judges say no. edcouch-elsa ramón. >> no, his arrest by the british. >> so much more specific. that's our score after the first m chi 40 and edcouch-elsa 30. all right. we're off it to a good start in this first game of the new season. before we go this any further. we want to meet our judges here from the university of texas grande valley. dr. megan birk associate professor of history. graduate coordinator in the college of liberal arts and dr. noreen rivera assistant professor in the departments of literature and cultural studies. give our judges a big round of applause. they are back for another season. [applause] it is great to have you back once again. good to see you want to do this again. that's awesome. let's start with the team from mchi. >> my name is juan medina. this is my first year doing masterminds and i play soccer. >> my name is gareth garzonie i'm a student at mchi and i'm excited to do masterminds this year. >> my name is benjamin i'm part of the national arts society and do track and field. >> welcome the team from mchi. mccallum high school. in our first game of the season for "masterminds." time for hot topics. time for hot topics. playing by yourself. don't need the buzzers. take the first answer we hear. it is just mchi. name the hall of fame rock 'n' roller whose hits include won't back down and free falling. w h o passed away recently at the age of 66 >> tom petty. >> the u.s. department of health and human services released two new rules allowing employers to claim exemptions covering what under the affordable care act? >> birth control and dental care? >> judge s? >> >> the first is right. yeah. >> >> the first is right. it is two rules of contraception. we'll take the first answer. that's right. what outcoming senator referred to trump's white house as an adult day care. >> corker. >> that's right. 70 points good job. edcouch-elsa. edcouch-elsa. meet the team. start with ramón. >> i'm ramón. i'm in current events and montreax. >> welcome. >> >> welcome. >> my name is alex sandoval. i do journalism and science. >> my name is jesus pena. >> my name is jesus pena. i'm in my social studies team and excited for this year. >> busy guys. edcouch-elsa. thanks for being here today. t hank you for being here today. we appreciate it. time for your hot the topics. time for your hot the topics. three questions. no buzzers required. mchi thinking this out. it this country singer was on stage in las vegas when shots rang out from mandalay bay killing dozens and injuring hundreds of concert goers. time is up. jason aldean. statue of former nfl quarterback was unveiled by the indianapolis colts? >> tom brady. >> no, peyton manning. >> what mogul was fired recently amid allegations of sexual assault. s e xual harassment >> that was harvey weinstein. >> that was harvey weinstein. as we go to the first break. mchi 70. edcouch-elsa 30. when we come back we'll meet the teacher coordinators. grab bag, all that and more. as masterminds continues right after this. [applause] [applause] >> welcome back to "masterminds." great crowd for our first game of the season. it is mchi and edcouch-elsa. let's meet the teacher coordinators. start with mchi. >> our mentor is mr. torres and mr. trevino and we're very happy to have them here. t h ey're both ct business teachers. very responsive. >> thank you for being part of >> thank you for being part of the program. we appreciate it. >> edcouch-elsa. >> this is joaquin jasso. he is the debate coach, speech teacher coordinator and as well as excellence in education recipient. >> glad you are here. appreciate the teacher coordinators. make sure the students are ready to go each week when they participate. time for quick pix. we'll ask you questions about each one. everybody is playing. you need your buzzers. here we go. this country is surrounded by the countries of montenegro, serbia and croatia. name the country. >> romania. >> no. edcouch-elsa. anyone? >> turkey. >> that's bosnia herzegovina. chester arthur became president after the assassination of his predecessor. who was he? time is up. james garfield. three indigenous tribes in alaska are considered to be eskimos. name one of those tribes. that's edcouch-elsa. >> inuit. >> the others are the aleut and yupik. if you see this symbol means you are close to what type of material. >> radioactive. >> that's right. this man was one of the most famous commercial artists in u.s. history. >> norman rockwell. just by looking at this sheet music can you tell me the name of the song? mchi. >> ode to joy? >> no. edcouch-elsa. >> twinkle twinkle little star. >> the "star spangled banner." 5 pi over 6 equals how many degrees. mchi garrett. >> 120. >> no. edcouch-elsa. >> 270. >> no. 150. this man was a general and served as president of france from 1959 to 1969. who was he? time is up. that's charles de gaulle. this is the famous opera house in sidney australia's biggest city. sidney is the capital of which australian state? time is up. new south wales. that's where you were going. wasn't it. one more. what was muhammad ali's name at birth. that's mchi. >> cassus clay. >> that's right. and that wraps up quick pix for today. >> mchi holds on to the lead over edcouch-elsa. it is time for grab bag. edcouch-elsa you get to go first. dr. rivera has three envelopes from which to choose. o ne , two, or three. >> i choose 1. choose numeral uno. choose numeral uno. remember you have 60 seconds to answer the 10 questions eel related to one category. of we'll come back if there's time. i f you don't know one say pass. your category is functional your category is functional knowledge. what's the proper use of the following things. that is would you wear it, eat it, read it, spend it, drive it, fly it or drink it? say those again? >> i'll say them one more time. wear t eat it, read it, spend it, drive it, fly it or drink t we have 10. the spruce goose. >> eat it. >> i'm sorry. >> eat it. >> no. >> couscous. >> eat it. >> yes. >> caftan kcaftan. >> novella. >> piers arrow. . >> flan >> eat it. >> yes. >> talent. >> >> tallit tallit. pass >> tallit tallit. >> can you repeat it? >> kohlrabi. pass. >> kohlrabi. >> wear it. >> eat it. >> no. said wear it first. >> absinthe. . >> drink it. >> yes. we will go back. >> pierce arrow. >> pierce arrow. >> drink it. >> no. talent. . >> use it. >> >> no. no. >> no. tallit. >> wear it. >> yes. that's it. how many did we get correct? 5 correct puts you up to 65 points. you got half of them. you got half of them. the spruce goose that's the plane. y ou would supply fly the spruce goose. the caftan was your wear it. you would fly the spruce goose. you would fly the spruce goose. maybe not but that's what it was supposed to do. the caftan caftan you wear it. kohlrabi you eat. okay mchi. two envelopes remain. which one? >> 3, please. >> same rule, pass if you don't know it. your category is gas. here we go. here we go. combustion requires two substances. one is fuel. what's the other. >> oxygen. >> helium was first discovered in what place? >> natural gas reservoirs. >> no. >> the discovery of this element the phlogiston theory became obsolete. >> plutonium. >> when measuring a gas at stp it is standard values at what two variables? >> temperature and pressure. >> yes. >> when a water changes liquid to gas without boiling what is the cause? >> evaporation. >> yes. >> in a ruby laser intense >> in a ruby laser intense illumination is created by a flash lamp made of zenon cadmium cobalt or uranium. >> uranium. >> no. what are the most abundant elements in the universe. >> oxygen. carbon. >> no. >> was freon used as an insect - sneshedz, refrigerant or -- >> refrigerant. >> yes. >> name this name the two gasses >> name this name the two gasse compressed. . >> that's the end of our how many did we get correct. time. how many did we get correct. five correct puts you up to 125 points. helium was discovered on the sun. the discovery of this element, the phlogiston what are considered the three most abundant elements hydro jump, helium and oxygen. t h a t 's as far as we got. one envelope remains thank the nobody chose. envelope number 2. we all play. thank you. >> nobody choose "in." identify the words that begin with the letters i-n. everybody is playing. need your buzzers. here we go. >> psychotic? >> insane. >> insane. >> a division in a baseball game. >> edcouch. >> yes. >> a coloured writing liquid. >> jesus. >> to receive from one's ancestor. >> mchi. >> ancestry. >> no. edcouch-elsa. jesus. >> inherit. >> yes. >> not guilty. mchi garrett. >> innocent. >> to take a firm and resolute stance. edcouch-elsa alex. >> indifferent. >> no. mchi anyone. time is up. insist. any whole number or its negative. mchi. >> interger. >> yes. to find create or discover. >> invent. >> yes. to commit money in order to earn a financial return. >> edcouch-elsa. >> income. >> no. mchi garrett. >> invest. >> the unlimited extent of time space or quantity. >> infinity. we got through all 10 of them. that takes our score to 185 95. good job. that was a good grab bag round. we'll take a break. when we come back, time for art and music. each question worth 20 points. we'll be back right after this. [applause] [applause] >> welcome back to "masterminds." round one competition. the first game of the season. mchi leads edcouch-elsa. 185-95. we'll start with art. we head to the art gallery and identify the artist or the work. this is for 20 points. ring in if you know the artist or the work. mchi. >> van gogh? >> that's not van gogh. edcouch-elsa? alex? >> no. that's pablo picasso.

"the old guitarist". we have another. how about this one. edcouch-elsa, alex? >> jackson polloc? >> no. >> no. >> andy warhol. >> that is andy warhol.

"prince" the name of that one. one for two on art. let's try music. listen carefully. identify the composer or the work. this is for 20 points. the composer or the work of this piece. [ music ] edcouch-elsa. jesus. >> strauss? that is strauss.

"emperor's waltz." good job. we have one more now also for 20 points. here we go. [ music playing ] [ music playing ] edds couch elsa, jesus. >> chopin. >> no. >> beethoven. >> no! this is greensleeves. we have got two out of the four. half. our score goes to 195 mchi. edcouch-elsa 115. we'll take a break. come back and final time for the final stretch. we'll see which team is moving on to round two. don't go away. [applause] [applause] >> welcome back to "masterminds." the first game of the new season. mchi leads edcouch-elsa. 205-115. time for the "final stretch" now. we'll ask questions until the we'll ask questions until the bell rings. here we go. straw used as an absorbent material on a beach is a major means of cleaning up what pollutant washed ashore? >> oil spills. >> correct. math question. >> take a number, add 10. much >> take a number, add 10. multiply by 3. add 24. add three times your original number and give me the result. . >> 36? >> no. >> no. edcouch-elsa. >> 24. >> no, it is 6. >> what is the three common shapes of bacteria. round, rod-like and spiral. i have one consolation he rejected when the election returns were in. no one candidate was ever elected ex president by such a large majority. who was this chief executive who finished a distant third in 1912. >> teddy roosevelt. . >> garfield >> no. it was taft. >> the muck razors were writers >> the muck razors were writers who exposed political corruption at the beginning of the century. which american president coined the term muckraking near the turn of the century. >> teddy roosevelt. . >> it was roosevelt. of the three basic types of data of the three basic types of dat structures and data management simple hierarchical and network which has a tree like form based on one to many relationships. >> hierarchical. >> correct. used as padding in furniture this spongy substance is made from latex. >> memory foam. >> judges, memory foam? >> they are looking for foam rubber. they will accept memory foam. >> which sport has individual . >> a projector that shines heaven of heavenly bodies on the inside of a dome. >> planetarium. >> yes. >> which sport has individual >> which sport has individual medal winners and overall team winner, is it boxing, cycling, gymnastics, tennis or archery. edcouch-elsa. >> gymnastics. >> that's correct. his works include, including crime of passion were banned in france. identify this 18th century aristocrat. time is up. marquee de sade. flower shops are busiest on what two days. >> valentine's day and mother's day. . >> . >> which of these animals has no external ear. >> the raccoon, bull or squirrel or mole. >> mole. >> that is correct. >> the senior u.s. commander in >> the senior u.s. commander in iraq said an air raid most likely led to the collapse of a building killing over 100 civilians recently. . >> mchi , gator. >> hospital? >> no. in which city did this take place? >> edcouch-elsa. >> edcouch-elsa. time is up. it was mosul. judge neil gorsuch emerged unscathed from his supreme court nominations here's recently in contrast to what democratic nominee who was ignored for 10 months by the gop without hearings causing notable bitterness. t i m e is up. that was >> merrick garland. >> which country has the happiest people in the world according to the u.n. of portugal norway. . >> switzerland >> no. >> canada? >> no. it's norway. pirates who sized the comoros pirates who sized the comoros comoros flagged oil tanker released the ship and the crew members after four days. >> what was the nationalities. >> somali. . >> yes >> bill o'reilly's reign as the top rated host in cable news came to an abrupt and embarrassing end. >> because of a series of sexual harassment. >> what was the name of billow riley's political commentary show. >> the o'reilly factor. gloz that's correct. >> venezuela have been having difficulty buying goods like food and medicine. what nation is the venezuela biggest trading partner. >> the u.s. >> yes. >> many venezuelas have been demonstrating and demanding new elections after which branch of the government was threatened. >> >> legislative. no. >> >> legislative. >> yes. >> the title of the presiding >> the title of the presiding judge of the u.s. supreme court is chief justice. what's the title for each of the other eight judges. >> [inaudible]. >> no. edcouch-elsa. i'm not sure who rang in. sorry, mckay. who rang in. >> justice of the peace. >> associate justice. which country has a shoreline in both the northern and southern hemispheres? australia turkey philippines indonesia or panama. >> indonesia. >> that's right. when a jet aircraft accelerates upon takeoff a loud noise may occur when a particular device ignites. >> sonic boom. >> no what is this device called. mckay, anybody. . >> jet >> the afterburner. >> >> the afterburner. which event occurred after the birth of christ. was it nebuchadnezzar rules. atilla invades italy. buddhism founded jews captive in babylon or confusionism developed. >> it was atilla invaded italy. what do we call the translucent impression made on paper when held up to the light. >> afterimage. >> transparent. >> that's a water mark. >> alphabetically what's the first member of the european community and nato. edcouch-elsa. alex. >> [indiscernible]. >> albania. >> belgium. plush should always be coordinated with the color of what other cosmetic. edcouch-elsa. >> foundation. >> no. mckay benjamin. >> lipstick. all right. gosh. this sentence is from lewis carroll's alice's adventures in wonderland. things are not always what they seem. at whose tea party was it this made. >> the mad hatter's. with einstein the most famous equation was eequals mc squared. what even shorter equation was made famous by sir isaac newton. >> m eking ma. >> gledz define and spell renege. define and spell renege. >> r e i n i g. >> >> r e i n i g. >> no. mchi anyone. . >> r -e-n-i-g >> no. the spelling is r e n e g e and the defend nation back out on a promise. identify the european's capital whose name precedes a state opera, a philharmonic orchestra and a boy's choir. >> rome. >> no. mchi, anybody? garrett. time is up. it is vienna. nouns ending in "y" presided by a consonant have plurals ending in what three letters. >> i e s. >> that's correct. nanak who lived in 1,500 was the first guru of which religion which sought to unite slam and hinduism. >> bahi. >> no. >> buddhism >> no. sikhism. sikhism. >> which english ruling came >> what are the three types of bass. >> small mouth and large mouth. >> >> which english ruling came correct. >> which english ruling came first, lancaster, york beings a hanover, tudor or windsor. >> york. >> no. mchi. anyone lancaster. >> correct. his second and lesser known trilogy was called district of columbia. who was he? >> edcouch-elsa. jesus. >> washington. george washington. . >> no mchi anybody? >> his second and lesser known >> his second and lesser known trilogy was called district of columbia. who was he. garrett. . >> toll >> john does passos. keen >> john does passos. our final mchi 305 and edcouch-elsa 205. mchi you are moving on to the next round. want to thank all the students for a great game. score over 500 points. that's a good thing. congratulations. thank our judges from the utrvg. mchi we'll see you at round two. we'll see you at home next week for another exciting competition of masterminds. >> channel 5 news will make a generation donations to both h i gh schools for their participation in today's competition. the money will provide extra the money will provide extra resources in each high school library so all students may benefit. join us again next week for another edition of masterminds. 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