European Court of Justice

Supreme court in the European Union, part of the Court of Justice of the European Union

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European Court of Justice: Supreme court in the European Union, part of the Court of Justice of the European Union
The Court of Justice, informally known as the European Court of Justice (ECJ), is the supreme court of the European Union in matters of European Union law, and is considered by many 'the most powerful and influential international court that is realistically possible'. As a part of the Court of Justice of the European Union, it is tasked with interpreting EU law and ensuring its equal application across all EU member states under Article 263 of the Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).


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UK facing legal action for failing to comply with free movement rules despite leaving EU

Brussels gives government four months to comply or be referred to European Court of Justice
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Poland must suspend judge discipline panel – ECJ

The EU has repeatedly criticised the judicial reforms introduced by Poland’s Law and Justice Party.
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UK and EU split on major issues as Brexit trade talks begin

uk and eu split on major issues as brexit trade talks begin
Boris Johnson's chief Europe negotiator David Frost has met his counterpart from the European Union Michel Barnier as talks began to strike a post-Brexit trade deal. Opening positions set out by the..
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Brexit or not, EU tells Britain to tweak transport levy or face court

Brexit may be done, but the European Union's executive served a reminder on Wednesday that Britain is not yet free from its laws, demanding that it change transport levies or face proceedings in front..
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Alphabet's Google puts up fight against EU fine

alphabet's google puts up fight against eu fine
Silicon Valley behemoth Google is appealing a multibillion-euro fine that was slapped on it by EU antitrust regulators. The US company says the penalty can only be described as "ill-founded and..
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UK to resist EU demand for European Court of Justice to govern Brexit trade deal

Brussels wants court to keep some power over UK under trade deal
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Brexit: EU threatens Boris Johnson with 'sanctions' if he fails to implement controversial Irish sea goods checks

UK could be fined by the European Court of Justice which - to the likely fury of Tory MPs – will retain the power if there is 'any backsliding'
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EU says Brexit trade deal needs power to fine UK if it breaks rules

European Court of Justice would also be involved
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Boris Johnson suffers second defeat in Lords as peers vote against plans to allow lower courts to overrule EU law

Boris Johnson has suffered a second defeat in the House of Lords in a matter of hours over plans to allow British judges at lower courts overturn European Court of Justice rulings after Brexit.
Independent - Published

EU court adviser: data privacy laws should apply in national security cases

The European Court of Justice should uphold its 2016 decision that personal data cannot be seized and held indiscriminately by governments even on national security grounds, the court's advocate..
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EU executive may seek injunction against Polish law muzzling judges

The European Commission will discuss on Tuesday whether to ask the European Court of Justice, the EU's top court, for an injunction against a Polish law that would allow the ruling party to discipline..
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EU court boost for activist in Facebook data transfer fight

eu court boost for activist in facebook data transfer fight
LONDON — EU regulators must block tech companies from transferring data outside the bloc in cases in which privacy rules are broken, an advisor to the European Union's top court said Thursday, in a..
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European court hands AirBnB a legal victory

Online short-term rental platform Airbnb scored a victory against French hoteliers Thursday when the European Court of Justice ruled that the US giant is not an estate agent.
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EU court to rule on jailed Catalan leader's rights

eu court to rule on jailed catalan leader's rights
In most cases, ECJ judges follow the advocate general's advice. Last month, the ECJ's top legal adviser, Advocate General Maciej Szpunar, argued that taking an oath to respect the Spanish constitution..
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Boris Johnson accused of 'chaotic free-for-all' on workers' rights over new plans to let courts overrule EU law

Downing Street confirms British judges would be handed powers to challenge ECJ rulings
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Lesser UK courts will be able to overturn ECJ rulings after Brexit: PM's spokesman

Legislation to enact British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's deal to leave the European Union will include the provision for courts lower than the Supreme Court to overturn rulings made by the European..
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Poland may have to leave EU, Supreme Court warns

Its government has already been referred to the European Court of Justice over rules for judges.
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EU court should not intervene in Croatia/Slovenia border dispute: adviser

An adviser of the EU Court of Justice agreed with Croatia on Wednesday that settling the border between Slovenia and Croatia was not a matter on which EU courts should rule.
Reuters - Published

Products from illegal Israeli settlements must be labelled, EU's highest court rules

ECJ says consumers need to be informed to take into account 'ethical considerations and considerations relating to the observance of international law'
Independent - Published

Jailed Catalan leader could have sought immunity from European Parliament: court adviser

A jailed Catalan separatist leader elected to the European Parliament while in detention had the right to ask lawmakers to decide whether to uphold his immunity, an adviser to the European Court of..
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Court says EU states must label Israeli settlement products

court says eu states must label israeli settlement products
BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union's top court ruled Tuesday that EU countries must oblige retailers to identify products made in Israeli settlements with special labels, in a ruling likely to spark..
WorldNews - Published

Jailed Catalan leader is MEP and can seek immunity: EU court adviser

A jailed Catalan separatist leader was a member of the European Parliament despite not being able to take up his seat and can seek immunity from prosecution on that basis, an adviser to the European..
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Europe's top court rules that EU courts can order Facebook to take down illegal content worldwide

europe's top court rules that eu courts can order facebook to take down illegal content worldwide
Facebook was dealt a big blow by the European Court of Justice on Thursday.The court ruled that if a piece of content is deemed illegal in the European Union, it has to be taken down worldwide - not..
WorldNews - Published

Google wins EU fight against ‘right to be forgotten’ worldwide

google wins eu fight against ‘right to be forgotten’ worldwide
Google is not required to apply an EU “right to be forgotten” to its search engine domains outside Europe, the EU’s top court ruled Tuesday in a landmark decision. The European Court of Justice..
WorldNews - Published

Google braces for landmark global privacy ruling

google braces for landmark global privacy ruling
Bloomberg Google is bracing for another landmark privacy decision at the European Union’s top court, five years after a “right-to-be-forgotten” ruling forced it to delete links to personal..
WorldNews - Published

ECJ judges reject BMW appeal over state aid for Leipzig plant

ecj judges reject bmw appeal over state aid for leipzig plant
German carmaker BMW had appealed against a European Commission decision to limit state aid for developing electric and hybrid cars at its Leipzig plant. The Commission reduced the amount of the grant..
WorldNews - Published

'Like' button needs caveat, European Court of Justice rules

'like' button needs caveat, european court of justice rules
Websites using Facebook's "Like" button must warn users that the Silicon Valley giant will receive their data, the top EU court has ruled. Companies had not previously been held responsible for the..
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Brussels Takes Hungary To Court Over Mistreatment Of Asylum Seekers

brussels takes hungary to court over mistreatment of asylum seekers
The European Commission referred Hungary to the Court of Justice on Thursday over "legislation that criminalizes activities in support of asylum applications and further restricts the right to request..
WorldNews - Published

European Court says Russia not facing up to domestic abuse problem

Russia failed to protect a woman from repeated acts of violence by her former partner, the European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday, saying her case showed that Moscow was not facing up to its..
Reuters - Published

ECJ hears landmark case over Facebook data security

ecj hears landmark case over facebook data security
Are EU citizens protected enough from US surveillance when Facebook transfers their personal data? The job of answering that question now lies with Europe's top court, despite Facebook's bid to block..
WorldNews - Published

Top EU court backs environmentalists on stricter air quality standards

top eu court backs environmentalists on stricter air quality standards
The European Court of Justice has ruled that results from different areas cannot be averaged to assess air quality standards. The judgement could compel local and national authorities to tighten air..
WorldNews - Published

Vendors plan to seek compensation from German government over thwarted toll: report

The companies that were set to operate the German motorway vignette scheme scuppered by a European Court ruling earlier this week plan to demand 300 million euros ($339.21 million) compensation from..
Reuters - Published

German interior minister laments EU court ruling on road toll

A decision by the European Court of Justice to strike down German government plans to impose a highway toll that favors German drivers over their EU peers is incomprehensible, Interior Minister Horst..
Reuters - Published

German road toll discriminates against foreigners - ECJ

german road toll discriminates against foreigners - ecj
A planned German fee is unfair because it relies on drivers from other states, says the top EU court.
BBC News - Published

EU court rules against autobahn tolls

eu court rules against autobahn tolls
The ECJ has rejected the fees known as "vignettes" after Austria, with support from the Netherlands, had lodged a complaint. The EU has said the tolls are in breach of anti-discrimination laws. ......
WorldNews - Published