Puerto Ricans

People from Puerto Rico or who identify, culturally, as Puerto Rican

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Puerto Ricans: People from Puerto Rico or who identify, culturally, as Puerto Rican
Puerto Ricans are the people of Puerto Rico, the inhabitants, and citizens of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and their descendants. Puerto Rico is home to people of many different national origins as well.


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Bad Bunny breaks social media silence to promote voting

Bad Bunny says he broke his social media silence for "important things" -- urging Puerto Ricans and other Latinos to vote in the Nov. 3 election. "We need to be respected as Latinos," he says. (Sept... - Published

WorldView: Deadly storm hits Spain, protests in Puerto Rico, and more

A storm has killed at least 13 people in northeastern Spain. Puerto Ricans brave the rain to protest their new governor. And EU leaders formally sign the Brexit agreement. Ian Lee rounds up the latest..
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Puerto Ricans, upset at botched primary, demand answers

A plan to hold another primary on Aug. 16 for centers that could not open on Sunday could change depending on the ruling of a lawsuit. - Published Also reported by •WorldNews

Botched Primary Election Creates New Crisis in Puerto Rico: ‘This Is a Travesty’

Puerto Ricans lost confidence in their electoral system after ballots failed to reach polling places, forcing officials to partially suspend a primary. - Published

Crucial Latino voters seek more attention from Biden

Like many Puerto Ricans, Wilson Rivera holds President Donald Trump responsible for what he sees as the U.S. government’s inadequate response to Hurricane Maria, the 2017 storm that devastated the..
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Puerto Rico Lags Behind in Coronavirus Testing

A strict lockdown has required much sacrifice from Puerto Ricans, whose patience with the slow pace of testing is running out. - Published

Georgia Drops Special Driver’s License Requirements for Puerto Ricans

The state will also pay $100,000 to Kenneth Caban Gonzalez, who was wrongfully arrested on charges that he provided false documents with his driver’s license application. - Published

Video Reveals Unused Earthquake Aid in Puerto Rico: ‘We Are Outraged’

The governor dismissed three members of her cabinet, but some Puerto Ricans still took to the streets in protest. - Published

'Traumatized' Puerto Ricans rocked by more strong quakes

Two strong aftershocks collapsed homes and cracked walls in Puerto Rico on Friday as the Caribbean island tried to recover from its worst earthquake in more than a century.
Reuters - Published

Into The Dark: Puerto Rico After the Earthquake

Some Puerto Ricans are living precariously on the edges of roads, uncertain about a post-earthquake future. - Published

Most Puerto Ricans without power, many sleep outdoors after quakes

More than half of Puerto Rico's 3 million people remained without power on Wednesday and thousands slept outdoors after earthquakes toppled homes on the Caribbean island and raised fears more could..
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AP Top Stories January 8 P

Here's the latest for Wednesday January 8th: US, Iran step back from the brink of war; Iranian military disputes any role in Ukrainian airliner crash; Half a million Puerto Ricans without power; Prince.. - Published

Hundreds of Puerto Rican families left homeless after biggest quake in century

hundreds of puerto rican families left homeless after biggest quake in century
GUANICA, Puerto Rico — Cars, cots and plastic chairs became temporary beds for hundreds of families who lost their homes in southwest Puerto Rico as a flurry of earthquakes struck the island, one of..
WorldNews - Published

Power Outage Affects Two-Thirds of Puerto Rico After Earthquake

Thousands of Puerto Ricans slept outside, fearing new tremors, after the 6.4-magnitude earthquake that struck the island Tuesday. - Published

'No power. No water. Nothing.' Deadly earthquake forces many Puerto Ricans to sleep outside

Many Puerto Ricans woke up to an island without power Wednesday after a string of earthquakes. Meanwhile, President Trump has authorized FEMA aid. - Published

Puerto Ricans sleep outside, wait for power after 'devastating' quake

Many Puerto Ricans woke up on Wednesday to a second day without electricity after the island's worst earthquake in over a century knocked out its biggest power plant, collapsed homes and killed at..
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The Curious Case of Aurelius Capital v. Puerto Rico

How a hedge fund’s efforts to take the island territory to the cleaners wound up before the Supreme Court — with ordinary Puerto Ricans arguing in the hedge fund’s favor. - Published

The Last Days of Legal Cockfighting in Puerto Rico

Cockfighting will soon be outlawed, an overdue ban in the eyes of animal welfare advocates. But some Puerto Ricans maintain it is part of their culture. - Published

CVS rejects Purdue student's Puerto Rican ID, asks for immigration papers to buy cold medicine

CVS apologized after a Puerto Rican Purdue student said employees said he needed to show immigration papers to buy cold medicine. - Published

New research links ancient indigenous DNA to living Puerto Ricans

A new study found ancient indigenous DNA in Puerto Ricans, breaking a previous myth that the Taino tribe were eradicated in centuries ago. Maria Nieves-Colon joined CBSN to discuss her findings and why..
CBS News - Published

Alert System Delays on Puerto Rico Raise Fears as Hurricane Dorian Skims Island

Puerto Ricans were spared a direct hit from Hurricane Dorian on Wednesday, but concerns linger over the island’s emergency preparedness. - Published

Protests Are Still Erupting in Puerto Rico. This Time, It’s Over Wanda Vázquez as Governor

Days after Ricardo A. Rosselló resigned as governor, Puerto Ricans were planning a march on Monday to demand accountability in the decision to replace him. - Published

Puerto Ricans worry political turmoil could further delay federal aid

The nonprofit All Hands and Hearts arrived here in January 2018, to fix roofs in the rural town where Hurricane Maria made its first, most damaging landfall. 
Reuters - Published

Former Governor Ricardo Rossellό isn't the only weight on Puerto Rico's freedom

For far too long, the rules have been written for Puerto Ricans, not by them. Congress must give Puerto Rico the self-determination we deserve. - Published

Late Ambulances, Leaking Roofs: Puerto Ricans on Why They Rose Up

As thousands protested in the streets, calling for the resignation of Gov. Ricardo A. Rosselló, Puerto Rican readers told us about the economic conditions fueling their anger at his leadership. - Published

Puerto Rico Protesters Get Creative: Dancing, Singing, Diving…

On kayak and horseback, in prayer and cacophony, Puerto Ricans have been venting their political frustrations in a host of unconventional ways in recent days. Here are some examples. - Published

Protests grow as Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló vows to stay in office

Hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans took to the streets of San Juan in what is believed to be the largest protests the island has seen. Protesters continue to demand that their embattled governor..
CBS News - Published

Puerto Ricans putting pressure on governor to resign

Protesters on the island of 3.2 million held what may be their largest demonstration Monday, demanding that Gov. Ricardo Rosselló step down amid government corruption
CBS News - Published

Puerto Ricans gather for protest to expel governor

Puerto Ricans gathered for one of the biggest protests ever seen in the US territory, as irate islanders pledged to drive Gov. Rosselló from office. - Published Also reported by •CBS News

‘Too Many Years of Putting Up and Holding Back’: Puerto Ricans Say They’ve Had Enough

Puerto Rico’s capital has seen days of protests demanding the resignation of Gov. Ricardo A. Rosselló. But the anger goes well beyond the governor. - Published