One News Page Unveils 'Countdown to Brexit' Feature

One News Page Staff Monday, 25 February 2019
One News Page Unveils 'Countdown to Brexit' Featureby 👨‍💻 Marc Pinter-Krainer

UK news has been dominated by the country’s forthcoming divorce from the European Union for some time now, and with the departure date getting closer, One News Page today announces a new ‘Countdown to Brexit’ section added to its breaking news portal.

Britain’s exit from the EU, commonly referred to as Brexit, is set to take place on 29 March 2019. However, with discussions over whether or not the UK can reach a deal with the EU still ongoing, breaking news is always on the horizon. As such, the need for trustworthy news from a variety of verified sources has never been so important.

“Brexit is now just around the corner,” states Dr Marc Pinter-Krainer, CEO of One News Page. “For our readers in the UK and elsewhere, it’s incredibly important to keep track of updates from verified news outlets on what’s set to take place. Our new ‘Countdown to Brexit’ feature enables visitors to stay up to date with all latest Brexit developments on one single page. It is refreshed and updated constantly, which means we aim to always have our fingers on the pulse.”

The new Brexit news section is part of One News Page’s ongoing focus on categorising important news stories for ease of reference and use.

Readers can access the ‘Countdown to Brexit’ section free of charge at

Brexit is looming, and while there are plenty of news outlets publishing a plethora of stories about the Britain leaving the EU each day, the need for a portal to offer verifiable updates exclusively from trustworthy news outlets has never been greater. One News Page aims to deliver all of the biggest and legitimate Brexit news updates that readers can trust.

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