Abaco Islands

Group of islands in the Bahamas

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Abaco Islands: Group of islands in the Bahamas
The Abaco Islands lie in the northern Bahamas, 180 miles off the South Florida coast. They comprise the main islands of Great Abaco and Little Abaco, along with smaller barrier cays. The northernmost are Walker's Cay, and its sister island Grand Cay. To the south, the next inhabited islands are Spanish Cay and Green Turtle Cay, with its settlement of New Plymouth, Great Guana Cay, private Scotland Cay, Man-O-War Cay, and Elbow Cay, with its settlement of Hope Town. Southernmost are Tilloo Cay and Lubbers Quarters. Another of note off Abaco's western shore is onetime Gorda Cay, now a Disney Island and cruise ship stop and renamed Castaway Cay. Also in the vicinity is Moore's Island. On the Big Island of Abaco is Marsh Harbour, the Abacos' commercial hub and the Bahamas' third largest city, plus the resort area of Treasure Cay. Both have airports. A few mainland settlements of significance are Coopers Town and Fox Town in the north and Cherokee and Sandy Point in the south. Administratively, the Abaco Islands constitute seven of the 31 Local Government Districts of the Bahamas: Grand Cay, North Abaco, Green Turtle Cay, Central Abaco, South Abaco, Moore's Island, and Hope Town.


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Ken Hutton is worried Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas where he lives is far from rebuilt after being devastated by Hurricane Dorian last year yet he is bracing for another hurricane season in the..
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Bahamas tourist industry hopes for quick comeback from 'Category Hell' storm

As rescuers search for bodies amid mountains of debris and the stench of death on the Bahamas island of Abaco, life on most of the archipelago's 700 isles is little changed.
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'The poor are punished': Dorian lays bare inequality in the Bahamas

'the poor are punished': dorian lays bare inequality in the bahamas
Holidaymakers queuing at immigration at the Bahamas’ Nassau airport are still serenaded by three pink-shirted men playing jovial music. They are still sunbathing on the beaches and still swimming in..
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The Bahamas brace for another storm weeks after Dorian

Just weeks after being devastated by Hurricane Dorian, people on the Bahamas are bracing for more severe weather. Tropical storm warnings are up on Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands. Errol Barnett reports..
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Purgatory in paradise: Bahamas tent cities to house Dorian survivors

For some Bahamians who escaped death but lost their homes in Hurricane Dorian's hellish rampage over the islands of Freeport and Great Abaco, life in the tent shelters erected this week seems like..
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Dorian's death toll in Bahamas rises to 50 - official

Hurricane Dorian's rampage through the Bahamas last week killed at least 50 people, largely on the hard-hit Great Abaco Island, an official said on Tuesday.
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Storm-ravaged Bahamians seeking entry to U.S. may face immigration hurdles

Emitte Bootle spent 25 years driving school buses on the Bahamas' Great Abaco Island, but now that Hurricane Dorian has devastated his home, there are no students to drive - and nowhere to take them.
Reuters - Published

Conditions in Bahamas remain dire in aftermath of Hurrican Dorian

It's been over a week since Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas as a Category 5 storm, and conditions are still dire. CBS News correspondent Nikki Battiste reports from the Abaco Islands, which were hit..
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Some Dorian survivors refuse to leave their Bahamian homes despite devastation

Police in the Bahamas have raised the death toll from Hurricane Dorian to at least 45 people, with hundreds still missing. As survivors evacuate islands decimated by the storm, some are refusing to..
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Alive but lost: In Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian survivors wonder what next

Days after fleeing their crumbling home and breaking into a vacant apartment to take shelter while Hurricane Dorian rampaged over the Bahamas' Great Abaco Island, Samuel Cornish and his family caught a..
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Silence, devastation mark Bahamas town; but some are staying

silence, devastation mark bahamas town; but some are staying
MARSH HARBOUR, BAHAMAS — The streets are filled with smashed cars, snapped power cables, shattered trees and deep silence. At the airport and dock, hundreds of people clamor for seats on airplanes..
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Vintage plane helps carry aid to devastated Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian

The island of Great Abaco in the Bahamas has no power and a fuel shortage has slowed relief and recovery efforts. However, aid continues to pour in. - Published

'Paradise has been turned to hell': Residents, aid workers in Bahamas deal with Dorian devastation

Food, water and other humanitarian aid began pouring onto Abaco Island on Saturday as private pilots and charter companies ferried in supplies and carried out hurricane survivors. - Published

'I wish I could forget it': Hurricane Dorian washed away survivors' lives in Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian washed washed away their lives on the Abaco Islands. Now, they've arrived in the U.S. facing an uncertain future. - Published

Hurricane Dorian: Hundreds flee ‘chaos’ in storm-ravaged Bahamas

hurricane dorian: hundreds flee ‘chaos’ in storm-ravaged bahamas
On Friday, many of the evacuations were carried out by private boats and planes, as the Bahamian government awaited the arrival of other transport. Helicopters and boats have been deployed but could be..
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Hurricane Dorian death toll rises as thousands try to flee Bahamas

Hundreds of people fled the Bahamas island of Great Abaco by boat and plane on Friday and thousands more lined up to get on a cruise ship leaving neighboring Grand Bahama to escape the catastrophic..
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Thousands try to flee hurricane-devastated Bahamas islands

Hundreds of people fled the Bahamas island of Great Abaco by boat on Friday and thousands more tried to get on a cruise ship leaving neighboring Grand Bahama to escape the catastrophic aftermath of..
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Bahamas struggles to cope with decomposing bodies, emotional trauma after Dorian

The smell of death hung over parts of Great Abaco Island in the northern Bahamas on Friday, as relief workers sifted through the debris of shattered homes and buildings in a search expected to..
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A World War II plane takes flight to Bahamas for Hurricane Dorian relief efforts

Volunteers will load up to 5,000 pounds of hurricane relief supplies aboard the warbird, which will take off for Sandy Point on Great Abaco Island. - Published

Dorian's death toll expected to soar in Bahamas: 'There must be hundreds'

The smell of death hung over parts of Great Abaco Island in the northern Bahamas, where relief workers on Friday sifted through the debris of shattered homes and buildings in a search expected to..
Reuters - Published

At destroyed airport, Bahamians tell stories of survival and death

Sam Smith, 25, was on her way to what was left of the local grocery store on the decimated Bahamian island of Great Abaco when she saw her first dead body. 
Reuters - Published

'What death smells like': Dorian's toll expected to soar in Bahamas

The smell of death hangs over parts of Great Abaco Island in the northern Bahamas, where relief workers on Friday sifted through the debris of shattered homes and buildings in a search expected to..
Reuters - Published

Hurricane Dorian: Bahamas death toll expected to be ‘staggering’

hurricane dorian: bahamas death toll expected to be ‘staggering’
We've heard about the record-breaking strength of Hurricane Dorian for days now but to see the impact on the ground is staggering. Roofs just lifted up and slammed to the ground, buildings all but..
WorldNews - Published

Survivor sees Dorian peel off his home's roof in the Bahamas: 'This can't be real'

Bahamas storm survivor Ramond King watched as Hurricane Dorian's swirling winds ripped the roof off his house in the Abaco Islands, and then as it churned to a neighbor's home to pluck the entire..
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Nassau welcomes residents from islands decimated by Hurricane Dorian

Residents from the island of Abaco are seeking relief in Nassau after Hurricane Dorian decimated their homes. Nikki Battiste joins CBSN with more on what comes next.
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Hurricane survivors face uncertain future in the Bahamas

One man said he was rescued from Abaco Island and flown to the hospital, just in time to save his leg from amputation
CBS News - Published

Residents shocked at destruction in Bahamas after Dorian

Residents in Abaco and Freeport assess the loss left behind by devastating Hurricane Dorian. (Sept. 5) - Published

Man searches for 6-year-old son lost in Hurricane Dorian

The race is on to find survivors in the Bahamas, after Hurricane Dorian flattened some of the islands. The monster storm battered the area for 48 hours, and thousands of people remain unaccounted for...
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Aerial view shows devastation in the Bahamas: "Everything. Gone"

CBS News got an exclusive look with the U.S. Coast Guard at the damage in the Bahamas from the air. “CBS Evening News” anchor Norah O’Donnell also met Robert and Phyllis Cornea, who are seeking..
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Hurricane Dorian survivor on Abaco Islands: "There was nothing left"

A massive rescue and relief effort is underway in the Bahamas, where there is widespread devastation from Hurricane Dorian. At least 20 people were killed in the storm. Abaco Islands -- specifically,..
CBS News - Published

In pictures: How Dorian devastated the Bahamas

How the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama suffered as the category five hurricane struck.
BBC News - Published

"There was nothing left": Hurricane survivors describe chaos of Dorian

One of the hardest hit areas in the Bahamas is Treasure Cay on Abaco Island. David Begnaud was there, and spoke to people who lost their homes. One woman described waiting in her bathroom, praying.
CBS News - Published

Freeport's International Airport destroyed by Hurricane Dorian

A day after the most powerful hurricane on record ever to hit the country finished mauling the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama, Freeport's Grand Bahama International Airport lay in tatters Wednesday... - Published

Hurricane Dorian vs. the Bahamas: How these popular destinations fared against the storm

Paradise Island and private cays owned by cruise lines escaped relatively unscathed, but hotels and airports on Grand Bahama and the Abacos are closed. - Published

62,000 people in the Bahamas don't have access to fresh water after Dorian

Hurricane Dorian is just starting to inch toward the northwest at one mile per hour after stalling over the Bahamas. The storm is a Category 3, with winds moving at 120 miles per hour. And according to..
CBS News - Published

Dorian slams Bahamas, down to Category 3 Hurricane

Hurricane Dorian came to a catastrophic daylong halt over the northwest Bahamas, flooding the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama with walls of water. The storm was reduced to a Category 3 early Tuesday.. - Published

Abaco Islands, at a Remove From the Bahamas’ Resorts, Feel Hurricane’s Wrath

The small islands, sparsely populated by fishermen, manual laborers and migrants from Haiti, reportedly had thousands of homes damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Dorian. - Published

Hurricane Dorian: Exclusive photos of destruction in Bahamas

Spring City, a small city located in the Abaco Islands, was hit hard by Hurricane Dorian. - Published

Bahamas take "catastrophic" hit from Hurricane Dorian

The category 5 hurricane, one of the most powerful Atlantic storms on record, made landfall Sunday in the Abaco Islands in the northern Bahamas, packing winds of 185 miles an hour. Janet Shamlian..
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Hurricane Dorian lashes Bahamas, a million evacuated along U.S. east coast

Hurricane Dorian battered the Bahamian islands of Great Abaco and Grand Bahama early on Monday, peeling off roofs, toppling cars and snapping power lines as rising floodwater threatened to engulf..
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