Do Netflix and Amazon Have a Rival in… Walmart?!

One News Page Staff Tuesday, 24 July 2018
Do Netflix and Amazon Have a Rival in… Walmart?!by 👨‍💻 Adam Yardley

In case you’re not already aware, home streaming is very big business indeed. We are now able to watch hundreds of movies and full runs of TV shows from the comfort of our own homes without having to wait for certain channels to show them, and without having to insert a disc. Providing you have a working internet connection and are willing to pay a monthly fee to access libraries of content, the world is your oyster when it comes to accessible, legal video content.

The same goes for music, too – but when it comes to video streaming, Netflix and Amazon prime arguably have the monopoly. Certain channels such as the BBC offer their own app platforms – Disney Life, too, continues to be hugely popular with families – but it’s these two major players who are likely taking up the majority of home streamers’ time and interest. Hulu, too, are massively popular in the US – and it seems there’s always someone willing to try and get a slice of the streaming pie.

So how about introducing another player into the mix? Step forward Walmart – yes, really – according to reports, the colossal supermarket empire is considering its options with regarding to mounting a low-cost alternative to subscription streaming currently supported by the likes of Amazon and Netflix. The news comes at a time when the latter is reportedly considering changing some of its tariffs and testing subscription changes in certain countries – meaning that the brand could well be seizing the moment at just the right time.

Walmart Streaming Plans Could Boost Retail
Walmart Streaming Plans Could Boost Retail

Nothing appears to be official at this stage – as the brand hasn’t made any concrete remarks – and while Walmart already offers certain streaming to viewers through its Vudu platform, this new move could be a big step in the direction of direct competition for the big players in the streaming game. This will be more than just purchasing movies to rent, if rumors are true – it will mean low-cost video streaming, and, potentially, ad-supported free streaming – it could attempt to change the game if not globally, at least on home soil.

Streaming is expanding more and more, with Facebook and Apple having made moves in certain directions in the field in recent months – and with YouTube continuing to expand via its Premium label – but will there be enough room in the market for Walmart to join in?


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