Olivia Rodrigo Shares SOUR Prom Concert Film



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*Olivia Rodrigo* has shared her new SOUR Prom concert film.

The songwriter's debut album 'SOUR' is breaking all kinds of records, producing some stellar smash hit singles.

Live opportunities are few and far between due to the pandemic, so Olivia shot a performance of her own instead.

SOUR Prom aired at 4.30am UK time, and it's a 28 minute extravaganza that finds Olivia Rodrigo performing in the back of a limo, on her prom dance floor, in a darkroom, and on an American football field.

Striking a chord with fans, SOUR Prom then hit YouTube where it's been streamed an astonishing three million (plus!) times in less than 12 hours.

Tune in now.

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