The First Reviews for 'Venom' Are Rolling in - Oh Dear

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by 👨‍💻 Graham Pierrepoint

With all the buzz surrounding the Marvel Cinematic Universe, those comic book movies that fall outside of Disney’s jurisdiction were always going to fall under a harsher scrutiny. Attempts in recent years to bring the Fantastic Four back to life – as well as to try and propel the X Men series to new highs – have fallen rather flat. X Men is set to continue, for now, with Dark Phoenix – and it’s clear that the most successful non-Disney Marvel movies of recent years are those belonging to Deadpool. Regardless of ups and downs beyond the MCU, the motion to bring Venom to the big screen is one which was a huge surprise. Venom is a long-time villain in the Spider-Man comics – and with Spidey currently riding high in the MCU, it’s not entirely clear where an entirely separate run of movies could be heading.

Tom Hardy stars in Columbia’s take on the vicious symbiote, which has so far pulled in fairly animated reception online and in the press – with a mixed reception following the movie’s premiere, hope was high that the film could be a fun, action-packed take on the villain in his first outright adventure – but critical reception has sadly dwindled towards the lower end of the scale if Rotten Tomatoes is anything to go by.

Currently boasting a 29% approval score on the review aggregator, many critics complain that the first supervillain movie is falling flat for a number of reasons. Some are concerned that a PG-13 rating for Venom harms the quality of the script – and that the movie feels poorly edited. Others were quick to claim that the movie appears to be following a trend of comic book movies from before the MCU began – in that it’s equal parts goofy and clumsy. Perhaps not the stellar applause the crew were hoping for.

Critics Weigh In on 'Venom'
Critics Weigh In on 'Venom'

Tom Hardy had interviewed shortly before the film’s release to state that there were a wide number of scenes cut – which led some to suggest that the final result simply wouldn’t live up to expectations. Expectations for Venom were varied – how do you carry a movie like this off in the face of the MCU? Who’s to say – but if critical and audience reception is anything to go by so far, it’s likely things have fallen short of studio expectations. Expect a full review from One News Page soon!