Bipartisan lawmakers propose $908 bln COVID-19 relief bill [Video]

Bipartisan lawmakers propose $908 bln COVID-19 relief bill

[NFA] A bipartisan group of U.S. senators and members of the House of Representatives on Tuesday proposed a $908 billion COVID relief bill that would fund measures through March 31, but it hasn't been..

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Why is Wall Street leaning left? [Video]

Why is Wall Street leaning left?

Wall Street banks and their employees have been leaning further left in recent years, increasing the proportion of cash allocated to Democrats. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has..

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Mitt Romney Did Not Vote for Donald Trump in 2020 Election [Video]

Mitt Romney Did Not Vote for Donald Trump in 2020 Election

On Monday, Senator Mitt Romney revealed to CNN that he did not vote for Donald Trump’s re-election.

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Trump faces a 'Gray Revolt' among older voters [Video]

Trump faces a 'Gray Revolt' among older voters

Once a solidly Republican voting bloc, Reuters polling shows older Americans are increasingly throwing their support behind Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden ahead of Election Day. This..

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Donald Trump bashes Mitt Romney again, this time over a Black Lives Matter march

"Tremendous sincerity, what a guy," Trump tweeted of Romney. The president remains angry at the Utah senator's vote in favor of impeachment charges. - Published

Protesters, Everywhere (Including … Mitt Romney?)

Huge demonstrations and a rethinking of the Minneapolis police: This is your morning tip sheet. - Published

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney joins George Floyd protest near White House: 'We need to stand up and say that black lives matter'

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney joined a group of about 1,000 Christians who marched near the White House on Sunday. He tweeted "Black Lives Matter." - Published

Vote for Trump? These Republican Leaders Aren’t on the Bandwagon.

Former President George W. Bush and Senator Mitt Romney won’t support Mr. Trump’s re-election, and other G.O.P. officials are mulling a vote for Joe Biden. - Published

Sen. Mitt Romney was the only GOP senator not invited on Trump's new coronavirus advisory group

Sen. Mitt Romney was the only Republican senator not invited to serve on the president's new panel addressing ways to reopen the country. - Published

Romney to support subpoena in Senate probe of Hunter Biden

U.S. Senator Mitt Romney will vote to allow a subpoena in a Senate Republican investigation of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's businessman son, Hunter Biden, his office said on Friday.
Reuters - Published

Romney says U.S. Senate Republican probe of Biden appears political

U.S. Senator Mitt Romney, the lone Republican to vote to convict President Donald Trump of abuse of power following his impeachment, said on Thursday that a Senate Republican probe of Democratic..
Reuters - Published

At CPAC, It’s Now an All-Trump Show

At the annual gathering of conservatives, one Republican was conspicuously absent among the Trump supporters — Mitt Romney. The conference organizer said he had been disinvited. - Published

Evangelicals And Mormons Were On Trial At Trump’s Impeachment-Guess Who Lost?

evangelicals and mormons were on trial at trump’s impeachment-guess who lost?
Article by WN.Com Correspondent Dallas Darling William Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage.” It is also a test of one’s true faith and character in the face of authoritarian regimes...
WorldNews - Published

Trump gets an unwelcome surprise

trump gets an unwelcome surprise
(CNN)It seemed perfect. Everything was going Donald Trump's way. Republican senators had refused to allow witnesses in his impeachment trial. They were expected to form a solid red line of defense. And..
WorldNews - Published

Mitt Romney Is a ‘Judas’ to Many Republicans. But Not in Utah.

Some conservatives want to recall him and others want to censure him. In the state he represents, though, many view speaking out against President Trump as an act to admire, not an apostasy. - Published

Coach Mike Leach deletes tweets about Mitt Romney, says 'I just asked questions'

Mississippi State football coach Mike Leach asked critical questions about Mitt Romney, the lone Republican senator to vote against President Trump. - Published

Trump, Conservatives Heap Scorn on Romney for His Impeachment Vote

trump, conservatives heap scorn on romney for his impeachment vote
U.S. President Donald Trump and conservative pundits are unleashing a stream of vitriol against Republican Sen. Mitt Romney for his vote to convict the president of abusing the presidency, even as the..
WorldNews - Published

Trump launches veiled attack on Romney and Pelosi at prayer breakfast

U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday accused some of those who supported his impeachment of hypocritically cloaking themselves in their faith, in a thinly veiled attack on Democratic House Speaker..
Reuters - Published

Backlash against 'sore loser' Mitt Romney after he votes to convict Trump

Republicans, including Mr Trump, accuse their party's former presidential nominee of being a secret Democrat.
BBC News - Published

Trump lashes out at enemies as he comes face to face with Pelosi at Prayer Breakfast

President also attacks Mitt Romney over vote to remove him from office, citing his faith
Independent - Published

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney voted to convict Trump during the impeachment trial. Read his full speech on the Senate floor

Romney was the only Republican to vote to convict Trump, who was acquitted on both impeachment articles. In a floor speech, he explained his position. - Published

'I swore an oath.' GOP Sen. Romney faces awkwardness, 'abuse' for defying Trump on impeachment

Mitt Romney, the only GOP senator to vote to convict in the Trump impeachment trial, is a test case for the party's willingness to tolerate dissent. - Published

Impeachment Briefing: Trump Is Acquitted

On the final day of impeachment, Mitt Romney crossed party lines to vote with Democrats. Here’s the back story. - Published

Romney, Defying the Party He Once Personified, Votes to Convict Trump

Senator Mitt Romney grew emotional as he pronounced the president “guilty of an appalling abuse of public trust.” The recriminations from fellow Republicans were immediate. - Published

Breaking with Republicans, Romney votes 'guilty' in Trump impeachment trial

Republican Senator Mitt Romney issued a scathing criticism of Donald Trump on Wednesday as he broke with his party and voted to convict the U.S. president for abuse of power in his impeachment trial.
Reuters - Published

Full Transcript: Mitt Romney’s Speech Announcing Vote to Convict Trump

The senator from Utah was the first — and only — Republican to announce he supported removing the president from office. - Published

Trump Acquitted of Two Impeachment Charges in Near Party-Line Vote

As Republicans rallied behind President Trump, Senator Mitt Romney of Utah, the party’s 2012 presidential nominee, joined Democrats in voting to convict, the only senator to cross party lines. - Published

Factbox: 'A giant asterisk' - quotes from Trump's impeachment trial

The U.S. Senate voted on Wednesday to acquit President Donald Trump of impeachment charges of abusing his office and obstructing Congress' investigation, despite Republican Mitt Romney becoming the..
Reuters - Published

'Appalling abuse': Sen. Mitt Romney votes to convict President Trump on abuse of power charge

Romney's decision means the president will have a tougher time claiming vindication from an impeachment he calls a partisan witch hunt. - Published

Romney, Breaking With Republicans, Will Vote to Convict Trump of Abuse of Power

Senator Mitt Romney, Republican of Utah, grew emotional on the Senate floor as he pronounced President Trump “guilty of an appalling abuse of public trust.” - Published Also reported by •France 24

Romney will vote to convict Trump

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney will vote to convict President Donald Trump, likely the only GOP senator to favor ousting the impeached president. (Feb. 5) - Published

Romney will vote to convict Trump for 'appalling abuse' of trust

Republican U.S. Senator Mitt Romney on Wednesday issued a scathing criticism of Donald Trump as he broke with his party and said he would vote to convict the U.S. president for abuse of power in his..
Reuters - Published

Highlights: Republican Romney, citing faith, breaks with party on Trump impeachment

Republican Senator Mitt Romney, breaking with his party, said on Wednesday he would vote to convict U.S. President Donald Trump of the impeachment charge of abusing his power, accusing the president of..
Reuters - Published

Trump poised for acquittal in Senate; Romney will vote to convict

A prominent Republican senator, Mitt Romney, broke with his party on Wednesday and announced he would vote to convict Donald Trump in his impeachment trial just hours before the U.S. Senate was poised..
Reuters - Published

Trump 'guilty of appalling abuse of public trust'

Republican Senator Romney breaks with his party and says President Trump 'did commit high crimes'
BBC News - Published

Senate Republican Romney says he will vote to convict Trump in impeachment trial: New York Times

Republican U.S. Senator Mitt Romney said on Wednesday that he will vote to convict President Donald Trump on the impeachment article charging abuse of power, breaking with his party to support removing..
Reuters - Published

Trump impeachment: looming Senate acquittal threatens to overshadow Iowa

trump impeachment: looming senate acquittal threatens to overshadow iowa
As a growing number of Republican senators confirmed they will vote to acquit Donald Trump at the conclusion of his impeachment trial on Wednesday, the saga threatened to overshadow the first contest..
WorldNews - Published

Mitt Romney won't be invited to CPAC following impeachment trial vote for witnesses

Mitt Romney was one of two Republican senators to break ranks by voting for witnesses in the impeachment trial. Now he has been rebuffed by CPAC. - Published

Senate rejects witnesses in Trump trial, ensuring acquittal

senate rejects witnesses in trump trial, ensuring acquittal
WASHINGTON — The Senate rejected the idea of summoning witnesses for President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial late Friday, all but ensuring his acquittal. But senators considered pushing off..
WorldNews - Published

Romney backs witness call but Trump impeachment trial nears end

A second Republican senator declared support on Friday for calling witnesses at President Donald Trump's impeachment trial, leaving Democrats still short of the U.S. Senate majority required and paving..
Reuters - Published

Senator Romney to vote for Trump impeachment trial witnesses

Republican U.S. Senator Mitt Romney on Friday will vote in favor of allowing witnesses to testify in the Senate's impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, his spokeswoman said.
Reuters - Published

Mitt Romney: The only Senate Republican seen as a possible vote to convict Trump.

Until late Thursday, he was the lone Republican vocally pushing for witnesses to be called in the impeachment trial. - Published

GOP Sens Collins, Romney want witnesses in Trump Senate trial, but additional testimony remains uncertain

Republican Sens. Susan Collins and Mitt Romney said they want witnesses at the Senate trial of President Donald Trump, but decision remains uncertain. - Published

Mitt Romney, a Man Alone

Mr. Romney is the only Republican senator calling for witnesses in the impeachment trial. His G.O.P. colleagues are taking shots: One branded him “Jeff Flake on steroids.” - Published

Even Senators keep their eyes on the moderates during the question periods.

The three Republicans seen as most likely to vote for witnesses are Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney. - Published

Romney, contemplating Trump’s fate, gets a question.

The question suggests that the senator wants to get to the bottom of why the president withheld vital security assistance from Ukraine. - Published

Romney releases questions for White House lawyers and impeachment managers.

His interest in hearing directly from Mr. Bolton has made the Utah Republican one of the most closely-watched lawmakers. - Published

Susan Collins submits first question of the trial on behalf of centrist Republicans.

She was joined by Senators Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney. - Published

Romney called 2016 a time for choosing on Trump. What choice will senators make now?

Sens. Romney, Portman and Burr, Susan Collins, Lamar Alexander and others, it is time for choosing. Which path will you choose for history to record? - Published

Romney takes contraband onto the Senate floor: a bottle of chocolate milk.

He promptly exited and returned with the milk in a glass. - Published

Romney says it is ‘increasingly likely’ the Senate will call Bolton.

A lonely voice in favor of calling Mr. Bolton believes he may soon have more company. - Published

'Increasingly likely' Republican senators to back call for Bolton to testify: Romney

U.S. Republican Senator Mitt Romney said on Monday that it was "increasingly likely" at least four Republican senators would join Democrats in calling for John Bolton, the former White House national..
Reuters - Published

It’s still difficult to see Trump losing Iowa in November

it’s still difficult to see trump losing iowa in november
By Stuart Rothenberg Iowa gave Barack Obama a resounding 9.5-point victory over John McCain in 2008. Four years later, Obama’s margin shrunk to 5.8 points against Mitt Romney. But in 2016, something..
WorldNews - Published

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