2019 Movie Preview: What to Look Forward To

One News Page Staff Sunday, 9 December 2018
2019 Movie Preview: What to Look Forward Toby πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Graham Pierrepoint

It really is that time of year – when things start to tie up nicely – as we approach the end of what has been an incredible year for film. Very soon, we will be publishing our lists of the best and worst movies of 2018, but in the meantime, it makes perfect sense to take a sneak peek at some of those we consider to be major contenders for the 2019 best-of list. Here’s a glance or two at the future, in no particular order:

Avengers: Endgame
Has there been a movie out there subject to so much hype and so much speculation? Avengers: Infinity War left things on such a colossal cliff-hanger that it’s hard for fans not to get invested in the next instalment, which is slated to appear by May 2019. It’s incredible marketing – but it’ll also be worth watching to see how Marvel intends to seal off one generation of heroes to make way for the next.

Toy Story 4
Disney and Pixar have been surprisingly up front on plans for their latest instalment in the long-running franchise, with a handful of teasers appealing to fans in recent weeks. With stars Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, too, having added to the hype by insinuating that the final scenes recorded are particularly heart-wrenching, we can’t wait to see where Woody, Buzz and the gang go next. Expect to see it in theaters by the end of June.

Most of the attention lately regarding Disney live action adaptation has been pointed squarely at The Lion King – however, Tim Burton’s take on Dumbo could well be a sleeper hit at least critically. The trailers already offer an intriguing take on the classic movie – and we’ll be seeing the elephant fly into theaters at the end of March.

Disney releases first full trailer for live-action 'Dumbo'
Disney releases first full trailer for live-action 'Dumbo' [video]

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Every time Quentin Tarantino comes back to our screens, it’s always an event – love him or hate him – and his latest movie, set around the time of the Manson Family murders, brings Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt together for the very first time. This look at the 60s film industry will likely have a number of classic Tarantino touches – so expect long, tense conversations and intense action sequences as always. Get ready to see this one by July’s end.

M Night Shyamalan appeared to undo plenty of the damage done to his career by flops such as After Earth with an incredible return to form with Split in 2016. Glass is a direct sequel to both Split and Unbreakable, and it marks the first step towards a new ‘shared universe’ model from the director. With Samuel L Jackson, James McAvoy and Bruce Willis all back on board, this promises to be a big one. It’ll be with us by the end of next month.

Star Wars: Episode IX
We don’t even know the title of the final instalment in the latest trilogy yet – but it’s already building hype. Fan backlash against Episode VIII (The Last Jedi) has led to some changes in personnel – and with Solo having flopped majorly at the box office, Disney may well be crossing its fingers tightly that this movie brings back some much-needed magic to the table. You’ll get a glimpse of it before Christmas next year.


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