Is Deadpool 2 Dividing Critics?

One News Page Staff


by 👨‍💻 Graham Pierrepoint

2016’s breakout R-rated comic book adaptation, Deadpool, was always going to receive a sequel. Fox’s runaway box office hit, starring Ryan Reynolds as massively-scarred, superhuman and regenerative anti-hero Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool), won audiences over with not only its fresh slant on the superhero genre but also with its fourth-wall-destroying gags, its lack of shame to cross certain lines, and its manic humor – to say it was a hit is putting it lightly, and it’s a movie that Fox almost never greenlit. It’s transformed Reynolds into an even bigger star – meaning that he can now at least put his turn as Green Lantern in the rather iffy movie of the same name behind him. If recent publicity moments are anything to go by, Reynolds IS Deadpool – and that’s doing him no harm whatsoever (though he’s also set to embody Detective Pikachu, in a completely different type of role, in months to come).

So – how well is Deadpool 2 doing with critics? Has it managed to recapture the same anarchy and wry humor its predecessor is so revered for? It appears so – and while some frontline critics are claiming that the rapid gag-fire can get a little tiring for some viewers, Wade Wilson’s latest adventure is sure to be a massive hit with fans of the first movie. At the time of writing, Deadpool 2 sits at 87% on Rotten Tomatoes – this figure showing the percentage of approving reviews it’s receiving from critics thus far – compared with the 83% that the original Deadpool received. This, at least, is a sure-fire improvement – even if some critics appear to be getting a little bit bogged down in just how effective the sequel is on a whole.

Deadpool 2: Video Review
Deadpool 2: Video Review

Some of the movie’s critics claim that the sequel is a little more cynical than its predecessor, relying on self-critique and a non-stop barrage of knowing moments to get itself to the final moments – though for plenty of moviegoers, this will hardly be a problem. There’s a worry that the jokes are becoming a little forced, too – but on the whole, test audiences, and those who have managed to see the movie so far, are responding very positively indeed. Will Deadpool 2 match the colossal box office surprise that was its predecessor? Will this allow us to see a trilogy come to fruition? Who’s to say at this stage – for now, hold on tight for One News Page’s full review in the days to come and we’ll let you know if it’s worth the price of admission.