Slavic ethnic group living in the Balkans

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Bulgarians: Slavic ethnic group living in the Balkans
Bulgarians are a nation and South Slavic ethnic group native to Bulgaria and its neighbouring region.


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Desperate state of Bulgaria reflects poorly on EU principles

desperate state of bulgaria reflects poorly on eu principles
The rule-of-law crisis that has convulsed the European Union in recent years has mainly focused on “democratic back-sliding” in Hungary and Poland ,as ruling parties in those states have sought to..
WorldNews - Published

Bulgarians complain of long border queues after Greece eases lockdown

Hundreds of trucks and cars from Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia waited in long queues at the border with Greece on Wednesday after Athens eased coronavirus restrictions to try to salvage the summer..
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Bulgarian TV presenter's death in car crash stirs uproar over reckless driving

Bulgarians flooded social media on Monday to accuse authorities of a lax attitude to alcohol- and drug-impaired driving after a popular TV journalist was killed when his car was rammed by another..
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Bulgarians applaud front-line medics from balconies to show support

Thousands of Bulgarians came out onto their balconies on Sunday night to applaud doctors and nurses at the front line of the coronavirus crisis in a sign of unity and support.
Reuters - Published

Bulgaria bans travel to Iran, raises risk on travels to 11 countries

Bulgaria's foreign ministry on Friday banned all travel to Iran and advised Bulgarians to cancel all non-urgent travel to Spain and South Korea in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus.
Reuters - Published

Bulgaria names Russians charged with poisoning linked to Skripal case

Bulgarian prosecutors on Friday named the three Russians they have charged with the attempted murder of three Bulgarians whose poisoning is being investigated for possible links with the 2018..
Reuters - Published

Bulgarians protest against the country's sole candidate for chief prosecutor

Over 1,000 Bulgarians marched in central Sofia on Wednesday in protest against the only candidate for the post of chief prosecutor, questioning whether the nominee Ivan Geshev would wage a genuine war..
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'I live in constant fear' Bulgaria data breach victim says

Mariana Krasteva, a 55-year old engineer, is one of more than four million Bulgarians, whose personal data was stolen in the country's biggest-ever cyber breach, leaving her fearful of what fraudsters..
Reuters - Published

In systemic breach, hackers steal millions of Bulgarians' financial data

Bulgaria's finance minister apologized to the country on Tuesday after admitting hackers had stolen millions of taxpayers' financial data in an attack that one researcher said may have compromised..
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Bulgarian tax agency says hackers stole millions of financial records

Hackers have stolen the personal and financial data of millions of Bulgarians by breaking into the tax agency's systems, the government said on Tuesday.
Reuters - Published

Hackers hit Bulgaria, leak data from Russian email: government

Hackers stole millions of Bulgarians' personal and financial data and distributed it from a Russian-based email in an attack one minister linked to the purchase of new F-16 fighter jets from the United..
Reuters - Published