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Israelis are the citizens or permanent residents of the State of Israel, a multiethnic state populated by people of different ethnic backgrounds. The largest ethnic groups in Israel are Jews (75%), followed by Arabs (20%) and other minorities (5%). Among the Israeli Jewish population, hundreds of thousands of Jews born in Israel are descended from Ashkenazi Jew, Mizrahi Jews, Sephardi Jews, Ethiopian Jews, and an array of groups from all the Jewish ethnic divisions, though over 50% of Israel's Jewish population is of at least partial Mizrahi descent.

Thousands of Israelis join protests calling for the resignation of Benjamin Netanyahu [Video]

Thousands of Israelis join protests calling for the resignation of Benjamin Netanyahu

Protesters are demanding the Israeli leader’s resignation over criminal corruption charges and his handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Credit: euronews (in English)     Duration: 00:50Published

This is the U.S. campaign, on Israeli streets [Video]

This is the U.S. campaign, on Israeli streets

"You have to thank Trump" posters in Hebrew suddenly started appearing on minibuses in Tel Aviv this week, as Republican ads brought the race for the White House onto the streets of Israel. Democrats..

Credit: Reuters Studio     Duration: 02:07Published
Future sparkles for UAE-Israeli diamond trade [Video]

Future sparkles for UAE-Israeli diamond trade

Diamond traders in Dubai say they have been inundated with enquiries from Israelis, who traditionally do their business in Belgium's Antwerp -- the world's biggest centre for traders of rough and..

Credit: Reuters Studio     Duration: 01:51Published

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Covid 19 coronavirus: Israelis protest against PM Netanyahu as lockdown eases

covid 19 coronavirus: israelis protest against pm netanyahu as lockdown eases
Thousands of Israelis demonstrated outside the official residence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday night, resuming the weekly protest against the Israeli leader after emergency..
New Zealand Herald - Published

Israelis angered by virus lockdown: "They are punishing us"

The shutdown will be implemented hours before the start of the Jewish New Year and the High Holidays.
CBS News - Published

In Arab States’ Embrace, Israelis See a Reshaped Mideast

Normalized ties with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain raise hopes in Israel that it is finally gaining acceptance in its volatile neighborhood. - Published

Israel votes in third general election in less than a year

Israelis are going to the polls for an unprecedented third time in less than a year. Today's ballot hopes to break the logjam that has seen Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and opposition leader Benny..
CBS News - Published Also reported by •BBC News

Young Israelis and Emiratis meet online after peace deal

Some young people from both countries are finding out more about each other on video calls.
BBC News - Published

Embattled Netanyahu dragging Israel toward another election

embattled netanyahu dragging israel toward another election
Israelis have been demonstrating in their thousands against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the last month. They are demanding his resignation for failures on several fronts, including on..
WorldNews - Published

Netanyahu accused of 'bribing the masses' with Israeli cash handout

netanyahu accused of 'bribing the masses' with israeli cash handout
Benjamin Netanyahu has been accused of attempting to deflect public anger around his handling of Israel’s pandemic and an ongoing corruption trial by proposing a cash handout to all Israelis..
WorldNews - Published

'There is another way': Boris Johnson pleads with Israel not to illegally annex more of West Bank

'I want to see an outcome that delivers justice for both Israelis and Palestinians....annexation would represent a violation of international law'
Independent - Published

Netanyahu And Covid19

netanyahu and covid19
FNA*: Netanyahu was very quick to administrate a lockdown at the outset of the coronavirus outbreak in Israel. Was Covid-19 his only reason for the lockdown? Gilad: You are tapping here into a crucial..
WorldNews - Published

Pompeo says annexation up to Israel amid condemnation

pompeo says annexation up to israel amid condemnation
WASHINGTON: Secretary of State indicated on Wednesday that had the US green light to annex Palestinian land, amid wide criticism of the 's plans. "Decisions about Israelis extending sovereignty to..
WorldNews - Published

Israelis protest Netanyahu's annexation plan

Thousands of Israelis demonstrated on Saturday against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plan to extend sovereignty over parts of the occupied West Bank, de-facto annexation of land that the..
Reuters - Published Also reported by •WorldNews

Half of Israelis support West Bank annexation, poll finds

half of israelis support west bank annexation, poll finds
Half of Israelis support annexing parts of the occupied West Bank, although they are divided over whether to take the step without US support, an opinion poll showed on Wednesday. Some 25 percent of..
WorldNews - Published Also reported by •Reuters

Greece to welcome Germans, Cypriots, Israelis in first wave of visitors

Greece will allow travellers from around two dozen countries including Germany, Cyprus and Israel to visit from mid-June without having to be quarantined, government officials said, part of a gradual..
Reuters - Published

Abbas Declares Palestinians’ West Bank Security Commitments Null and Void

The Palestinian leader has made such assertions before, but this may not be a mere threat. The agreements have protected Israelis and preserved the Palestinian Authority’s political hold over the.. - Published

Herd Immunity, or Big 2nd Wave? Israel Antibody Testing Hopes to Find Out.

Blood tests of 100,000 Israelis will try to assess exposure to Covid-19 on a nationwide scale. - Published

Cemeteries off-limits as Israelis honour war dead under coronavirus

With military cemeteries and ceremonies off-limits, Israelis went online on Tuesday to honour the dead in annual remembrances held under the shadow of the coronavirus crisis.
Reuters - Published

Israelis and Palestinians Remember the Slain, Home Alone or Online En Masse

With Israel’s cemeteries closed, Memorial Day mourning had to adapt to the coronavirus lockdown. An alternative ceremony bringing together Israelis and Palestinians attracted 170,000 people online. - Published

Anti-Netanyahu rally draws thousands under coronavirus curbs

Wearing face masks, waving black flags and keeping two yards apart, thousands of Israelis demonstrated against prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu under strict coronavirus restrictions on Sunday.
Reuters - Published

Zoom Call With Israelis Lands a Gaza Peace Activist in Jail

A video chat, intended to build bridges between Israeli and Palestinian strangers, led some in Gaza to label the conversation itself an act of treason. - Published

Hamas arrests Palestinians in Gaza for Zoom video chat with Israelis

Hamas arrested a Palestinian in Gaza on Thursday, saying that he had taken part in a video conference with Israelis and describing his act as "treason."
Reuters - Published

Israelis mark Passover, a celebration of freedom, in virtual isolation

The Jewish Passover holiday typically draws crowds of Israelis outside to burn heaps of leavened bread, commemorating the Biblical exodus from slavery in Egypt.
Reuters - Published

Israel seeks immediate resumption of talks on citizens held in Gaza

Israel called on Tuesday for the immediate resumption of talks on the return of four Israelis held for years in the Gaza Strip after the Palestinian territory's Hamas rulers said they might be willing..
Reuters - Published

Israelis put on coronavirus lockdown for Passover holiday celebration

Israelis celebrating the Jewish Passover holiday this week will hold the "seder", the traditional meal celebrating freedom from biblical slavery, confined to their homes under a national coronavirus..
Reuters - Published

Protective of religious beards, Israel to produce fitted face masks

Israelis who have beards for religious reasons will get the option of custom-made face masks to protect them from the coronavirus rather than being told to shave, a government official said on Monday.
Reuters - Published

Israelis told to wear face masks in public, mark religious holidays with close family only

All Israelis should wear face masks while in public as a precaution against the coronavirus, and upcoming Jewish, Muslim and Christian holidays should be marked only with immediate family, Prime..
Reuters - Published

All Israelis must wear face-masks in public as virus precaution: Netanyahu

All Israelis must wear face-masks while in public as a precaution against the coronavirus, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday.
Reuters - Published

How Are You Feeling? Surveys Aim to Detect Covid-19 Hot Spots Early

Scientists have persuaded Britons and Israelis to fill out questionnaires about their health, to get ahead of the coronavirus by getting resources to the right place. The U.S. is next. - Published

1.5 million Israelis using voluntary coronavirus monitoring app

Around 1.5 million Israelis have downloaded a mobile app in the past week that alerts users who have crossed paths with a coronavirus patient, according to the Health Ministry, helping to improve..
Reuters - Published

Some ultra-Orthodox Israelis chafe at coronavirus restrictions

Israeli police have used a drone, helicopter and stun grenades in recent days to prevent people gathering in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Jerusalem in defiance of Health Ministry measures..
Reuters - Published

Israelis told to keep within 100m from home for recreation

Israelis hoping for a stroll or jog were instructed on Wednesday to stay within 100 meters (110 yards) of their homes for a week under tightened restrictions to curb the coronavirus.
Reuters - Published

Israelis ordered to stay at home to halt coronavirus spread - Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday tightened a national stay-at home policy, announcing guidelines aimed at halting the spread of the coronavirus would now be enforced by police..
Reuters - Published

Israel Faces a Defining Question: How Much Democracy Should Arabs Get?

Netanyahu could be ousted if Jewish lawmakers accept Arab support. But to many Israelis, that is unthinkable. - Published

Why does Netanyahu keep winning?

why does netanyahu keep winning?
Article by Guest Writer Gilad Atzmon A few days ahead of the previous Israeli election, Haaretz’s lead writer Anshel Pfeffer, authored a spectacular analysis of Israel’s current political..
WorldNews - Published

Coronavirus: Adopt 'Namaste' for greetings, Benjamin Netanyahu urges Israelis

IndiaTimes - Published

Explainer: Israel has voted three times in a year. What happens now?

Israelis turned out to vote in large numbers to try to break the political deadlock that has seen three closely fought elections since last April.
Reuters - Published

Exit polls: Benjamin Netanyahu projected to win most votes in Israel's election

Israelis voted for a third time in 12 months as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fought for political survival with a criminal trial looming. - Published

Masked and gloved: Israelis in quarantine from coronavirus vote in election

Paramedics dressed in head-to-toe protective gear stood guard at dedicated polling stations where Israelis under quarantine from the coronavirus voted in Monday's election.
Reuters - Published

Coronavirus, Israelis vote in national election, breakfast wars: 5 things to know Monday

France's Louvre Museum holds a meeting amid coronavirus concerns, Israelis vote in a national election and more things to start your Monday. - Published

Israel's endless election gets a third try

For the third time in less than a year, Israelis will vote in a national election. - Published

Explainer: Why is Israel holding its third election in a year?

Israelis head to the polls on Monday with a sense of deja vu after trying and failing twice in the past year to break the country's political deadlock.
Reuters - Published

‘There’s been no change’: Jaded Israelis head to polls for third time in a year, as polarised as ever

‘there’s been no change’: jaded israelis head to polls for third time in a year, as polarised as ever
It is Groundhog Day in Israel. For the third time in less than a year, the country is holding a general election. Despite the colossal expenditure of funds and fierce mudslinging on many sides, all the..
WorldNews - Published

Israel confirms coronavirus in man who returned from Italy

Israel on Thursday confirmed that a man who had recently returned from Italy had tested positive for coronavirus and said it was barring entry to non-Israelis who had visited Italy in the past two..
Reuters - Published

Trump’s and Netanyahu’s folly

trump’s and netanyahu’s folly
Since the Second Intifada in 2000, the Israelis have been steadily moving to the right-of-center. Successive Israeli governments have made national security central to Israel’s very survival, and..
WorldNews - Published

At least two Palestinians killed, 16 Israelis hurt in violence over Trump plan

at least two palestinians killed, 16 israelis hurt in violence over trump plan
At least two Palestinians were killed in the occupied West Bank and 16 Israelis were hurt on Thursday in a surge of violence that erupted amid Palestinian anger at a U.S. peace plan. In Jerusalem, an..
WorldNews - Published Also reported by •Reuters

Israeli-Palestinian violence rises after Trump peace plan

At least two Palestinians were killed and 15 Israelis were hurt on Thursday in a string of incidents in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank, where violence has risen after the U.S. announcement of its..
Reuters - Published

Palestinians refuse to give up their natural rights

palestinians refuse to give up their natural rights
The long-awaited Middle East peace plan proposed by the US has drawn muted responses from Arab states and rightly so. Palestinians have long complained that the chief architect on President Trump’s..
WorldNews - Published

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