Super Tuesday

Tuesdays early in a US presidential primary season when the greatest number of states hold primary elections

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Super Tuesday: Tuesdays early in a US presidential primary season when the greatest number of states hold primary elections
Super Tuesday is the United States presidential primary election day in February or March when the greatest number of U.S. states hold primary elections and caucuses. Approximately one-third of all delegates to the presidential nominating conventions can be won on Super Tuesday, more than on any other day. The results on Super Tuesday are therefore a strong indicator of the likely eventual nominee of each political party.


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Coronavirus-caused election delays mean a second Super Tuesday is on the schedule for June

At least 11 states will vote on June 2 now due to the coronavirus pandemic. - Published

Grappling With the Impact of Coronavirus: This Week in the 2020 Race

Joe Biden tries to break through, Bernie Sanders signals he’s staying in and another Super Tuesday (of sorts) emerges. - Published

Bloomberg to give $18M to DNC; state parties get offices

bloomberg to give $18m to dnc; state parties get offices
WASHINGTON (AP) — Mike Bloomberg is transferring $18 million from his presidential campaign to the Democratic National Committee in the largest single such transfer ever. It's the latest sign of the..
WorldNews - Published

Bernie Sanders Is Counting on Michigan's Blue-Collar Voters

White working-class voters lifted Bernie Sanders to victory over Hillary Clinton in Michigan four years ago, but Joe Biden won that demographic on Super Tuesday, as well as African-Americans. - Published

Super Tuesday: Why didn't more young people vote?

Bernie Sanders won the youth vote in every single state on Super Tuesday - but that wasn't enough.
BBC News - Published

Biden Is Back: This Week in the 2020 Race

Joseph R. Biden Jr. won South Carolina and most of the Super Tuesday states, and the race is down to him and Bernie Sanders, after Elizabeth Warren and Michael Bloomberg dropped out. - Published

Bernie Sanders plots new strategy to foil Biden and take charge of 2020 race

bernie sanders plots new strategy to foil biden and take charge of 2020 race
Bernie Sanders is giving his presidential campaign a “reset” as he goes head-to-head for the Democratic presidential nomination with Joe Biden, amid signs that the political revolution he hoped to..
WorldNews - Published

Biden pledges to 'unify the country' after revival

Fresh off a slate of Super Tuesday primary victories, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden pledged to unify Americans as he prepares for a potentially long nominating fight against rival Bernie.. - Published

With Black Voters and a Suburban Surge, Joe Biden Took Texas

Mr. Biden notched his most significant Super Tuesday win in a state where he had previously looked weak. “It felt like momentum because it was momentum,” an El Paso congresswoman said. - Published

Wall Street surges after Biden cleans up on Super Tuesday

Wall Street rose more than 2.5% on Wednesday, led by healthcare stocks, after Joe Biden overtook Bernie Sanders to become the new front-runner in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.
Reuters - Published

Michael Bloomberg ends US presidential campaign

Michael Bloomberg ends his bid for the White House after his poor Super Tuesday showing and supports Joe Biden.
BBC News - Published

Futures jump after Biden's Super Tuesday sweep

U.S. stock markets looked set to jump after a strong showing for Joe Biden in the Super Tuesday Democratic primaries on Wednesday, with Dow and S&P index futures rebounding around 2% from heavy losses..
Reuters - Published

Biden snags Texas in Super Tuesday sweep, Sanders has edge in California

A resurgent Joe Biden rode a wave of momentum to win Texas and eight other states, while Bernie Sanders was leading in Super Tuesday's biggest race in California, setting up a one-on-one battle for the..
Reuters - Published

How Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders dominated the Super Tuesday results - live updates

Super Tuesday lived up to the hype with Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders battling all night. Michael Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren face tough path ahead. - Published

How Joe Biden roared back on Super Tuesday and what it means for the next contests with Bernie Sanders

Joe Biden came roaring back on Super Tuesday, and did so in ways that show strength in states coming up in Democrats' presidential nominating contest. - Published

Sanders seizes California, Biden surges nation wide in Super Tuesday voting

sanders seizes california, biden surges nation wide in super tuesday voting
Washington: Bernie Sanders seized Super Tuesday’s biggest prize with a victory in California, while a resurgent Joe Biden scored wins across the country with the backing of a diverse coalition as the..
WorldNews - Published

Biden's big night, Sanders takes California and other key moments from Super Tuesday

The former vice president had a blowout night on Super Tuesday, seemingly reversing his slow start to the primary season, while Sanders' rise was interrupted. - Published

Resurgent Joe Biden scores big Super Tuesday wins

Joe Biden sweeps to victory across the US on Super Tuesday, mounting a dramatic offensive against rival Bernie Sanders. The two Democrats were battling for delegates as 14 states and one U.S. territory.. - Published

Several Super Tuesday races were called as soon as polls closed. How are winners declared with 0% reporting?

When exit polls show one candidate with a massive lead that is well beyond the margin of error, networks make early projections. - Published

Super Tuesday: Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden trade punches

Democrat frontrunners Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders made veiled criticisms of each other in speeches on Super Tuesday night.
BBC News - Published

Some Joe Biden hecklers rushed the stage at his Super Tuesday speech

At Joe Biden's Super Tuesday speech, some "Let Dairy Die" protesters rushed the stage, and were escorted quickly off. - Published

Bloomberg campaigns in Florida as votes roll in

Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg held a rally in the key swing state of Florida, even as the votes in Super Tuesday's contests were still being cast and counted. (March 3) - Published

Michael Bloomberg under-performing in key Super Tuesday states despite massive investment

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg was under-performing in several Super Tuesday states despite his heavy spending on staff and ads. - Published

Super Tuesday voting so far free of cyber meddling, U.S. officials say

The Super Tuesday primary elections were so far free of any signs of interference, said national security professionals who gathered in Northern Virginia in an unprecedented monitoring effort to..
Reuters - Published

Resurgent Biden makes push to deny Super Tuesday breakthrough for Sanders

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Tuesday took his resurgent campaign to California in a last-minute push to blunt front-runner Bernie Sanders' momentum as Americans voted in the..
Reuters - Published

14 states, 1 territory, more than 1,300 delegates. Welcome to Super Tuesday.

Fourteen states and one U.S. territory will be voting Tuesday, accounting for more than 30% of the delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination. - Published

Klobuchar, Buttigieg to back Biden at rally in Super Tuesday state of Texas

Former Vice President Joe Biden's Democratic presidential bid picked up steam on Monday as he was set to pick up the endorsements of two former 2020 rivals - Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg - on the..
Reuters - Published

A state-by-state breakdown of what to watch for on Super Tuesday, where 15 contests are up for grabs

About a third of the delegates needed to secure the Democratic presidential nomination is up for grabs in the voting bonanza known as Super Tuesday. - Published

On the trail: Buttigieg drops White House bid as Democrats look to Super Tuesday

Pete Buttigieg dropped his bid for the White House on Sunday, shaking up the race for the Democratic nomination to take on Republican President Donald Trump in November's election just days before the..
Reuters - Published

California, here they come: Sanders dominates new USA TODAY/Suffolk poll of Super Tuesday's prize

Exclusive: In a Suffolk/USA TODAY poll of California, Bernie Sanders holds a double-digit lead over Biden and Bloomberg for a huge delegate trove. - Published

Black Democrats turn their backs on Bloomberg at church before Super Tuesday votes

Joe Biden, fresh off a victory in South Carolina propelled by black voters, on Sunday commemorated a landmark civil rights march in Alabama, where some worshippers at an African-American church turned..
Reuters - Published

Sanders leads Biden in key Super Tuesday states of California, Texas and North Carolina, polls find

Notably, all of the polls were conducted before Biden's decisive win in the South Carolina primary, which he hopes will create Super Tuesday momentum. - Published

Sanders raised $46.5 million in February, while rival Warren took in $29 million

Democratic presidential front-runner Bernie Sanders raised $45 million in February, his campaign said on Sunday, and will launch new television ad buys in nine states with primaries later this month,..
Reuters - Published

'Not over yet': Biden-Sanders on Super Tuesday collision course as biggest trove of delegates awaits

Biden's victory shook up what has already been a roller coaster of a February, with at times two leaders in national delegates and 6 candidates who have earned a top 3 finish in at least one state. - Published

Sanders raised $46.5 million in February, makes ad buys for states beyond Super Tuesday

Democratic presidential front-runner Bernie Sanders raised $45 million in February, his campaign said on Sunday, and will launch new television ad buys in nine states with primaries later this month,..
Reuters - Published

Big South Carolina win gives Joe Biden campaign new life; Super Tuesday looms

An outpouring of black voter support propelled Joe Biden to a convincing victory in South Carolina’s Democratic primary on Saturday, resurrecting his faltering White House bid and giving the former..
Reuters - Published

Wall Street Weekahead: Main Street leans toward Sanders, but Wall Street says Trump

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders may be surging in the polls ahead of Super Tuesday, but some on Wall Street have made their own conclusions on what November will bring: four more years of President..
Reuters - Published

Democrats are overthinking the 2020 nomination race. Time to let passions rule.

Don't try to out-analyze the analysts. In South Carolina, on Super Tuesday and beyond, Democrats should trust their instincts and go with their guts. - Published

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