Steve King

American politician from Iowa

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Steve King: American politician from Iowa
Steven Arnold King is an American politician and former businessman, serving as a U.S. Representative from Iowa since 2003. A member of the Republican Party, he represented Iowa's 5th congressional district until 2013, when redistricting renumbered it the 4th. This district is in northwestern Iowa and includes Sioux City. King ran for reelection in 2020, but lost renomination in the primary.


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With Steve King Gone, Does the Democrat Have a Shot in His Iowa District?

J.D. Scholten was preparing for a rematch with Mr. King, the controversial Iowa congressman. Then Mr. King lost the Republican primary. - Published

Steve King: Controversial Iowa Republican loses re-election bid

The nine-term Iowa Congressman previously asked why terms like "white supremacy" were offensive.
BBC News - Published

Steve King Sinks in Iowa

Protesters went back to the streets and, oh, elections took place: This is your morning tip sheet. - Published

Iowa Republican Steve King – denounced for racist comments and white nationalist links – loses primary in shock defeat

iowa republican steve king – denounced for racist comments and white nationalist links – loses primary in shock defeat
Steve King, a controversial Republican congressman who has long given voice to right-wing racist ideas, has lost his primary election after nine terms in Congress. Mr King, who was removed from his...
WorldNews - Published

Pandemic, Protests and Police: An Election Like No Other

A day of disrupted voting across the country produced a notable result in Iowa, where Steve King, who was ostracized after he questioned why white supremacy was offensive, was denied a 10th term. - Published

Biden inches toward delegate win, Steve King ousted and other takeaways from Tuesday's elections

Biden swept all seven of the states holding presidential primaries Tuesday – Maryland, Indiana, Rhode Island, New Mexico, Montana and South Dakota. - Published

Steve King, House Republican With a History of Racist Remarks, Loses Primary

Mr. King, one of the nation’s most divisive elected officials, saw his power in Congress curtailed last year after he questioned why white supremacy was considered offensive. - Published

Rep. Steve King loses Iowa Republican primary race to Randy Feenstra

King was stripped of his committees last year following remarks he made to the New York Times about white nationalism. - Published

Controversial Republican congressman Steve King ousted in Iowa primary

Firebrand U.S. congressman Steve King, who was called out by his colleagues last year for using hateful rhetoric, lost his bid for reelection on Tuesday as a Republican rival defeated him for their..
Reuters - Published

Steve King Faces Primary as 8 States and D.C. Vote: What to Watch

The main focus is how smoothly (or not) voting by mail unfolds, but several noteworthy congressional primaries will take place, including Mr. King’s latest challenge in Iowa. - Published

'Battle against the swamp': Steve King fighting for his political life in competitive primary

Christian conservative leader Bob Vander Plaats and other longtime allies of U.S. Rep Steve King have endorsed state Sen. Randy Feenstra this cycle. - Published

For Steve King, the Number of People Who Want Him Gone Could Be a Blessing

The Iowa congressman, known for his racist remarks about immigrants, is an outcast among mainstream Republicans. But his four primary challengers could split the vote. - Published

Man who threw water on U.S. Rep Steve King sentenced to 2 years probation

A Colorado man who pleaded guilty to throwing water on U.S. Rep. Steve King has been sentenced to two years probation. - Published

Meme owner files cease and desist against Rep. Steve King for copyright infringement

If the Iowa congressman does not respond to the letter by Wednesday morning, Laney Griner said she will sue Steve King for copyright infringement. - Published

McCarthy says "action will be taken" in response to Rep. Steve King's comments

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-California, tells Margaret Brennan he will meet with Rep. Steve King on Monday to discuss King's recent comments on white supremacy.
CBS News - Published

Republicans weigh action against Rep. Steve King for white supremacy comment

GOP congressional leadership is speaking out against Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King for making racially charged comments, but President Trump is not. Shermichael Singleton, a Republican..
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Iowa Rep. Steve King posts video of himself drinking from water fountain over toilet at border migrant facility

Rep. Steve King posted a video on Twitter that shows him drinking from a water fountain above a toilet in a migrant detention facility. - Published

Steve King Back in Spotlight After Comments on Uighurs

In discussing the mass detention and mistreatment of Uighurs, a predominantly Muslim ethnic group, Mr. King of Iowa seemingly joked that he supported Chinese efforts to “force them to eat pork.” - Published

Steve King to defend controversial abortion comments

The Iowa Republican is holding a news conference with anti-abortion rights activist leaders
CBS News - Published

Of course we're angry at Steve King - but we should also be thanking him

of course we're angry at steve king - but we should also be thanking him
From the president’s racist attacks against Baltimore, to Melania’s “I don’t really care, do u” jacket, one of the hallmarks of Trumpism is an expression of the vilest nature of the..
WorldNews - Published

Republicans slam Steve King for comments on rape, incest

House Republican leaders are condemning comments from one of their own this morning: Iowa congressman Steve King. While defending his call for a ban on all abortions, including in cases of rape or..
CBS News - Published

Rep. King suggests rapes, incest helped populate the world

rep. king suggests rapes, incest helped populate the world
DES MOINES, Iowa – U.S. Rep. Steve King on Wednesday defended his call for a ban on all abortions by questioning whether there would be “any population of the world left” if not for births due to..
WorldNews - Published

Rep. Steve King questions if there would be "any population" left if not for rape and incest

Both Democrats and Republicans are blasting Iowa Rep. Steve King over new comments he made on abortion. King is opposed to all abortions, with no exceptions for rape or incest. Ed O'Keefe has more on..
CBS News - Published Also reported by •

Steve King: 2020 presidential candidates, GOP challenger, condemn 'rape and incest' remarks

Both Republicans and Democrats publicly condemned U.S. Rep. Steve King's comments on Wednesday regarding abortion exemptions for rape or incest. - Published

Steve King: Rape and incest 'aided population growth'

Steve King defended outright bans on abortion even in cases of pregnancies caused by rape or incest.
BBC News - Published

Republican congressman Steve King: Would humanity exist without rape, incest?

Conservative U.S. Representative Steve King wondered aloud on Wednesday whether the human race would still exist without rape and incest, as he explained his anti-abortion position to an audience in..
Reuters - Published

U.S. Rep. Steve King: If not for rape and incest, 'would there be any population left?'

King said some conservatives told him he would get more support on abortion legislation if he allowed certain exemptions. He did not agree to the caveats. - Published

Steve King Narrowly Won in Iowa in 2018. Now His Challenger Will Run Again.

Mr. King, who has a history of racist remarks, has been elected to the House nine times, but J.D. Scholten came within 10,000 votes of toppling him in 2018. - Published

Trump campaign again draws Mollie Tibbetts' name into immigration debate despite family's objections

Trump wasn't the first to break from politicians who had long ago dropped Tibbetts from their rhetoric. That was Rep. Steve King, on Thursday. - Published