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British Labour politician

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John McDonnell: British Labour politician
John Martin McDonnell is a British Labour Party politician, serving as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Hayes and Harlington since 1997. He served as the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Shadow Cabinet of Jeremy Corbyn from 2015 to 2020.


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Coronavirus: Rishi Sunak urged to consider four-day working week in response to pandemic

Exclusive: Signatories including John McDonnell and Caroline Lucas say 'shorter working time has been used throughout history as a way of responding to economic crises'
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Coronavirus: John McDonnell urges banks to suspend overdraft interest rate hike for millions

Shadow Chancellor says changes are 'kick in the teeth' as people struggle to get by
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Boris Johnson must not use coronavirus to delay vital decisions on climate crisis, John McDonnell insists

In pre-Budget speech, shadow chancellor also urges PM to 'get a grip' of situation and reassure public and financial markets
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Budget: Boris Johnson's government set to spend more than Labour under Blair, says think tank

Splurge 'will fail to tackle decade of decline caused by Tories,' warns John McDonnell
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Ed Miliband spearheads review of Labour's general election failure

John McDonnell's former adviser also joins commission aimed at rising above 'factional infighting'
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Labour leadership: John McDonnell vows to stay out of contest in blow to Rebecca Long-Bailey

Shadow chancellor to have 'no involvement', despite expectations he would back shadow business secretary
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Labour leadership takes blame over UK election result

Jeremy Corbyn says he is "sorry we came up short", while John McDonnell says he "owns this disaster".
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I take the blame, says UK Labour's McDonnell of election 'disaster'

John McDonnell, Labour's finance policy chief, accepted the blame on Sunday for the main opposition party's election "disaster" last week when many traditional supporters switched to back Prime..
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UK Labour's finance chief McDonnell to step down after election defeat

Britain's opposition Labour party finance spokesman John McDonnell will not be in his party's next shadow cabinet after Labour's heavy election defeat to Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservatives,..
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'We'll all go now': John McDonnell to stand down from Labour front line politics

John McDonnell has said that he will not be part of the shadow cabinet of Jeremy Corbyn's successor as Labour leader, telling ITV News: "I've done my bit."
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Election 2019: Scuffles break out at John McDonnell seat count

Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell is heckled as he is declared winner in Hayes and Harlington.
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UK's Labour leadership will decide on future once results in: McDonnell

Labour Party finance minister John McDonnell said his and leader Jeremy Corbyn's future would be decided once the British election results were in, after the exit poll forecast a big victory for Prime..
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Election: Boris Johnson's Tories accused of lying about Labour supporter 'punching' Conservative aide

John McDonnell says allegation made to distract attention away from NHS scandal
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Labour's McDonnell: No run on sterling if we win election

Britain's opposition Labour Party is not expecting a run on the pound if the party wins Thursday's election, Labour's would-be finance minister John McDonnell said on Monday, adding that he had seen..
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Labour to begin nationalising energy and water within 100 days of winning election, party vows

John McDonnell promises immediate move to give workers and customers control of water and energy companies
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UK Labour's McDonnell: I worry anti-Semitism has affected our election campaign

British opposition Labour Party's John McDonnell said on Sunday he was worried that accusations of failing to tackle anti-Semitism had damaged his party's election campaign.
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'You are being played': John McDonnell tells BBC live on air Boris Johnson is making fools of them by continually dodging Andrew Neil interview

'He knows that Andrew Neil will take him apart,' Labour says
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Labour pledges £58bn to compensate women hit by pension age rise

'We have a historical debt of honour to them,' says shadow chancellor John McDonnell
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John McDonnell says Labour's plans to democratise companies will increase productivity

The plan is for workers on company boards and collective bargaining
Independent - Published

Companies that fail to tackle climate change will be delisted from the London Stock Exchange, Labour announces

John McDonnell tells bosses they must 'pull their weight' to help tackle the 'existential threat' to the planet
Independent - Published

Jeremy Corbyn sends shockwaves through City with BT re-nationalisation plan

jeremy corbyn sends shockwaves through city with bt re-nationalisation plan
Jeremy Corbyn sent shockwaves through the City as he unveiled plans to nationalise the UK’s broadband network, providing free internet access for every home in the country. Labour costed the scheme..
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Labour's McDonnell says broadband plan is the limit of nationalization plans

A plan to nationalize parts of BT to provide free broadband to everyone in Britain marks the extent of the opposition Labour Party's nationalization policy, its finance spokesman John McDonnell said on..
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UK parties row over spending plans

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell calls a Tory report on Labour's spending proposals "fake news".
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Which chancellor would you prefer to ruin your life? Sajid Javid, or John McDonnell?

This election is not a choice of whether you do or don't want your future destroyed, but how
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'Employed by the Tories': John McDonnell attacks ex-Labour MP who urged people to vote Conservative to stop Corbyn

Party embroiled in antisemitism row as Jewish Chronicle calls on voters not to back Corbyn
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UK's Labour would strip investment out of borrowing rules: McDonnell

The top finance official of Britain's opposition Labour Party, John McDonnell, said he wanted to set a new fiscal rule which would exclude borrowing for investment from the government's budget targets.
Reuters - Published

Labour vows to spend big to rebuild Britain, Conservatives cry foul

Britain's main opposition Labour Party will spend 400 billion pounds ($514 billion) over 10 years to achieve "an irreversible shift in the balance of power and wealth" to working people if it wins..
Reuters - Published

UK election: Parties clash over investment

John McDonnell pledges billions for schools and hospitals - but Chancellor Sajid Javid calls the proposals a "fantasy".
BBC News - Published

Labour announces £150bn of new investment in upgrading schools, hospitals and council homes

John McDonnell to promise major increase on 2017 spending pledges but Tories compare Labour to 'anti-vaxxers'
Independent - Published

'Abuse of power': Boris Johnson forced to drop plan to use civil service resources in attack on Labour

'It's an abuse of power.' says Labour's shadow chancellor John McDonnell
Independent - Published

Jeremy Corbyn made 'allotment pact' to back Remain but was overruled by top adviser, new documentary claims

Labour leader's director of strategy reported to have sabotaged agreement with John McDonnell and Diane Abbott
Independent - Published

Labour government could scrap Heathrow Airport expansion, John McDonnell hints

'At the moment it does not qualify based on the criteria we set out,' says shadow chancellor
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UK Labour Party seeking compromise timetable for Brexit law: McDonnell

Britain's opposition Labour Party is focused on finding a compromise timetable to consider Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit deal in parliament, but remains opposed to the divorce agreement,..
Reuters - Published

Labour likely to back December general election, John McDonnell hints

Shadow chancellor denies party will split over crucial decision - as cabinet meets to agree expected go-ahead for vote
Independent - Published

UK's Labour will try to amend Brexit deal legislation

Britain's opposition Labour Party will try to amend legislation to ratify Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit deal, the party's finance spokesman John McDonnell said on Sunday.
Reuters - Published

Boris Johnson's letters to Brussels 'may be in contempt of parliament', Labour's John McDonnell says

Labour's shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said that Boris Johnson's two letters to the EU may be in contempt of parliament.
Independent - Published

John McDonnell begs Labour MPs not to support Boris Johnson's Brexit deal: 'Please do not give him this power'

Shadow chancellor warns there will be 'consequences' but declines to say whether rebel MPs will lose party whip
Independent - Published

Saturday's Brexit vote will be 'pretty close': Labour's McDonnell

Saturday's parliamentary vote on Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Brexit deal will be "pretty close" but likely just fall short, John McDonnell, the opposition Labour party's finance spokesman said on..
Reuters - Published

Corbyn to step down as leader if Labour don't win general election, McDonnell says

Jeremy Corbyn will step down as Labour leader if the party fails to win the next general election, his deputy John McDonnell has said.
Independent - Published

No confidence vote in UK PM Johnson unlikely until after EU summit: McDonnell

Britain's main opposition Labour Party is unlikely to push for a no confidence vote in the government until after a European Union summit later this month, according to John McDonnell, the second most..
Reuters - Published

Brexit: Labour demands inquiry into ex-chancellor's claims Boris Johnson backers set to profit from no-deal

Labour's John McDonnell is writing to the cabinet secretary to demand a conflict of interest inquiry, following allegations by Philip Hammond that rich backers of the prime minister stand to profit..
Independent - Published

Labour commits to 32-hour working week within a decade

Labour will commit to reducing the average full-time working week to 32 hours with no loss of pay within the next decade, shadow chancellor John McDonnell has announced.
Independent - Published

Labour's McDonnell says Thomas Cook bosses should pay back bonuses

Thomas Cook bosses should have to pay back any bonuses they have received, Britain's opposition Labour Party finance spokesman John McDonnell said on Monday following the travel firm's collapse.
Reuters - Published

Jeremy Corbyn faces explosive Brexit showdown as infighting dominates Labour conference start

John McDonnell, who has backed Remain, dismissed reports of splits as 'a bit of banter'
Independent - Published

Government should have saved travel firm Thomas Cook - UK Labour Party

The British government should have stepped in with a temporary rescue package for collapsed travel firm Thomas Cook, the opposition Labour Party's finance spokesman John McDonnell said on Monday.
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