Is 'Solo' Struggling at the Box Office?

One News Page Staff Wednesday, 30 May 2018
Is 'Solo' Struggling at the Box Office?by 👨‍💻 Graham Pierrepoint

Surely everyone who’s been to the movies has at least heard of Star Wars by now – whether or not the idea of lengthy laser sword battles and intense sagas that span several movies and decades of production is your particular cup of tea aside – Disney has itself an absolute freight train of a franchise, and depending upon which hardcore fans you ask, they are doing sterling work by revitalizing the brand with new stories and prequels alike. The Last Jedi received mixed to positive reviews, though clearing up well at the box office – as did Rogue One and The Force Awakens, both of which also released during the peak of the holiday season. Solo – which focuses on the back story of bounty hunter Han Solo – doesn’t seem to be creating the same kind of box office magic, at least at present.

What has happened here is that the tally taken on its debut weekend domestically appears to have fallen significantly short of expectations. While the movie has managed to unseat the freight train that is Deadpool 2 from the top of the ticket sales, it seems that analysts may have domestic sales, at least, a little too optimistic. The movie is thought to have brought in $103 million during its North American opening weekend, while experts believed that it would see a tally of around $130 million despite going up against Deadpool for the late May box office money. This may not come off as particularly good news – but beyond its opening weekend, and with international tickets to take into account, it is perhaps too early to be calling it a flop. For reference, The Last Jedi took $220 million, with The Force Awakens hitting the high notes with $248 million, and Rogue One claiming a respectable $155 million on the continent. Therefore, it’s little wonder this news has been referred to as underwhelming in some quarters.

'Solo' Crashes at the Box Office
'Solo' Crashes at the Box Office

There are a variety of reasons as to why Solo isn’t generating the buzz that Disney had hoped for – despite having opened to positive reviews (including from One News Page), it was facing up against Deadpool 2, and with the echoes of the behemoth Avengers: Infinity War still rattling around in the box office. Further to this, this is the second Star Wars movie in six months – is it a matter of viewer fatigue? Could it be related to the other new Star Wars movies having all debuted during the holiday season – with arguably less demanding competition? Who’s to say – let’s wait to see what figures total in the coming months.


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