Adolf Hitler

Leader of Germany from 1934 to 1945

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Adolf Hitler: Leader of Germany from 1934 to 1945
Adolf Hitler was a German politician and leader of the Nazi Party. He rose to power as the chancellor of Germany in 1933 and then as Führer in 1934. During his dictatorship from 1933 to 1945, he initiated World War II in Europe by invading Poland on 1 September 1939. He was closely involved in military operations throughout the war and was central to the perpetration of the Holocaust.


Hitler's speech cards auctioned in Munich [Video]

Hitler's speech cards auctioned in Munich

A sheaf of papers, scrawled with notes in a vigorous hand, here and there a recognisable phrase: "the Jewish problem", "work, sacrifice" - these are Adolf Hitler's speaking notes, which went under the..

Credit: Reuters Studio     Duration: 01:29Published

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democracy loses again as americans vote for political parties that are fascist
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Similarities between Trump and Hitler can’t be ignored

similarities between trump and hitler can’t be ignored
I have been a Republican all my voting...
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Today in History for November 8th

Adolf Hitler makes his first attempt to seize power in Germany; Democrat John F. Kennedy wins the presidency; Ronald Reagan is elected governor of California; Bonnie Raitt is born; Led Zeppelin.. - Published

Kentucky police commissioner resigns after training manual with Hitler quotes

Kentucky Police Commissioner Rodney Brewer has resigned after a report detailing Kentucky Police Academy used Hitler quotes in training.
CBS News - Published

Police training used Hitler quotes, urged cadets to be "ruthless"

News about the slideshow was first broken by high school student journalists.
CBS News - Published

High schoolers find Hitler quotes in Kentucky police training materials

high schoolers find hitler quotes in kentucky police training materials
A report by Louisville, Kentucky, high school students has drawn national attention to local police training materials that quoted Adolf Hitler admiringly. Hitler was the most-quoted person in a..
WorldNews - Published

Kentucky State Police Used Hitler, Robert E. Lee Quotes for Training

Kentucky State Police used to train their cadets with inspiration from 2 infamous leaders ... Robert E. Lee and Adolph Hitler. One of the training slides had the title, "Violence of Action," and.. - Published

Kentucky Police Training Quoted Hitler and Urged ‘Ruthless’ Violence

A training slide show that urged officers to “always fight to the death” is no longer used but has raised an outcry in a state that has struggled with police violence. - Published

Kentucky State Police training presentation quoting Hitler is 'unacceptable,' governor says

The Kentucky State Police training slideshow by a former top official quoted Adolf Hitler three times and advocated for officers to use "ruthless" violence. - Published

Hitler 'Kentucky Fried Jews' Merch Pops Up Online, Site Taken Down

An online design store is accused of selling several grossly anti-Semitic products featuring Hitler made to look like Colonel Sanders with the logo for KFJ -- Kentucky Fried Jews. The offensive images.. - Published

Mark Kelly says it's not him dressed as Adolf Hitler for Halloween in yearbook photo

mark kelly says it's not him dressed as adolf hitler for halloween in yearbook photo
Mark Kelly, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, said he was falsely accused of dressing up for Halloween decades ago as Adolf Hitler, the Nazi dictator responsible for World War II and the..
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Donald Trump Talked About Good Buddy Kim Jong Un, Who's A Thug: Joe Biden

donald trump talked about good buddy kim jong un, who's a thug: joe biden
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Coronavirus: Newbury optometrist abused for mask request

An optometrist was compared to Adolf Hitler online after asking a woman to wear a face covering.
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Rugby 'Nazi' teenager guilty of right-wing terror offences

The boy told police he was "nine to 10" on a scale of right-wing terror, with Hitler being a ten.
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Like Hitler’s Gleiwitz Event To Invade Poland, Was Trump’s Discarded Ballots Staged To Destroy Democracy?

like hitler’s gleiwitz event to invade poland, was trump’s discarded ballots staged to destroy democracy?
Article by WN.Com Correspondent Dallas Darling Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr’s rush to politicize the handful of discarded military ballots in Pennsylvania (a battleground state)..
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MSNBC commentator: ‘What is the difference between Hitler and Trump?’

msnbc commentator: ‘what is the difference between hitler and trump?’
A Jewish television commentator said there is “no difference” between the rhetoric of President Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler, and Jews who support Trump “are not looking back at our history.”..
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Germany far right: Police suspended for sharing neo-Nazi images

Officers in North Rhine-Westphalia sent Hitler photos and a depiction of a refugee in a gas chamber.
BBC News - Published

Expert on genocide and anti-Semitism lays out the frightening parallels between QAnon and Hitler’s Nazis

expert on genocide and anti-semitism lays out the frightening parallels between qanon and hitler’s nazis
The QAnon conspiracy cult enjoyed a major victory when, on August 11, far-right extremist Marjorie Taylor Greene won a GOP congressional primary in Georgia — and given how overwhelmingly Republican..
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Sorry, Daniel Brown, Trump will win again

sorry, daniel brown, trump will win again
The Trump Derangement Syndrome pandemic continues to rage through Daniel Brown. In his latest My Turn [“When Trump’s spell wears off”], he continues to compare Trump to Hitler and that all of..
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Australian fired for Hitler memes wins $143,000 compensation

australian fired for hitler memes wins $143,000 compensation
An employee of BP Plc's Australian refinery who was fired last year for mocking management online using a well-known meme of Adolf Hitler has been awarded more than A$200,000 ($143,100) in..
WorldNews - Published

Downfall: BP worker sacked after Hitler meme wins payout

Scott Tracey used the scene from Downfall to portray scenes from company wage negotiations.
BBC News - Published

Donald Trump is the Mussolini to Putin’s Hitler, top Democrat says

donald trump is the mussolini to putin’s hitler, top democrat says
WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 08: House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) joins fellow Democrats from the House and Senate to announce new legislation to end excessive use of force by police and make it..
WorldNews - Published

Black Americans star in front of Hitler at Berlin Olympics

black americans star in front of hitler at berlin olympics
The name of sprinter Mack Robinson may not be as well-known as Jesse Owens, the star of the 1936 Berlin Games. Robinson’s not even the most famous person in his own family, a distinction that goes to..
WorldNews - Published

Lord Baden-Powell statue back on display in Poole

The Poole monument had been boarded up amid claims the Scout Association founder supported Hitler.
BBC News - Published

DeSean Jackson posts anti-Semitic fake Hitler quotes, vows no hate toward Jewish community

DeSean Jackson posted several fake Adolf Hitler quotes, drawing backlash and prompting him to say he has no hatred toward the Jewish community. - Published

Girl Guide's diary describes visiting Hitler in 1936

The book was found in Dorset and describes a visit to Bavaria and Austria in 1936.
BBC News - Published

Fact check: Did Adolf Hitler defund the police in Nazi Germany?

Claims that calls now to defund the police are akin to Hitler's actions to consolidate police power in Nazi Germany are untrue. - Published

Hitler's birthplace shows that confronting dark past can take decades

As anti-racism protesters topple statues of slave traders and colonisers worldwide, some nations are pondering how to mark their dark past. In Austria, debate over confronting one link to Adolf Hitler..
Reuters - Published

Was Robert Baden-Powell a supporter of Hitler?

The Scouts founder is accused by critics of war atrocities, racism and support for Hitler.
BBC News - Published

National Action: Four jailed for neo-Nazi group membership

A "Miss Hitler" beauty pageant entrant and three others are jailed for being National Action members.
BBC News - Published

National Action: 'Miss Hitler' hopeful among four jailed

A "Miss Hitler" beauty pageant entrant and three others are jailed for being National Action members.
BBC News - Published

National Action: 'Grandaddy Terror' and 'Miss Hitler' jailed for neo-Nazi terror offences

A neo-Nazi who called himself "Grandaddy Terror" has been jailed alongside other members of National Action.
Independent - Published

Ukrainian computer game featuring Hitler in Moscow angers Kremlin

The Kremlin on Wednesday accused a Ukrainian computer game developer of glorifying Nazism by producing a game which features Adolf Hitler overseeing a fictional World War Two victory parade in Moscow,..
Reuters - Published

Austria Presents Design Turning Hitler’s Birthplace Into Police Station

austria presents design turning hitler’s birthplace into police station
Austria presented an architectural plan on Tuesday to turn the house where Adolf Hitler was born into a police station in the hope of “neutralizing” the space and ensuring it does not attract..
WorldNews - Published Also reported by •Reuters

Adolf Hitler house to be 'neutralised', Austria says

The government unveils plans to turn Adolf Hitler's birthplace into a police station.
BBC News - Published

Coronavirus: The 'tin pot' RWA dictators running life in India's cities

Why are India's residents' welfare associations being called "little Hitlers" and "tin pot dictators"?
BBC News - Published

NRL to review cardboard fan initiative amid Harold Shipman, Adolf Hitler controversies

The screening process for the NRL's cardboard cutout fan initiative is under review.
SBS - Published

Bolsonaro joins rally against Brazil's top court; judge warns democracy at risk

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro joined a rally on Sunday on horseback as supporters urged the closing of the Supreme Court for investigating the right-wing leader, as one of its justices compared..
Reuters - Published

They Survived the Worst Battles of World War II. And Died of the Virus.

Inside the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home was a man who had served as a jailer to Hitler’s top aide. A man who had rescued Japanese kamikaze pilots from the sea. A man who carried memories of a.. - Published

Shiv Sena compares Yogi Adityanath to Hitler, says migrants' issue similar to exodus of Kashmiri Pandits

Shiv Sena has slammed BJP on its handling of the migrant workers' crisis during the lockdown.
DNA - Published

Battle of Berlin survivor Saturn the alligator dies in Moscow Zoo

His colourful history included escaping from a zoo and a rumour that he belonged to Adolf Hitler.
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White supremacist who collected bomb manuals and expressed admiration for Hitler spared jail

George Fowle claimed he wanted to petrol bomb Camp America before being arrested at Heathrow
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Lawmaker says Hitler not supremacist, compares COVID-19 rule to Holocaust

lawmaker says hitler not supremacist, compares covid-19 rule to holocaust
An Alaska lawmaker caused an uproar after comparing health screening stickers to the yellow-star badges that Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust and then insisting that Adolf Hitler was not a..
WorldNews - Published

Malta envoy to Helsinki resigns after comparing Merkel to Hitler

Malta's ambassador to Finland resigned on Sunday after he came under fire for comparing German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Adolf Hitler, Malta's ministry of foreign affairs said in an emailed..
Reuters - Published

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