Johnny Depp Faces Fresh Physical Assault Allegations

One News Page Staff Tuesday, 10 July 2018
Johnny Depp Faces Fresh Physical Assault Allegationsby 👨‍💻 Graham Pierrepoint

Johnny Depp has long been a name synonymous with blockbuster movies – he’s widely known as Edward Scissorhands, Captain Jack Sparrow, the Mad Hatter and many, many more characters ranging from oddball to outright psychotic – and, as such, he’s generally been the go-to guy for various kooky and quirky roles over the years that have demanded his particular presence and talents. However, in recent years, Depp’s name has been capturing headlines and column inches for different reasons. Some of his most recent movies – the likes of Mortdecai, and the disastrous Lone Ranger remake – have both been critically lambasted and have bombed at the international box office, which has raised a question that many thought they’d never be asking – has the Depp bubble finally burst?

Add this to allegations of physical attack from ex-partner Amber Heard and you have a few years that haven’t exactly been peachy PR-wise for the star. Amid recent photos of the star emerging with fears spreading that he looked ‘gaunt’ or ‘unwell’, fans are still waiting for that killer moment where Depp returns to form – quashing rumors and taking on a career-resurrecting role like never before. However, with news emerging this week that the actor is being pursued by a new lawsuit with regard to an alleged physical assault, it seems Depp’s name isn’t quite out of the murky water just yet.

Greg ‘Rocky’ Brooks, who worked as a location manager for the forthcoming movie City of Lies – based around the work of a detective (played by Depp) investigating the murder of rapper Notorious BIG / Biggie Smalls – alleges that he was forced to act beyond his general control and request that Depp cease filming on one particular day in question. Depp allegedly found Brooks himself and, according to the plaintiff, punched the latter in the rib cage no less than twice, reportedly smelling of alcohol and angrily demanding that Brooks punch him in the face for ‘one hundred thousand dollars’. Brooks was allegedly then asked to sign and declare that he wouldn’t sue over the incident – he refused, and, according to Brooks, was fired from the production.

Johnny Depp sued
Johnny Depp sued

Brooks is also suing the producers and the director of the movie in question, and it’s been reported that the lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles in early July. Quite where this will all end for Depp – and the crew – remains to be seen.


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