Is KFC Set to Go Vegetarian?

One News Page Staff Tuesday, 12 June 2018
Is KFC Set to Go Vegetarian?by 👨‍💻 Graham Pierrepoint

KFC – or Kentucky Fried Chicken – is one of the best-known fast food chains and brands the world over. Having started out small in the US, the chain – headed up by the iconic Colonel Sanders – has since expanded massively overseas, with there being a particular fanbase in the UK. The brand faced a number of struggles with supply issues earlier this year in the country thanks to a switchover between meat suppliers – which left many branches up and down the country without chicken at all – but since then, the chain seems to have bounced back and has continued to cluck its way into British fast foodies’ hearts. The mega bucket is back on the menu – and for those who are opposed to eating any kind of meat, it seems that KFC may soon have a menu option for you so that you too can revel in that famous secret recipe.

It seems that plans are on the cards, at least in the UK, to look into ways through which the chain’s classic menu can be adapted to meat-free options – the first time it appears to have considered doing so in its colossal life as a household brand. It’s thought that research is being undertaken to try and bring meat-free chicken to the KFC masses at some point next year, though little is set in stone just yet – just the hint that this change may well be on the cards. That’s not the only thing, according to spokespeople – as it seems that the chain is also keen to try and reduce their overall calorie servings by around 20%. This will be very big if it works out – as fast food chains continue to be lobbied to offer healthier options to their patrons in a bid to cut back on the global obesity crisis.

KFC Testing Out Vegetarian Fried Chicken & MORE Menu Items
KFC Testing Out Vegetarian Fried Chicken & MORE Menu Items

“If all goes well, we hope to launch a new vegetarian option in 2019,” hints an official piece of advice, which means that veggie patrons may not have long to wait until they too can sample the chain’s menu. It’s thought that the options will be supplied on a pilot or provisional basis, and exclusively in the UK – so, providing all goes well with this first run, KFC fans in the US and elsewhere in the world may well get their turn to taste the new menu in the months and years to come.


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