Star Wars Opens to Critical Acclaim

One News Page Staff


by 👨‍💻 Graham Pierrepoint

For many, waiting for Star Wars : The Force Awakens has been a particularly sensitive time – for fans, there has been a mingling of trepidation and excitement, with hopes that the franchise will return to its former glory days, particularly as the prequel trilogy released a decade prior was famously met with mixed reception. Certainly, with the latest instalment following on from Return of The Jedi, there have been hopes that returning cast, in cameos or otherwise, would help bolster story and character development alike. With JJ Abrams at the helm – perhaps most famous for anchoring the reboot of the Star Trek franchise along with inventive monster movie Cloverfield – many were anxious to see what the seasoned Sci-Fi director could bring to such a well-established franchise.

Anyone afraid of reading spoilers need not worry – as we won’t be spreading them here – and the vast majority of the Internet appears to have gone into similar lockdown on any chance of The Force Awakens being ruined by stray comments or story leaks, which is refreshing to see in an age when spoiling movies is so readily easy to do thanks to the transparency of the Internet and social media. One News Page has previously reported on such attempts to prevent spoilers via the use of Internet browser add-ons – the release of The Force Awakens truly appears to be an event of sorts, as it is clearly that next to no one who wants to see the movie wants in on some of its juiciest secrets.

Reviewing the movie, then, has perhaps proven difficult for some critics and journalists, as even a slight mention of content beyond the main characters and plot could be met with anger – but, for the most part, the movie has garnered praise, if not critical acclaim – with parallels being drawn with the first Star wars movie A New Hope, and particular praise having been heaped on the picture for its balance of drama, humor, and plenty for hardcore fans to rave about – without straying from its roots, it appears that the movie could very well be a critical smash with viewers as well as the projected cinematic revenue-puller that it is rumored to become.

The consensus is, generally – The Force Awakens moves the franchise forward to new and daring places, while staying true to its roots – it should therefore be a huge hit this holiday season. Who could hope for less?