Warren Sells Out Medicare For All In VP Bid [Video]

Warren Sells Out Medicare For All In VP Bid

During the primary Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden fought over "Medicare for All." Biden was against it while Warren was "all-in" for it. She even told Biden that if he was against it he was "running in..

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Biden Makes Shift To The Left [Video]

Biden Makes Shift To The Left

Joe Biden has unveiled a proposal to make people eligible for Medicare when they turn 60. According to Business Insider, this is one sign that Biden is drastically shifting his policies to the left to..

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U.S. watchdog finds $6.7 billion in questionable Medicare payments to insurers

A U.S. government watchdog is raising fresh concerns that health insurers are exaggerating how sick Medicare patients are, receiving billions of dollars in improper payments as a result.
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Trump Stands by Embattled Medicare and Medicaid Chief

Seema Verma is under fire for seeking taxpayer reimbursement for stolen property, part of a series of unflattering reports about her and the presidentā€™s other top health official, Alex M. Azar II. - Published

As poll numbers slide, Warren wrestles with Medicare for All dilemma

With support for Elizabeth Warren's White House bid sliding since the release last month of a divisive plan to overhaul healthcare, the Democratic presidential contender has made an effort to refocus..
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A Change in Medicare Has Therapists Alarmed

Medicare revamped its reimbursement policy for physical, occupational and speech therapy in nursing homes. That has left some patients with less help. - Published

Crossbencher suggests new plan to provide mental health care for expecting fathers

Crossbencher Helen Haines is proposing a new plan to make expectant fathers eligible for Medicare-backed mental health check-ups.
SBS - Published

Mental health care for dads under new plan

Expectant fathers would be eligible for Medicare-backed mental health check-ups under a plan proposed by crossbencher Helen Haines.
SBS - Published

Medicare for all is really missing the point:' Experts say existing program still needs work

As some presidential candidates toutĀ "Medicare for All" to reform the nation's health care system, some advocates warn the existing program is far from perfect. - Published

Democratic debate in Atlanta: From A to F, Mastio & Lawrence grade the 2020 candidates

Do these candidates have the fire to take on Donald Trump? And did anyone miss the traditional first hour of heated arguments about Medicare for All? - Published

Where Democratic presidential candidates stand on 'Medicare for All' ahead of next debate

Perhaps no issue has divided the field of Democratic 2020 presidential hopefuls more than the debate over "Medicare for All."
Reuters - Published

Warren rolls out "transition" version of "Medicare for All"

Warren said the transition to full Medicare for All would take three years
CBS News - Published

Big Nurses Union Backs Bernie Sanders and His Push for ā€˜Medicare for Allā€™

National Nurses United, the countryā€™s biggest nurses union, also endorsed Bernie Sanders in 2016. This time, it chose him over Elizabeth Warren, who has laid out her own Medicare for all plan. - Published

Medicare Part B premium 2020: Rates and deductibles rising 7% for outpatient care

Medicare Part B premiums and deductibles are increasing 7% in 2020, which is a $9.10 monthly increase for 70% of Medicare beneficiaries. - Published

Full interview: Bernie Sanders, January 22

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, weighs in on the Women's March on Washington and challenges President Trump to stand by his campaign promise to keep Medicare and Medicaid. The full interview aired on..
CBS News - Published

"Promise" Americans you won't cut Medicare, Sanders urges Trump

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, challenges President Trump to stand by his campaign promise to keep Medicare and Medicaid. "Send out a tweet," Sanders suggests. "Promise the American people."
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HHS Secretary Tom Price says "we believe in the guarantee of Medicare for our seniors"

President Trump's Secretary of Health and Human Services says his goal is to make sure everyone has access to healthcare, moving forward. Secretary Tom Price adds his administration believes in..
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Warren's Medicare for All plan attacked, parodied by Republicans, Democrats and 'SNL' show

warren's medicare for all plan attacked, parodied by republicans, democrats and 'snl' show
U.S. presidential contender Elizabeth Warren's $20.5 trillion plan to provide healthcare for all Americans was attacked on the weekend by Republicans and fellow Democrats and parodied on "Saturday..
WorldNews - Published Also reported by •Reuters

Candidates spar over health care at key Iowa event

The event came after Elizabeth Warren unveiled her much-anticipated proposal to pay for Medicare for Allā€‹
CBS News - Published

Democrat Warren: Medicare for All would not raise U.S. middle-class taxes 'one penny'

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren on Friday proposed a $20.5 trillion Medicare for All plan that she said would not require raising middle-class taxes "one penny," answering..
Reuters - Published

Rick Scott says Medicare for all will "ruin our health care system"

Sen. Rick Scott, R-Florida, joins moderator Margaret Brennan to discuss his role in preparing a plan to replace Obamacare.
CBS News - Published

Will "Medicare for All" divide Democrats in 2020?

Ed O'Keefe, Jamal Simmons, Caitlin Huey-Burns and Jamelle Bouie discuss the role of "Medicare for All" in 2020 Democratic platforms for president.
CBS News - Published

Warren says she can fund Medicare for All without raising middle class taxes

Warren said the plan would fund Medicare for All without raising taxes on the middle class "by one penny"
CBS News - Published

Delaney says Sanders, Warren "hijacked the good name of Medicare"

2020 Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney joins Margaret Brennan to discuss his campaign, immigration, and health care.
CBS News - Published

Medicare open enrollment 2020: Skipping this step, or rushing through, could cost you

Medicare's complexity may explain why seniors are more likely to check for cheaper auto insurance or cable TV than reassess their coverage each year. - Published

New reports suggest ways to pay for Medicare For All system

Marc Goldwein, a senior vice president and senior policy director for the Committee For a ResponsibleĀ Federal Budget, joins "Red & Blue" to break down the options for financing a Medicare for All..
CBS News - Published

The cost of dying: end-of-life care

A 2009 report on the procedures and surgeries that often prolong patients' livesā€”and how Medicare paid $50 billion for it in one year alone
CBS News - Published

Joe Biden describes his health care plan using Pete Buttigieg's term, 'Medicare for all who want it'

Biden on Wednesday referred to his health care plan as "Medicare for all who want it," employing the phrase used by rival Pete Buttigieg. - Published

Joe Biden on Medicare for All and taxes

"Nobody's going to say how they're going to pay." Joe Biden dismisses his opponents' plans to provide Medicare for All
CBS News - Published

Two charities to pay $6 million to resolve U.S. pharma kickback probe

Two charities will pay $6 million to resolve claims they operated as pass-throughs for seven pharmaceutical companies to pay kickbacks to Medicare patients using their high-priced medications, the U.S...
Reuters - Published

Democratic 2020 hopeful Warren still weighing Medicare for All financing options

White House hopeful Elizabeth Warren is taking heat from her Democratic rivals for her demurrals when asked whether her Medicare for All healthcare plan would require raising taxes on middle-class..
Reuters - Published

Are Democrats Willing to Pay More in Taxes for Medicare for All?

Elizabeth Warren has declined to acknowledge that middle-class taxes would need to go up to pay for a single-payer health care system. How would Democratic voters feel if she did? - Published

Biden rips Warren's credibility after contentious Democratic debate

Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden questioned surging rival Elizabeth Warren's credibility on Wednesday, accusing her of failing to be open with voters about how she would pay for her..
Reuters - Published

Amy Klobuchar: Elizabeth Warren needs to say how she'd pay for 'Medicare for All'

amy klobuchar: elizabeth warren needs to say how she'd pay for 'medicare for all'
Sen. Amy Klobuchar on Wednesday said Sen. Elizabeth Warren needs to explicitly say how she plans to pay for her "Medicare for All" health care proposal and that Ms. Klobuchar is indeed "fighting" for..
WorldNews - Published

Warren comes under attack on healthcare, taxes at U.S. Democratic presidential debate

Surging U.S. Democratic presidential contender Elizabeth Warren came under repeated attack on her healthcare and tax policies in a debate on Tuesday, as moderate rivals pushed her to explain how she..
Reuters - Published

Democrats go on attack against Warren on healthcare, taxes at presidential debate

Several Democratic presidential contenders launched an attack on surging U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren on healthcare and taxes during a debate on Tuesday, pushing her to explain how she would pay for..
Reuters - Published Also reported by •France 24

U.S. Democrats go on attack against Warren at debate over healthcare

Several Democratic presidential contenders went on the attack against surging U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren during a debate on Tuesday, pushing her to explain how she would pay for her ambitious..
Reuters - Published

With Medicare's open enrollment, should you change plans?

This open enrollment season for Medicare, seniors will face plenty of changes ā€” and some new pitfalls
CBS News - Published

Trump talks Medicare support, slams Democrats

President Donald Trump on Thursday accused Democrats of an all-out attempt to ā€œtotally obliterate Medicareā€ and portrayed himself as the programā€™s defender as he took steps to expand Medicareā€™s.. - Published

Trump woos seniors with order to boost Medicare health program

U.S. President Donald Trump sought to woo seniors on Thursday with an executive order aimed at strengthening the Medicare health program by reducing regulations, curbing fraud, and providing faster..
Reuters - Published

Trump shifts focus to Medicare amid fallout over impeachment inquiry

Trump traveled to Florida on Thursday to promote proposed changes to Medicare designed to offer more affordable options. - Published

Trump Expected to Expand Private Medicare Advantage Program

The president is on his way to Florida, where he is expected to unveil an executive order to expand the private-sector version of Medicare. - Published

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