Mount Everest

Earth's highest mountain, part of the Himalaya between Nepal and Tibet

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Mount Everest: Earth's highest mountain, part of the Himalaya between Nepal and Tibet
Mount Everest is Earth's highest mountain above sea level, located in the Mahalangur Himal sub-range of the Himalayas. The China–Nepal border runs across its summit point.


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Nepali Sherpas wait, grow potatoes as Himalayas remain closed due to coronavirus

Had it not been for the coronavirus, Nepali climbing guide Tashi Lakpa Sherpa would have been on Mount Everest now, guiding clients and trying to add another feather in his cap - a ninth ascent.
Reuters - Published Also reported by •Reuters India

Mount Everest: Chinese team summit during pandemic

The team are the only climbers to summit this season, and are re-measuring the height.
BBC News - Published

Working Out From Home: Meet the man who climbed Mount Everest barefoot on stairs of an apartment building

Rob Ferguson used a half-flight of stairs in his apartment building and showed the hike live on Zoom to reach figurative Mount Everest. - Published

China trying to consolidate position in Tibet by highlighting Mt. Everest on Tibetan side, says expert

As per experts, Nepal and China had signed a border dispute resolution agreement in 1960 according to which it was decided that Mount Everest will be divided, and southern part of it will belong to..
IndiaTimes - Published

Coronavirus: Chinese explorers start Everest climb amid pandemic

China has limited climbs to its nationals while Nepal has cancelled all expeditions.
BBC News - Published

Mount Everest is closed: Coronavirus fears reach world's tallest peak as climbing permits halted

With China and Tibet halting permit programs, the more-than-29,000-foot mountain is effectively shuttered for the popular spring climbing season. - Published

Nepal closes Mount Everest for climbers because of coronavirus fears

Nepal has closed all of its Himalayan peaks including Mount Everest this climbing season because of fears of the coronavirus outbreak, a government minister said on Friday.
Reuters - Published

Mount Everest: Nepal's government shuts off mountain amid virus outbreak

The highest mountain in the world will be closed to climbers until at least 30 April.
BBC News - Published

Coronavirus: China suspends foreign expeditions on its side of Mt Everest

IndiaTimes - Published

Nepal's Sherpa climbers to make rare winter ascent of Everest

Four veteran Sherpa climbers left on Monday for Mount Everest on a mission to climb the world’s highest mountain in five days from the Nepali side, aiming to set a record for its shortest winter..
Reuters - Published

Everest: Top Sherpas slam Nepal's plan to clean rubbish from mountain

The government wants to collect 35,000kg of waste - including bodies - from six Himalayan peaks.
BBC News - Published

Plant life 'expanding over the Himalayas'

Vegetation is expanding at high altitudes across the Himalayas - including the Everest region.
BBC News - Published

Nepal's proposed changes to climbing permits for Mount Everest

The Nepal government has proposed changes to its permit process for climbers on Mount Everest following the deaths of eleven climbers this year. The proposals, and associated criticisms, include:
Reuters - Published

Veteran climbers skeptical proposed rules for Mount Everest will stop deaths

Reuters) - Veteran climbers of Mount Everest are skeptical that proposed new regulations by the Nepalese government to tighten the permit process for adventurers will address the root causes of this..
Reuters - Published

Former soldier breaks record for climbing world's highest peaks

The British veteran famously captured a photo of climbers waiting to summit Mount Everest
CBS News - Published

First Australian on Everest summit predicts 'major, major fatality'

Greg Mortimer, one of the first two Australians to conquer Everest 35 years ago says the mountain "is a symbol in our society of achievement".
The Age - Published

Davo Karnicar: first full ski descent of Everest

The Slovenian adventurer needed less than five hours to ski 12,000 feet from the summit of Mount Everest to base camp.
The Age - Published

Google doodle honours Junko Tabei, the first woman to scale Mount Everest

google doodle honours junko tabei, the first woman to scale mount everest
Keeping with the tradition of honouring outstanding achievers. Google Doodle today is dedicated to Junko Tabei, the first woman to scale Mount Everest, on her 80th birth anniversary. The mountaineer..
WorldNews - Published

11 tons of trash were taken off Mount Everest. Now, officials are banning single-use plastics

Mount Everest has become littered with trash and bodies in recent years as more adventurers try their luck on scaling the natural wonder. - Published

Single-use plastics banned in Nepal's Everest region

Authorities recently cleared 11 tonnes of rubbish from the world's highest mountain.
BBC News - Published

New Everest rules will limit who gets to climb

new everest rules will limit who gets to climb
KATHMANDU: In an effort to address deadly human traffic jams on Mount Everest and weed out inexperienced climbers, Nepali officials on Wednesday formally proposed new safety rules that could...
WorldNews - Published

Mount Everest climbers may have to prove experience, insurance to get permit from Nepal

After 11 people died on Mt. Everest this spring, Nepal may require climbers to prove they have mountaineering experience and support to get a permit. - Published

Experience, training, insurance could be required on Everest

experience, training, insurance could be required on everest
A Nepal government committee formed after a bad mountaineering season on Mount Everest has recommended requiring climbers to have scaled tall peaks, undergone proper training, and possess certificates..
WorldNews - Published

Mount Everest: Climbers set to face new rules after deadly season

Only experienced mountaineers should be climbing the world's highest peak, a Nepali panel recommends.
BBC News - Published

We must take onus of our deeds, or else we perish: Aparna Kumar

NO MOUNTAIN TOO HIGH: Aparna Kumar talks about climate change, traffic at Everest
DNA - Published

Everest: Conversations with climbers risking their lives in the 'death zone' during one of the deadliest seasons yet

Climbing Everest remains perhaps the greatest challenge a person can attempt. Since tourism has opened the experience, the promise of achievement has proved hard to resist. For some, it's worth risking..
Firstpost - Published

Everest climbers trying to forge first new route up mountain in a decade amid dead bodies, litter and 'traffic jams'

everest climbers trying to forge first new route up mountain in a decade amid dead bodies, litter and 'traffic jams'
There were no queues, no litter and no bodies to solemnly mark the route. It was quiet save for the sharp crunch of snow as two figures climbed along an untouched slope of Mount Everest. The scene..
WorldNews - Published

Mount Everest deaths: Inside a deadly climbing season

A look at a treacherous 2019 climbing season on the world's highest peak
CBS News - Published

Mt Everest tragedy: As 11 climbers die in six days, problem of mortal remains on mountain looms

Extracting dead bodies from the Everest mountain ranges is dangerous and expensive. The main point of focus is working together to minimise such deaths and have proper protocol to look after the..
Firstpost - Published

Mt Everest tragedy is proof that boom in climbing tourism is both dangerous and unsustainable

After witnessing 11 deaths on the Everest, one is faced with the fact that with the increasing commercialisation of mountaineering, safety measures and caution are taking a back seat.
Firstpost - Published

4 bodies recovered from Mount Everest as Nepal seeks help in identifying dead climbers

Nepal is seeking help to identify four climbers whose bodies were brought down from Mount Everest during a particularly deadly climbing season. - Published

Nepal faces uphill task of identifying 'unrecognisable' bodies of four mountaineers on Mount Everest, authorities to collect DNA samples

The bodies of four climbers who failed their Everest challenge and left little clue as to their identity have thrown up a new challenge for Nepalese authorities who control the world's tallest peak.
Firstpost - Published

Everest through the eyes of a Sherpa: 'Climbers need to wake up’

everest through the eyes of a sherpa: 'climbers need to wake up’
Kami Rita Sherpa has spent his life on the world's highest mountain and holds the record for Everest ascents.
BBC News - Published

24,000 pounds of garbage removed from Mount Everest

Among the 11 tons of recovered trash from the 45-day project are food wrappers, cans, bottles and empty oxygen cylinders.
CBS News - Published

Nepal waits for relatives to claim bodies brought down from Mt. Everest

Nepal on Thursday urged friends and families of four climbers whose bodies were brought down from Mount Everest to come forward and identify them, as the deadliest climbing season since 2015 came to an..
Reuters - Published

'Incompetent climbers' drive Everest death toll, top mountaineer says

'incompetent climbers' drive everest death toll, top mountaineer says
MAIDENHEAD, England: Stepping over long-dead bodies of frozen climbers as he sought to reach the summit of Everest was something for which Nick Hollis was mentally prepared. But even this seasoned..
WorldNews - Published Also reported by •Reuters

Mount Everest: 11 tonnes of rubbish cleared

mount everest: 11 tonnes of rubbish cleared
A clean-up expedition to Mount Everest has removed 11 tonnes of rubbish and four dead bodies from the world’s highest mountain.
BBC News - Published

Everest glaciers 'retreating dramatically' as pollution found buried deep in snow, scientist says

everest glaciers 'retreating dramatically' as pollution found buried deep in snow, scientist says
Glaciers in the Everest region are melting at an alarming rate because of increasing pollution and global warming, a scientist has claimed. Professor John All, of Western Washington University, said..
WorldNews - Published

India's Mount Everest of garbage is astonishing

India's highest dump is on course to outstrip the Taj Mahal in terms of height over the course of the next 12 months. - Published

Veteran mountaineer Amulya Sen passes away in Kolkata

He had made the first Indian ascent 'Chandra' in 1965 and became the head of a Mt Everest expedition in 1993.
DNA - Published