High Speed 2

Planned UK high speed railway

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High Speed 2: Planned UK high speed railway
High Speed 2 (HS2) is a planned high speed railway in the United Kingdom, with its first phase under construction and future stages awaiting approval. HS2 will be the second major high-speed rail line in Britain; the first is High Speed 1 (HS1), which connects London to the Channel Tunnel and was opened in the mid-2000s. Upon completion, the railway will link London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds with a new "Y"-shaped network of 360 km/h (225 mph) tracks.

Boris Johnson comments on Tony Abbott during HS2 site visit [Video]

Boris Johnson comments on Tony Abbott during HS2 site visit

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has commented on former Australian PM Tony Abbott amid significant pressure to block his appointment as a UK trade envoy. Report by Patelr. Like us on Facebook at..

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Johnson says HS2 will be ‘crucial’ for decades [Video]

Johnson says HS2 will be ‘crucial’ for decades

Boris Johnson has insisted HS2 will be “crucial for our country” as he markedthe project’s formal beginning of construction. The Prime Ministeracknowledged that more people are working from home..

Credit: PA - Press Association STUDIO     Duration: 01:09Published
Boris Johnson backs ‘incredible’ HS2 project [Video]

Boris Johnson backs ‘incredible’ HS2 project

On a visit to Solihull in the West Midlands to mark the formal start of construction on HS2, the prime minister backed the rail project and insisted that “mass transit transport infrastructure is..

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Protesters gather outside London Euston as HS2 work begins [Video]

Protesters gather outside London Euston as HS2 work begins

Protesters have gathered outside London Euston as construction work on Britain's high-speed rail link HS2 gets underway. Report by Patelr. Like us on Facebook at and follow..

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22,000 jobs expected to be created as HS2 work gets underway [Video]

22,000 jobs expected to be created as HS2 work gets underway

Construction work on Britain’s high-speed rail link HS2 has officially started, with the project expected to create more than 20,000 jobs. Report by Patelr. Like us on Facebook at..

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Anti-HS2 protesters in stand-off against power cable work [Video]

Anti-HS2 protesters in stand-off against power cable work

Anti-HS2 campaigners at a protest camp in Uxbridge have said it is wrong tocut down woodlands across Britain in the middle of an 'ecological emergency'to make way for the high-speed rail project. The..

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HS2 unveils German machines that will dig tunnel under Chilterns [Video]

HS2 unveils German machines that will dig tunnel under Chilterns

The 2,000-tonne machines have been built by specialist firm Herrenknecht inthe small town of Schwanau, south-west Germany, for use in the UK's HS2 railproject.

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Giant machines for HS2's Chilterns tunnels unveiled

A 10 mile tunnel under the Chilterns will be dug but campaigners say it is "decimating countryside".
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Chris Packham loses bid for legal challenge over HS2

Chris Packham's attempt to challenge the government's approval of HS2 fails in the Court of Appeal.
BBC News - Published

Campaigner 'scaled machinery' to protect HS2 woods

Elliott Cuciurean allegedly breached an anti-trespass injunction at an HS2 construction site.
BBC News - Published

Murder mystery on HS2 route as Iron Age man found buried face down with hands bound

'The death of the Wellwick Farm man remains a mystery to us but there aren't many ways you end up in a bottom of a ditch, face down, with your hands bound', archeologist says
Independent - Published

HS2: Plans for East Midlands transport hub link unveiled

The works would bring in new bus routes, train stations and improved roads, Midlands Connect says.
BBC News - Published

HS2 'badly off course' as damning report accuses government of hiding soaring costs

Senior official may have breached civil service rules by failing to inform Commons spending watchdog of troubled project's woes
Independent - Published

How much does government's furlough scheme cost, compared to 2008 banks bailout, Trident and HS2?

The jobs furlough is estimated to be costing £14bn a month. How does this compare with the other things the Government spends public money on, from high speed rail lines, to nuclear weapons, to..
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HS2 protesters 'assaulted' by security guards on site

High-speed rail construction under scrutiny since go-ahead to continue work despite lockdown
Independent - Published

HS2 protesters spending coronavirus lockdown in trees

Protesters against HS2 are still trying to save threatened forests during the coronavirus pandemic.
BBC News - Published

HS2: Protester living in tree 'willing to be arrested'

The man, called Quercus, was interviewed from a tree in an ancient Warwickshire woodland.
BBC News - Published

HS2 workers accused of destroying birds' nests and failing to maintain social distancing during coronavirus pandemic

Project's opponents say alleged loss of nests 'heartbreaking' and question why project is going ahead during crisis
Independent - Published

HS2 construction gets green light despite lockdown

The government has given the high-speed rail project formal approval to start construction.
BBC News - Published

HS2 construction given official green light with works to start 'immediately'

Contractors social distancing at work sites
Independent - Published

HS2 protesters evicted amid coronavirus pandemic

High-speed rail project HS2 says its workers have been put at risk.
BBC News - Published

HS2 work unearths Stephenson-designed railway turntable

The railway turntable is thought to be the oldest in the world, predating a similar one by two years.
BBC News - Published

A tortuous journey north from London exposes a hard economic truth

Is HS2 really the answer to the north's productivity problem? Lucy Meakin and David Goodman speak to those who think that locally tailored policies are being overlooked
Independent - Published

Oakervee Review: HS2 costs 'got carried away', says review author

Douglas Oakervee, a former HS2 chairman, says the high-speed line is "very needed".
BBC News - Published

UK government has not talked to China about building HS2 rail project: minister

The British government has not talked to China about helping build High Speed 2, the major rail project given the green light last week despite being billions of pounds over budget, Transport Secretary..
Reuters - Published

HS2: Views from along the track

Supporters and critics give their thoughts on the government decision to build HS2.
BBC News - Published

Britain in talks with China over offer to build HS2 in five years 'for less money'

Department for Transport confirms 'preliminary discussions' with Beijing
Independent - Published

Family 'got no money for forever home lost to HS2'

A family says the company behind HS2 has not paid them for their farm despite them being forced to hand over the keys on Friday.
BBC News - Published

HS2: Cubbington Wood group to continue their protest

Campaigners camping at Cubbington Wood prepare for eviction after the high-speed rail line is approved.
BBC News - Published

HS2: 'I think fairly soon we might well see evictions'

As HS2 gets the go-ahead, the BBC Midlands Transport Correspondent explains what could happen next.
BBC News - Published

HS2 'transformational' and 'absolutely awful'

Travellers and people living in Leeds give mixed reactions to the government go-ahead for HS2.
BBC News - Published

Boris Johnson loves antiquity – which is handy, as HS2 will be obsolete by the time it opens

By the time the project is complete, eleven years late and £100bn over budget, we'll all be using driverless cars anyway
Independent - Published

The village split down the middle

As plans for HS2 are confirmed, homes in Burton Green will be bulldozed to make way for the track.
BBC News - Published

HS2: Boris Johnson makes 'controversial and difficult decision' to go ahead

Boris Johnson says he will appoint a full-time minister to oversee the project and "restore discipline".
BBC News - Published

HS2: Boris Johnson faces backbench rebellion as he gives green light to controversial rail project

Extensions to Manchester and Leeds under review as part of a 'master plan for high-speech north'
Independent - Published

'Waste of money' or 'good news'?

Manchester passengers call HS2 "a raw deal", while the council leader says it is "very good news".
BBC News - Published

Boris Johnson news – live: Brexit set to trigger food shortages amid border chaos warnings, as PM faces Tory rebellion over HS2 go-ahead

Follow all the latest developments
Independent - Published

HS2: Boris Johnson to approve full roll-out of multi-billion pound rail project, report says

Report comes after Johnson tells 10-year-old that with 'a hole the size of HS2, the only thing to do is keep digging'
Independent - Published

Government to give HS2 the go-ahead

Boris Johnson will announce the entire line will be built but the northern phase will be reviewed.
BBC News - Published

Boris Johnson news – live: PM faces backlash over 'mansion tax plan' and HS2, as Starmer's team claim 'dirty tricks' over data breach claims

Follow all the latest developments
Independent - Published

Six reasons why HS2 is so expensive

The controversial high-speed rail project could potentially cost as much as £106bn.
BBC News - Published

Boris Johnson gives clearest indication he will support HS2, saying government is in a hole but must 'keep digging'

'We're in a mess – but we've got to get out of it and we need a way forward,' PM tells 10-year-old aspiring reporter
Independent - Published

HS2: Government review 'advises against cancelling' project

The review, seen by the BBC, advises against cancelling the high speed rail scheme.
BBC News - Published

Boris Johnson news – live: Remain and Leave voters urged to unite on eve of Brexit 'dark day', as controversial HS2 project gets unexpected boost

Follow all the latest developments
Independent - Published

Chancellor set to back HS2 rail project despite push for cost cutting

Javid to 'broadly back' line from London to Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds
Independent - Published

HS2: Chancellor Sajid Javid 'backs project' ahead of crucial meeting

It is understood the chancellor will tell Boris Johnson he supports the London to Birmingham rail link.
BBC News - Published

HS2: Scrapping troubled rail link will cost £12bn, say reports

Future of project uncertain amid ballooning budget, delays and concerns
Independent - Published

Boris Johnson news – live: Tory MPs demand HS2 scrapped after damning new report, as EU officials sign Brexit withdrawal deal

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Independent - Published

HS2: All the other things you could do with £106bn

How does the cost of the controversial rail project compare to the cost of Brexit, funding the royal family, or renewing Britain's nuclear arsenal?
Independent - Published

Upgrading existing railways instead of building HS2 would cause 'absurd disruption' for passengers, Network Rail chief warns

Britain could effectively be left without a functioning intercity rail service at weekends for 15 years
Independent - Published

HS2: Rail link costs could rise to £106bn, says review

There is "considerable risk" the price of the high-speed line could rise by another 20%, a report finds.
BBC News - Published

HS2 will destroy ancient woodlands and 'huge swathes of irreplaceable' wildlife, report warns

Wetlands, wildflower meadows and historic pasture all set to be lost to new line while species including willow tit and white-clawed crayfish will face localised extinction, study claims
Independent - Published

HS2 protesters enter fourth month in Cubbington Wood

HS2 campaigners have now spent more than three months living in a protest camp at Cubbington Wood.
BBC News - Published

HS2: Parliament 'seriously misled' over costs for high-speed rail network, report finds

Actual costs much higher than initial estimates
Independent - Published

HS2 costs out of control, says review's deputy chair

Lord Berkeley says MPs were "misled" about the line's costs, which he says will be more than £108bn.
BBC News - Published

Tories urge Boris Johnson to 'change course' on HS2 amid fears project could reach 12-figure cost

Newly elected MPs in Labour's 'red wall' warn business case for project is collapsing
Independent - Published

Government backs parliamentary bill to take HS2 past Birmingham

Legislation to give the government powers to build and operate railway line makes return
Independent - Published

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