Medicare (United States)

United States single-payer national social insurance program

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Medicare (United States): United States single-payer national social insurance program
Medicare is a national health insurance program in the United States, begun in 1966 under the Social Security Administration (SSA) and now administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). It primarily provides health insurance for Americans aged 65 and older, but also for some younger people with disability status as determined by the Social Security Administration, as well as people with end stage renal disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.


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Judge Barrett grilled on health care and election issues

During Day 3 of Supreme Court confirmation hearings, Judge Amy Coney Barrett declined to weigh in on everything from the constitutionality of Medicare to the validity of mail-in voting. Nancy Cordes..
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Number of Medicare-subsidised psychology sessions doubled in wake of coronavirus pandemic

The coalition will spend more than $5.7 billion on mental health services this year as Australians grapple with the trauma of last summer’s bushfires and the coronavirus pandemic.
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Medicare funded psychological services doubled for COVID-19 mental health support

The number of Medicare-subsidised psychology sessions Australians can access per year will be doubled from 10 to 20 as the government embarks on record health spending in the wake of the coronavirus..
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Joe Biden on "Medicare for All" and taxes

"Nobody's going to say how they're going to pay." Joe Biden dismisses his opponents' plans to provide "Medicare for All."
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Trump's 'incredible' federal aid, calls himself 'the best thing'

trump's 'incredible' federal aid, calls himself 'the best thing'
It's almost as if he's writing a personal cheque.In recent days, President Donald Trump has promised millions of Medicare recipients that thanks to him they'll soon be getting an "incredible" $200 card..
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Donald Trump's $200 prescription cards won't hit mailboxes just yet

donald trump's $200 prescription cards won't hit mailboxes just yet
WASHINGTON: If you're on , don't run to the mailbox looking for a $200 prescription drug card courtesy of President . US government officials said on Friday that key details of Trump's election-year..
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Trump signs U.S. healthcare executive orders that may have little impact

trump signs u.s. healthcare executive orders that may have little impact
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday signed two executive orders on healthcare for Americans that lawyers said will carry little weight, as the president seeks to boost..
WorldNews - Published

Medicare open enrollment begins Oct. 15. Here's what you need to know.

Medicare's annual open enrollment period begins Oct.15 and, given COVID-19, financial planners urge people to review their plans. - Published

Debt is the real pandemic: Ron Paul

debt is the real pandemic: ron paul
According to the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) latest “Update on the Budget Outlook,” this year’s $3.3 trillion federal deficit is not just three times larger than last year: it is the..
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Trump targets older voters with an ad focusing on Social Security and Medicare. - Published

Trump Issues Expansive Order Aimed at Lowering Drug Prices

The order expands on a presidential promise by trying to reduce the prices Medicare pays for prescription drugs, but experts said it was unclear whether the White House could carry out the directive. - Published

Trump Administration Orders Hospitals to Report Data or Risk Losing Funding

The administration now says failure to report Covid-19 data to the Department of Health and Human Services could cost hospitals Medicare and Medicaid funding. - Published

Is Telemedicine Here to Stay?

The answer largely depends on whether Medicare and private health insurers will adequately cover virtual doctor visits once coronavirus outbreaks subside. - Published

Today in History for July 30th

Highlights of this day in history: Ex-Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa disappears; Medicare and Medicaid signed into law; A blast rocks Black Tom Island; The USS Indianapolis sunk; Henry Ford and Arnold.. - Published

Ineligible for Medicare and unable to return to Peru, Ines is facing a $500,000 medical bill

Ines Oscategui Rodriguez needs a bone marrow transplant, but because she’s ineligible for government health benefits due to her visa status, she’s facing enormous out-of-pocket costs to have the..
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House Democrats launch inquiry into Medicare stimulus payouts

Two U.S. House of Representatives Democrats on Friday launched an inquiry into whether the Health and Human Services Department misdirected billions of dollars in coronavirus stimulus money to..
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Exclusive: U.S. probes PerkinElmer's role in massive Medicare fraud - sources

Medical diagnostic firm PerkinElmer Inc faces a federal investigation into its role in an alleged Medicare fraud involving tens of thousands of unnecessary genetic cancer tests, according to three..
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Georgia woman arrested over U.S. Medicare fraud on coronavirus testing

A Georgia woman was arrested on Friday for allegedly bilking Medicare - the U.S. health insurance program for Americans over age 65 and the disabled - by submitting fraudulent claims related to..
Reuters - Published

Exclusive: U.S. coronavirus stimulus went to some healthcare providers facing criminal inquiries

Eager to bolster the healthcare system during the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. government last month sped $30 billion in stimulus payments to most healthcare providers that billed Medicare last year.
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Coronavirus testing in the U.S. was limited for months because of low Medicare payments.

Early in the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. struggled to ramp up testing. Here's how Medicare could have helped. - Published

Coronavirus to accelerate Social Security, Medicare depletion dates, U.S. officials say

Job and revenue losses prompted by the coronavirus will likely accelerate the depletion of Social Security and Medicare reserves, U.S. officials said on Wednesday as they released reports showing..
Reuters - Published

I'm a physician assistant on furlough when I could be helping coronavirus patients

Coronavirus has meant more Medicare patients, elective procedures halted and hospitals burning through revenue. Bail them out and put us back to work. - Published

Biden's Health Play In A COVID-19 Economy: Lower Medicare's Eligibility Age To 60

biden's health play in a covid-19 economy: lower medicare's eligibility age to 60
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden proposes letting 60-year-olds enroll in Medicare. He'd pay for the expansion out of general tax revenue, he says, not the Medicare fund. (Image credit:..
WorldNews - Published

Biden courts Sanders voters with student loan, healthcare policies

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Thursday proposed expanding access to Medicare and forgiving some student debt in new overtures to supporters of onetime rival Bernie Sanders.
Reuters - Published

In Outreach to Left, Biden Unveils Plans on Medicare and Student Debt

Looking to appeal to Bernie Sanders’s supporters, Joe Biden announced proposals to lower the eligibility age for Medicare to 60 and to expand student debt forgiveness programs. - Published

4 reasons America needs a new coronavirus crisis insurance program based on Medicare

Borrow Medicare's medical and billing infrastructure to give everyone in America access to coronavirus diagnosis, treatment and recovery services. - Published

Coronavirus gives Sanders a chance and an obligation to push Biden left on health care

If the catastrophic implications of the coronavirus aren't the best possible argument for a Medicare for All single payer system, I don't know what is. - Published

Trump's coronavirus payroll tax cut would punch hole in Social Security, Medicare budgets

President Donald Trump has picked his favorite weapon to fight the economic fallout from the coronavirus: an elimination of the "payroll tax" on workers' gross earnings that is used to fund national..
Reuters - Published

U.S. government aims at high insulin prices with plan for $35 copay in Medicare

The Trump administration on Wednesday turned back to its pledge to fight high U.S. drug prices with a plan to limit the out-of-pocket cost for insulin, a life-saving medicine, to $35 per month for many..
Reuters - Published

Insulin Costs May Be Capped in a Medicare Program

If drug companies and insurers agree to participate, the Trump administration proposes limiting insulin costs to $35 a month for some older Americans. - Published

Commuting the sentence of a Medicare fraudster? An unwise move by President Trump.

Judith Negron took advantage of the elderly and stole millions of dollars from taxpayers. Should she get a second chance? - Published

Sanofi to pay $11.9 million to resolve U.S. drug charity kickback probe

Sanofi SA has agreed to pay $11.85 million to resolve U.S. allegations that it used a charity that helps cover Medicare patients' out-of-pocket drug costs as a means to pay them kickbacks to use a..
Reuters - Published

Sanders pressed on Medicare math, Biden guarantees a win: How each candidate fared at crucial South Carolina debate

Sen. Bernie Sanders largely evaded criticism in last week's debate. But Tuesday night, the Democratic frontrunner wasn't so lucky. - Published

Despite attacks, Sanders' Medicare for All boosts early-state triumphs

In the days leading up to Saturday's Democratic presidential caucuses in Nevada, Bernie Sanders withstood one attack after another over his Medicare for All plan – both from his rivals and the..
Reuters - Published

Sanders takes early lead in Nevada caucuses, Biden distant second

Bernie Sanders took an early lead in results from the Democratic presidential caucuses in Nevada on Saturday, buoyed by what entrance polls showed was strong support for a government-run Medicare for..
Reuters - Published

Entrance poll shows Sanders ahead in Democrats' Nevada caucuses

An entrance poll showed Bernie Sanders with the most support among Nevada voters entering caucus sites for the Democratic presidential contest on Saturday, buoyed by strong support for a government-run..
Reuters - Published

Sanders ahead in entrance poll in Democrats' Nevada caucuses

An entrance poll showed Bernie Sanders with the most support among Nevada voters entering caucus sites for the Democratic presidential contest on Saturday, and they favored a government-run Medicare..
Reuters - Published

In Nevada, voters heavily favor government-run Medicare for All plan: entrance polls

Nevada voters entering caucus sites for the Democratic presidential contest on Saturday heavily favored a government-run Medicare for All healthcare plan, according to early entrance polls, a positive..
Reuters - Published

Joe Biden, speaking to donors in Denver, takes digs at Sanders and Bloomberg

joe biden, speaking to donors in denver, takes digs at sanders and bloomberg
Former Vice President Joe Biden is dropping in the polls in the Democratic presidential race while a self-described Democratic socialist is on the rise. In the still-crowded race, he’s been losing..
WorldNews - Published

GPs horrified as government targets Medicare fraud

The Department of Health has sent a warning letter to 341 doctors who had the highest rates of co-claiming a mental health treatment plan alongside a standard consultation.
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Red and Blue America see eye-to-eye on one issue: the nation's health care system needs fixing

The survey removed politically-charged language such as Medicare for All or Obamacare and explained the basics of health care approaches. - Published

“We will always protect your Medicare and your Social Security always.” - Published

Where Democratic presidential candidates stand on 'Medicare for All'

Perhaps no issue has divided the field of Democratic 2020 presidential hopefuls more than "Medicare for All."
Reuters - Published

Trump Opens Door to Cuts to Medicare and Other Entitlement Programs

The president signaled a willingness to scale back Medicare, a shift from his 2016 platform of protecting welfare programs. - Published

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