Eastern Mediterranean

Countries that are geographically located to the east of the Mediterranean Sea

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Eastern Mediterranean: Countries that are geographically located to the east of the Mediterranean Sea
Eastern Mediterranean is a loose definition of the eastern approximate half, or third, of the Mediterranean Sea. It typically embraces all of that sea's coastal zones, referring to communities connected with the sea and land greatly climatically influenced, in Southeast Europe, northern Egypt and far Western Asia. It includes the southern half of Turkey's main region Anatolia, its smaller Hatay Province, the island of Cyprus, the Greek Dodecanese islands, the region of Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and Israel.

Calls growing for EU sanctions against Turkey over actions in Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus [Video]

Calls growing for EU sanctions against Turkey over actions in Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus

The threat of sanctions is looming over Turkey, as calls grow within the EU for the country to face measures for its increasingly aggressive actions in the East Mediterranean and Northern Cyprus.View..

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In the Mediterranean, a Tug of War Between Turkey and the West

in the mediterranean, a tug of war between turkey and the west
Opinion Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, shake hands during a news conference, in Moscow, March 5, 2020. Photo: Pavel Golovkin / Pool via Reuters...
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Cyprus standoff: Erdogan irks EU by insisting on two-state division of island

cyprus standoff: erdogan irks eu by insisting on two-state division of island
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called for an equal “two-state” solution in Cyprus and warned against what he described as “diplomacy games” over Turkey’s rights to offshore..
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Greece Wants Germany To Stop Selling Submarines to Turkey

greece wants germany to stop selling submarines to turkey
ATHENS -- Greece's critical military edge – nearly undetectable submarines that run silent – would be taken away if Germany sells comparable vessels to Turkey as tensions still run high with fears..
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Athens repeats call for Turkey arms embargo

athens repeats call for turkey arms embargo
Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias reiterated the Greek request for an embargo on German arms sales to Turkey during his visit on Wednesday to Berlin, where he discussed the volatile situation in the..
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Athens bracing for four East Med scenarios

athens bracing for four east med scenarios
Having drawn useful conclusions from the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean over the summer, Athens is prepared to deal with any move Ankara makes south of the island of Kastellorizo and is examining..
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Greek PM, EU Commission chief call on Ankara to reduce tension

greek pm, eu commission chief call on ankara to reduce tension
Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen agreed that “Turkey has to undertake the necessary steps to reduce the tensions” in the East..
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Timing of Barzani’s visit to Turkey is telling, experts say

timing of barzani’s visit to turkey is telling, experts say
ANKARA: Turkey has sent a clear signal of its intentions to challenge France’s ambitions in the region by holding meetings with the Iraqi Kurdish leader Nechirvan Barzani on Sept. 4. The timing of..
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Turkey calls Macron ‘hysterical’ over Syria, Libya, East Mediterranean

turkey calls macron ‘hysterical’ over syria, libya, east mediterranean
Turkish foreign minister has called French President Emmanuel Macron “hysterical” over his meddling in foreign-backed conflicts in Libya and Syria as well as Ankara’s dispute with Greece over sea..
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Greece denies any agreement on technical talks with Turkey

greece denies any agreement on technical talks with turkey
ANKARA – Greece and Turkey have agreed to talks to avoid accidental clashes in the Eastern Mediterranean, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Thursday, part of efforts to defuse the..
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Turkey’s power projection risks military clash in Mediterranean, former PM says

turkey’s power projection risks military clash in mediterranean, former pm says
ANKARA: Turkey risks military confrontation in the Eastern Mediterranean because it prizes power over diplomacy, a former prime minister who championed a less confrontational policy in the first decade..
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Black Sea Gas Find Strengthens Turkey's Hand Against Greece

black sea gas find strengthens turkey's hand against greece
By Sinan Ulgen (Bloomberg Opinion) — An important development has been lost amid the growing alarm over the contretemps in the Eastern Mediterranean: Last month President Recep Tayyip Erdogan..
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Turkey Trumpets 1922 Victory Over Greece With More Threats

turkey trumpets 1922 victory over greece with more threats
Marking the 98th anniversary on Aug. 30 of Turkey booting Greece from Asia Minor, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan used the occasion to step up warnings he will take what he wants in the Aegean and East..
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Ankara given one-month deadline

ankara given one-month deadline
With NATO members Greece and Turkey locked in a prolonged and tense standoff in the Eastern Mediterranean, European Union High Representative Josep Borrell on Friday presented, on the second day of the..
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EU warns Turkey of sanctions as east Mediterranean crisis worsens

eu warns turkey of sanctions as east mediterranean crisis worsens
The European Union has threatened Turkey with fresh sanctions - including tough economic measures - unless progress is made in reducing soaring tensions with Greece and Cyprus in the Eastern..
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How Dangerous Is Greece and Turkey’s Mediterranean Standoff?

how dangerous is greece and turkey’s mediterranean standoff?
The Eastern Mediterranean has become an increasingly crowded space, between precarious refugee crossings from Libya to Europe, the flow of arms and mercenaries in the other direction, and Russia’s..
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Turkey accuses France of stoking tensions in East Med

turkey accuses france of stoking tensions in east med
Turkey on Thursday accused France of stoking tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, where NATO allies Turkey and Greece are locked in a stiff standoff over competing claims over offshore energy..
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PM warns of possible 'accident' in East Med amid Greek-Turkish tensions

pm warns of possible 'accident' in east med amid greek-turkish tensions
Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Wednesday warned about the possibility of an "accident" in the Eastern Mediterranean where Greek and Turkish naval forces have gathered after Ankara...
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Macron Calls for Sanctions on Those who Violate Maritime Zones in the Eastern Mediterranean

macron calls for sanctions on those who violate maritime zones in the eastern mediterranean
PARIS - Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades met France's President Emmanuel Macron in Paris on Thursday, for talks that also raised the issue of Turkish provocations. In statements on Thursday...
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German Paper Says Merkel Intervention Staved Off Greek-Turkish War

german paper says merkel intervention staved off greek-turkish war
ATHENS – Greece denied a report in the German newspaper Bild that Chancellor Angela Merkel played power broker in calls to Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Turkish President Recep Tayyip..
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Erdogan Says Deal Made With Trump Over Libya, Greece Unsaid

erdogan says deal made with trump over libya, greece unsaid
ANKARA -- Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he and US President Donald Trump have reached agreements over Libya but it wasn't said if that is over a Turkey-Libya maritime deal diving the seas..
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Greece keeping close tabs on Turkey’s moves

greece keeping close tabs on turkey’s moves
As Turkey persists in what is seen as a strategy of escalating tensions, Greece continues to closely monitor Ankara’s moves in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean and at the Evros land border,..
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Turkey-Libya maritime deal rattles East Mediterranean

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan paid a surprise visit to Tunisia on Wednesday to discuss cooperation for a possible ceasefire in neighboring Libya, where Ankara supports the internationally recognized..
Reuters - Published

Turkish Drone Over Cyprus Raises Energy Drilling Tensions

turkish drone over cyprus raises energy drilling tensions
NICOSIA – A Turkish drone on Cyprus has heightened tension over Turkish ships drilling for energy off the coast with fears of a conflict as the United Nations hasn’t intervened and hopes for..
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Greek PM asks Pompeo for U.S. help to calm Turkish offshore tensions

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis urged the United States on Saturday to use its influence to defuse tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean, where Cyprus and Turkey are locked in a dispute over..
Reuters - Published