3 More Movie Reboots On The Horizon You Should Know About

One News Page Staff


by 👨‍💻 Graham Pierrepoint

It’s the decade of the reboot, or the remake – and as some movies in the past few years have taught us, rebooting isn’t always necessarily the best way to capture a new audience. With news that Paul Feig’s take on Ghostbusters may face a far bigger loss than many expected – and that plans for a sequel will likely be shelved – has Hollywood turned its back on resurrecting and rebooting? Not a chance – as there are at least three more franchises due to hit the big screen in the near future that we think you ought to know about. Of course, in due time, One News Page will offer a review on each of them should they come to fruition – but for now, we can only bathe in speculation!


A reboot-of-a-reboot will see an entirely new take upon the modern heist movie, with an entirely new cast taking to grand thievery in the near future. The twist? An all-female cast is being sought – with some wary of this move over certain press Ghostbusters 2016 received – and with names such as Sandra Bullock, Helena Bonham-Carter and Rihanna allegedly attached to the project, it could make for an interesting new slant on the heist genre. With little other than speculation rife, a dream cast will remain to be seen.


Thought we were done with trips to the land beyond the wardrobe? Not likely – while it may be considerable years since we’ve visited Aslan’s kingdom, there is talk rife that a complete recasting for an adaptation of the story The Silver Chair will be on the cards, especially as the cast of the original movies have long since out-aged their characters. Sony and TriStar are said to have picked up the franchise, meaning that it will be likely that we see a new fantasy tale or two in the next few years.


Perhaps not on everyone’s radar but certainly the oddest new reboot on the cards is that of the Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah movie Splash, which will see an interesting new twist to the mermaid tale – in that we will see a merman in an entirely new take on the cult 80s movie. Channing Tatum is said to be in talks to take on a tail, while Jillian Bell will star alongside him. Will the gender-swap casting bring as many laughs as the original? It will remain to be seen.