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*NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 27, 2020 / *The business world will always be in need of strong, influential women. For many years, women have fought for their respect and credibility in sought out industries in the business world. Despite all of the world challenges currently happening, women across the world have been forced to adapt to changes in order to thrive in their specific industry.

These leading women in business are paving the way for female entrepreneurs for decades to come and prove that there is no limitation to the success you can achieve as a woman. To conclude this, Next Wave Marketing has put together a list of what we feel to be the leading women across various industries going into this decade.

*#1 Laura Lang*

Laura Lang is a New Jersey native and has over 15 years experience in the real estate and mortgage industry. Laura's focus is in the retail mortgage market, operating as a Senior Mortgage Banker and an Industry Leader. Laura has created and branded herself as La La Mortgages to provide home buyers and homeowners with creative client-tailored financing options from first-time purchases to refinancing. Laura's current entrepreneurial role aims to leverage technology and a virtual experience for her clients. This unique cutting edge approach to what has been an antiquated banking industry allows Laura to offer her clients a unique, easy-to-navigate home financing process where Laura always puts her client's experience and interests first.

Laura's undeniable passion is to help people achieve the American dream of homeownership and to transform her clients' financial future by building wealth and financial freedom through homeownership.

When we asked Laura what was most important to her in her role as an entrepreneur in the mortgage financing industry, Laura was quick to respond and said, "Not only is helping clients achieve their dream of homeownership vitally important to me, but I take pride and passion in helping young and new women develop the skill set and business acumen to achieve success in an industry that has historically been dominated by men."

Laura Lang's advice for women just starting out in the business world is to learn from your successes but, more importantly, learn from your failures. It may sound cliche, but it is true: "Be self-aware and recognize your shortcomings so that you can work towards bettering yourself each day. It is important to not be scared to step out of your comfort zone because if your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough."

Laura Lang is making her mark and hoping to pave the way for women in the industry. She is a mentor to young women new to the business and aims to inspire them to break through male-dominated industries and work hard to earn their spot at the table. As for what is next for Laura and her business, she is working on educating, inspiring, and empowering more women to purchase homes. Laura's Facebook Group empoWer offers the opportunity for women across industries to share ideas and help each other grow. To learn more about Laura and La La Mortgages, click here.

*#2 Gabrielle Lyon *

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is the founder of Young Medical PC, a health care practice that provides solutions to weight loss and longevity. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon operates a concierge high-level medicine practice that serves the CEOs, innovators, mavericks, and leaders of today's society. In addition to exceptional customer service, her practice stands out because of the collaboration between physician and patient, which allows for excellent results. Dr. Lyon's advice for women just starting out in the business world is to determine their zone of genius and be willing to put in the work to create distinction through earned credibility. The concept of success to Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is patient-focused. It is about the ability to collaborate and communicate with the patient to optimize their understanding and compliance. When this happens, exceptional physical results take place. Starting your own business does not come without failures or obstacles. One of the biggest obstacles Dr. Lyon has faced in business thus far has been continuing to reach more people and expand her client network. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is working towards launching online learning on the operational framework of Muscle-Centric-Medicine™, with goals of changing the paradigm of treatment for obesity and other chronic diseases. To learn more about Dr. Gabrielle Lyon and her business, click here.

*#3 Gabriella Noel *

Gabriella Noel is the founder of UNiQ Impression, which is a Social Media Management & Marketing agency. UNiQ Impression brings solutions to the marketplace, such as managing an entrepreneur's social media or marketing to their customer base while helping their business grow so that as an entrepreneur and business owner, they can have more time to focus on other aspects of their business and life. UNiQ Impression offers the most personalized experience you can find when it comes to social media management. The relationships they have built has become a network that works together. Today, the services they offer include social media management, influencer marketing, ad campaigns, coaching courses, branding development, and many others. Gabriella Noel describes her goal to make her clients lives easier while helping them successfully achieve their goals. Her advice for a woman starting out in the business world is to stay firm on your decisions and trust your gut. Being an entrepreneur does not come without obstacles and failures. One of the biggest obstacles Gabriella has faced in business so far has been building credibility in an industry saturated by automated systems and quick growth techniques. Gabriella and her team work hard to continuously provide their clients with peace of mind and gain their trust by using organic and manual processes. As for what is next for Gabriella, she is working on continuing to grow, educate, and better herself and the company as a whole. Learning is key in this ever-changing digital world, and she always wants to be one step ahead. To follow along with Gabriella Noel and her business, click here.

*#4 Benedicte Engen *

Benedicte Engen is the founder of Viking Waffles, which is a Health Food Manufacturing and E-Commerce business. Viking Waffles are challenging people's eating habits and improving people's health by offering ready-to-eat waffles that come with 21g of protein, are gluten-free, and low in carbohydrates and sugar. Benedicte Engen is determined to change the precipitation of what healthy food tastes like and to save customers time on food preparation. Viking Waffles provides convenient, accessible healthy eating options to the marketplace containing all of the nutrients your body needs. Benedicte Engen's advice for women just starting out in the business world is to trust yourself, prepare to fight for what you are passionate about, and focus on how to turn a passion into a career. Also, be flexible in adjusting your business based on customer feedback to guide and improve your product or service. Success in business to Benedicte would be on a global level and seeing customers sharing how the product improves their health and life while being a healthy, fun food option for the next generation kids to grow up on. One of the biggest challenges Benedicte Engen has faced in the business world has been learning how to perform under pressure and calm yourself while being creative and welcoming challenges. As for what is next for Benedicte and her business, she is working towards expanding the manufacturing facility while creating a bigger online community. Benedicte is also working on her personal development on becoming a better leader, making the best decisions for Viking Waffles, and making sure her employees love coming to work and have a good environment to do so. To learn more about Benedicte Engen and her business, click here.

*#5 Isla Brook*

Isla Brook is the CEO of her namesake company Isla Brook. Isla Brook is a consulting, coaching, and training business for entrepreneurs. Isla Brook, as a company, trains the CEO of a company's right-hand person to run the everyday business activities so that the business owner can focus on being the visionary and strategist. Isla Brook trains people to become Executive (Virtual) Assistants, and their unique systems give business owners the ultimate edge to scale. Isla Brook also coaches CEOs with the implementation of their specialized systems. The services and coaching that Isla Brook provides as a business is helping businesses save 15 hours a week and leveraging their impact, time, and income. They keep their strategies and systems simple and lean with high impact to allow businesses to grow and scale fast. One of Isla Brook's services is their Elite Executive (Virtual) Assistant training, which ensures that every business can have the ultimate edge. Some of the companies they have worked with have recorded 10x growth within weeks of implementation. The goal of this coaching and service is to ensure that every entrepreneur can focus on their zone of genius while their business grows with ease. Isla Brook also gives scholarships each month to their Executive (Virtual) Assistant Academy to a woman in need to assist with rebuilding their life, career, and financial stability. The results and impact that this service has had on entrepreneurs and businesses has been Isla Brook's biggest success of 2020. The factors that have allowed Isla Brook to be such a successful business is through education, consistency, and implementing their own systems. As for what is next for Isla Brook as a business, they will be hosting more online coaching, events, and programs to spread their strategies and systems to impact more businesses and their teams. To follow along with Isla Brook and their future endeavors, click here.

*#6 Dr. Kristina Cain*

Dr. Kristina Cain is the founder of Refresh Dental Spa, which is a dental practice in the healthcare industry. Refresh Dental Spa brings solutions to the marketplace, such as family and cosmetic dental care, facial aesthetics, education, and mentorship to dental practitioners, business colleagues, and entrepreneurs. Refresh Dental Spa is focused on optimum dental health and facial aesthetics. Smilechix facilitates community connection to Refresh Dental Spas principal dentist, Dr. Kristina Cain, for education and advice. Success in business to Kristina means the freedom to choose where you wish to invest your time and money, along with the ability to step away from the business and knowing it will keep running without you. One of the biggest obstacles Dr. Kristina Cain has experienced in business so far has been naivety in others' intentions. Once you are "the boss," you are on your own and need to toughen up to own the leadership role. Kristina's advice for other women just starting out in the business world is to surround yourself with people who inspire you, model them, and keep educating yourself. As for what is next for Dr. Kristina Cain and her business, she is working on launching her new mentorship program and replicating successful strategies in dental practices. As health professionals, they need to constantly address advancements in health for the benefits of their community. To learn more about Dr. Kristina Cain and her business, click here.

*#7 Naz Barouti*

Naz Barouti is a lawyer, author, public speaker, and the founder of Barouti Law Corporation, which is one of the leading estate planning firms in Southern California. Barouti Law Corporation specializes in estate planning, retirement planning, wealth management, and prenuptial agreements. Naz Barouti specializes in teaching each client how money works, how to create wealth, protect it, and properly transfer it. In everything she does, she first and foremost considers herself a legal advocate for women. Naz's advice for women just starting out in the business world is to collaborate rather than compete. Understand that entering the business world with an abundance mentality will serve you much more. She wants women to unite and support one another even if they are in the same industries. Success in business to Naz Barouti means helping as many women as possible become successful entrepreneurs. At the end of the day, she wants to know that she left this world better than when she entered it. One of the biggest obstacles Naz has faced in business is developing a strong mindset through self-development courses, podcasts, and books. As for what is next for Naz Barouti, she is working on educating the masses about financial literacy. The global pandemic has proven that Americans need to learn how money works and how to create different streams of income. To learn more about Naz Barouti and her business, click here.

*#8 Kayla Crugnale*

Kayla Crugnale is the founder of Kayla Crugnale Real Estate, which is a business that works with both buyers and sellers to sell residential real estate in the Greater Boston area. Kayla values strong communication with her clients by elevating the most personal parts of the process and using technology to simplify the rest. She works on a team with amazingly talented and experienced real estate agents who are constantly feeding her ambition and growth of knowledge. Her mission is to meet the unique needs and priorities of each buyer and seller. Kayla Crugnale's advice for women just starting out in the business world is to believe in yourself. You will likely stand in your own way until you eat, breathe, and sleep confidence in you and your business. Success to Kayla means being sure her clients have the least amount of stress throughout the stressful process of homebuying. She aspires to one day be a household real estate name. One of the biggest obstacles Kayla has faced in business so far has been getting people to understand her career and that it is not just a hobby. With time comes experience, and that really helps especially now. As for what is next for Kayla Crugnale, she is working on client relationships and referrals for her business. She is also trying to produce more content of value to reach a broader audience through her social media channels. To learn more about Kayla Crugnale and her business, click here.

*#9 Krysta Jones*

Krysta Jones is the founder of The High Country Girls, aka The THC Girls, which is a Marketing, Advertising, and Staffing business within the Cannabis Space and Urban Community. The THC Girls help businesses hit their highest potential in the marketplace. THC Girls is a full-service branding, marketing, and advertising agency that scales organizations in the cannabis industry. They leverage their 20+ years of combined Commercial Cannabis experience to empower like-minded industry professionals cultivating authentic, holistic growth and helping brands break through milestones of success. Krysta Jones' advice for women just starting out in the business world is don't be afraid to start, and never be afraid to keep going. Failing forward will teach you way more than a textbook ever could. Success for her business to Krysta Jones would mean everyone participating on the team while building their own sustainable path and brand within and outside of the company. The THC Girls grow alongside the companies and entrepreneurs they work with to build an entire network for all of their businesses to thrive. Krysta Jones' partner in crime Sanja Ganja who she bonded with over their shared hustle and passion for Cannabis, is the Marketing Director of THC Girls. Sanja is also an entertainer and creative as well, she hosts a show called The Sanja Ganja Show, a show and podcast that airs on High Times TV. along with many other networks. One of the biggest obstacles Krysta faces is the stigma Cannabis carries in the regular markets. Because traditional markets are limited, she has been forced to be extra creative and unique, enabling her and her team to rapidly expand into any market. As for what is next for Krysta Jones, she will be launching the THC Girls staffing app in the next couple of months, which will directly connect their vendors and models together, enabling the process to be quicker and more user friendly for everyone. To learn more about Krysta Jones and the THC Girls,


*#10 Desiree Vanessa*

Desiree Vanessa, model, influencer, and casting director, is the founder of one of the fastest-growing agencies in New York City, which has rapidly expanded to a few other main cities such as Atlanta, Miami, LA, and has models in many more. Desiree began her career as a fashion model, then later got into music videos and has featured as the lead model with artists such as Fetty Wap, 50 Cent, Pusha T, Dave East, and the list goes on. While on set, she met Producer Omar Reynoso, who saw her potential and encouraged her to begin casting. DV Casting brings solutions to the marketplace, such as providing models, actors, actresses, dancers, etc. for any kind of production. Everyone on the team has experience of being a talent and are all influencers with over 100k followers. They are able to help talent in front of the camera and provide onsite coaching for social media as well as modeling. Desiree Vanessa's advice for women just starting out in the business world is to not be afraid to be strong and show your real personality. Show people why you are different and make sure you find yourself because it's your energy, dedication, consistency, and hard work that keeps you in the room. Success in business to Desiree means changing lives, introducing beautiful people to new opportunities, pushing limits, and potential to help each person reach their goals. One of the biggest obstacles Desiree has faced in business so far has been overthinking and letting her thoughts hold her back. Now, Desiree is confident enough in herself that she is able to keep going and reach a new milestone every day with gratitude. You can find her agency on Instagram @dvcasting. To learn more about Desiree Vanessa and her business DV Casting, click here.

*#11 Andrea Ocampo *

Andrea Ocampo and Lizzy Molina are the founders of Thrown Media, which is a Creative Consulting Agency. Thrown Media is a boutique marketing, branding, and production house focused on creating and executing digital media and business models for businesses and athletes. Thrown Media thrives on telling your brand story by crafting the perfect narrative that your audience will fall in love with. The team at Thrown Media of industry experts build business models around creative content creation strategies. Andrea's advice for women just starting out in the business world is to follow your intuition, do your research, always work on your craft, practice emotional intelligence, lead by example, and always be 5 steps ahead. Know your purpose behind your mission because that will be your anchor during the challenging times. Success in business to Andrea Ocampo looks like helping businesses and athletes achieve their goals and beyond. It's important that the culture of their business leads with integrity, creativity, and solutions. One of the biggest obstacles Andrea Ocampo has faced in business thus far is pivoting during these uncertain times. It is Andrea and her team's job to make clients feel safe and that they have created solutions internally to not only benefit Thrown Media but their clients in the long run. Thrown Media understands the creative journey, and they empathize with the process of finding the perfect team and have a strict honor code they pride themselves on. As for what is next for Andrea Ocampo, she is constantly working on her self-development, launching her wellness brand, and producing two TV shows Earth & Business Life Hacks. Thrown Media is excited to partner with amazing athletes and organizations like FIBA and Green Sports Management. To learn more about Andrea Ocampo and her business, click here.

*#12 Kara Murray*

Kara Murray is the co-owner of Murray Insurance and Financial Services, where their expertise is in Wealth and Risk Management. They pride themselves on being a one-stop-shop for home, auto, commercial, and life insurance as well as retirement planning. Their world-class team has a combined over 100 years of experience in the industry and are committed to providing a comprehensive and tailored approach for each and every client. Their goal is to help their clients make a plan, prepare for the unexpected, and be there for them when they need them the most. Kara Murray says her business runs with a laser focus on a set of core values that acts as their guiding principles: Always do the right thing, practicing gratitude, team first, striving for greatness, and community betterment. Kara Murray's advice for women just starting out in business is that confidence is key. Trust your instincts, and don't be afraid to speak up and share your ideas. Find a role model and ask for their coaching. Welcome constructive feedback and use that as building blocks for a growth mindset. She also has supportive advice for all working moms as there seems to be this common fear that once you have children, your career takes a backseat. She and her husband welcomed triplets in 2016, which she says was a catalyst to propel her career forward. Motherhood taught her to use time more wisely; put preparation into every day; that with the right plan in place, you can really accomplish anything; that your best teammate is your spouse; and surrounding yourself with the right people that enable you to thrive is key! Success in business for Kara means having a credible reputation, a work-life balance that encourages greater happiness, less stress, improved professional and personal satisfaction - not just as a leadership team but for all team members within the organization. One of the biggest obstacles Kara has faced in the business world was switching professional industries and going into unknown territory. But it is her belief that where are there obstacles there is also opportunity! As for what is next for Kara Murray and her business, she is focused on continuing her professional development centered around what makes a great leader, opening up another Desjardins Agency, as well as diversifying into other exciting business opportunities. To follow along with Kara Murray and her business, click here.

*#13 Neessa Farris*

Neessa Farris is the Co-founder of The Farris Team and The Collaboration. The Farris team is a bicoastal Real Estate team in Hawaii and Colorado. The Farris Team is a part of The Collaboration, which is a nationwide network of industry professionals such as brokers, marketers, and media gurus who come together to stay relevant, educated, and adapt to the changing world and industry. The Farris Team is a technology-first team that provides relocation services to and from Oahu and Colorado Springs. The Collaboration (@Collabagents) is unique because they bring together teams, brokers, and industry professionals providing the best caliber of Real Estate Brokers across the nation. Neessa Farris' advice for women just starting out in the business world is to take risks, find a mentor, and don't be afraid to outgrow them. Success in business to Neessa means helping as many families as possible buy, sell, and invest. She strives to help their agents stay relevant in the changing world, and be the best in the industry. One of the biggest obstacles Neessa Farris has faced in business thus far has been being held back by the traditional Real Estate model. Expanding with quality, and staying ahead of the trends in the market and world is something to perfect when starting your own business. As for what is next for Neessa and her business, she is constantly growing her Hawaii and Colorado operations while breaking into new marketplaces. The Farris Team and The Collaboration are the future of Real Estate, and they pride themselves on changing the landscape of the industry and being different. To learn more about Neessa Farris and her business, click here.

*#14 Lisa Collum*

Lisa Collum is an Author and the CEO of Top Score Writing Inc, which is a business in the education industry. Top Score Writing provides writing curriculum to schools nationwide. They give teachers the tools, resources, and materials to teach kids writing all year long. Top Score Writing Inc is a company that specializes in writing curriculum for grades 2-12 and is the one and only program specifically designed to prepare students for the state writing assessment. It is the most effective approach to learning basic writing skills that you will ever find. Lisa's advice for women just starting out in the business world is to start now and understand it takes time to turn a profit, so do not get discouraged or lose sight of your goals if things do not take off right away. Success in business to Lisa Collum means becoming a worldwide writing curriculum company. Lisa started her business with $100, no business degree, or experience. She built her business to be a multi-million dollar business while having 4 kids along the way. One of the biggest obstacles Lisa Collum faced in business thus far has been being a young woman in the business world. In the beginning, Lisa dealt with self-doubt and has always been trying to prove herself. Now, Lisa has established herself in the industry, earned trust and credibility, and is very successful! As for what is next for Lisa Collum and her business, she is working on growing her company, building her team, and expanding their products to reach every school and teacher in the world. To learn more about Lisa Collum and her business, click here.

*#15 Omayra Dakis*

Omayra Dakis is the Chef and Co-owner of the Triple Threat Truck, which is LA's only Puerto Rican Food Truck. The Triple Threat Truck provides Puerto Rican street food in Southern California, along with private catering and private chef services for private events and dinner parties. Omayra and her team have filled a huge void in the street food industry and have gained a large following for their business. They have their own pan sobao bread that is baked for them with their own special recipe. They are also working on developing their own spices that will be available for purchase soon. Omayra's advice for women just starting out in the business world is to trust your instincts, be confident, and trust the process. Starting your own business is not easy and will take a lot of work, struggle, and hustle. Success in business to Omayra Dakis is being able to provide for her family and inspiring her daughters to do the same in their future. Omayra and her team cook with love and passion, and they hope to bring people a feeling of comfort in this current stressful time. One of the biggest challenges Omayra has faced in business so far has been being able to reach the largest amount of people possible. California is very big, and that, in turn, creates a lot of space that they enjoy covering. The Triple Threat Truck's core demographic is spread apart, but they are thankful that they have been blessed to reach customers all over southern California. As for what is next for Omayra and her business, she is currently developing a ship to home concept of their food where their authentic Puerto Rican food can be delivered straight to your door. To follow along with Omayra Dakis and her business, click here.

*#16 Bianca Bucaram*

Bianca Bucaram is the CEO and President of The Bucaram Public Relations Group, a business dedicated to storytelling, relationship building, media placements, and online visibility in the public relations industry. The Bucaram PR Group provides traditional and non-traditional PR services to up and coming as well as established brands and influencers making their name more relevant in the market, telling a compelling story, and helping brands and individuals stay relevant during these challenging times. Their services include event and virtual meet up creation, brand integration, collaborations, digital and social visibility, and partnerships, as well as national, regional, and international media placements on TV, Radio, print, and social media outlets. At the Bucaram PR Group, they strive to provide each client with the most memorable PR experience out there. They pride themselves in storytelling and brand development through collaborations, media placements, and relationships that will not only impress any audience but build a memorable and marketable brand. Bianca Bucaram's advice for women just starting out in the business world is: "Don't be afraid to talk to new people, and put yourself out there to succeed!" Bianca loves what she does and says it is truly humbling to have had people also transition into PR, saying that because of working with her, they were "inspired to start their own career in the industry." Success in business to Bianca Bucaram means having a happy client and providing a memorable client experience. One of the biggest obstacles Bianca has faced in her business so far has been client services because you are always on call and end up being a jack of all trades. "Multitasking is hard, but it is how you continue to be of service, maintain good client relationships, and set client expectations while giving the best service possible." As for what is next for Bianca Bucaram and her business, she is constantly working to acquire new business and clients, branching out to different markets, and taking creative opportunities whenever possible. To learn more about Bianca Bucaram and her business, click here.

*#17 Cynthia Baer*

Cynthia Baer is the founder of Baer Fitness Training, a personal training business in the fitness and health industry. Cynthia helps women become more confident, fit, and disciplined while empowering her team to evolve into their highest selves. What sets Cynthia apart is her incredible passion for her craft and clients. Her business, Baer Fitness Training, is fueled and driven with love. The second you step in the gym, her team and clients stand out. Cynthia's relationship with each client is unique, personable, and transparent. With Baer Fitness Training, each client has the opportunity to build healthier habits, create a fulfilling lifestyle, and make a positive impact in their homes & communities. Cynthia Baer's advice comes from her own struggles and life lessons. She shares intimate stories and offers her own resources to lead her clients to success. Cynthia Baer is a mental health advocate. She listens to her clients and is able to empathize and challenges their decision-making process. She uses her social media platform as a voice for those suffering from depression, anxiety in hopes to disseminate a message of inspiration and support. Her team effortlessly rises as leaders within their own lives and personal relationships. "I hear people's goals every day, but then I watch their actions and realize they are never aligned. If you want something, you have to work at it every day. Every decision you make, you should be asking yourself, Will this take me closer to where I want to be? Or will it take me further away? Your daily habits create your future" - Cynthia Baer IG:@TeamBaerFitness

Cynthia is currently working on buying land to create an outdoor gym, where she can have her own space to pursue her passion and continue her mission with Baer Fitness Training.

"Team Baer Fitness is focused on uplifting and evolving women to step into their greatest strengths and power. As a team, we focus on identifying your weaknesses and turning them into your ultimate strengths. My goal is improve all facets of your life by building a community of strong women supporting other women"

- Cynthia Baer

As a female entrepreneur, one of Cynthia's biggest challenges has been adapting to the fluctuating culture and climate during this pandemic. Her creative approach to solutions and resiliency helps her find new ways to connect with individuals and market to her audience.

Learning that some people will not fit with your business is key to finding great staff and advancing your business model to adapt to the changing world.

As for what is next for Cynthia and her business, she is working on an 8-week course to help others live a well-balanced life. To learn more about Cynthia Baer and her business, click here.

*#18 Rasna Arora*

Rasna Arora is the CEO of Just Right Real Estate Group (Canada), which is a Real Estate Investment business. Just Right Real Estate Group provides solutions to the marketplace, such as turnkey, beautifully renovated, high-quality rental homes in the Canadian marketplace, specifically in the National Capital Region of Ottawa. The team at Just Right Real Estate finds and purchases under-market, undervalued properties in need of renovations making money on the buy. Their dedicated and experienced team completely renovates the property, ensuring that they undergo a much needed stunning transformation. Rasna Arora's advice for women just starting out in the business world is to not let anyone else's doubts about your capability and worth define your future. Find yourself, mentors, surround yourself with people who know more, and are like what you want to be one day and take action. Success in business to Rasna Arora means financial freedom, choosing how to spend her time, helping others realize their potential, and inspiring them to start their own journey of success. One of the biggest obstacles Rasna has faced thus far has been her own fears about her potential; however, she now realizes that we all create our own limitations as individuals. Rasna Arora teaches one of her dear friends and coaches systems, processes, and philosophies to honor his legacy. As for what is next for Rasna Arora and her company, she is expanding, constantly learning, and is determined to build an empire. From the handyman to her investor friends to the restaurant server, who is taking care of his table each time they celebrate a win together! Rasna and her team's goal is to make sure any life, deal, or property they touch that they leave it better than before. To learn more about Rasna Arora and her business, click here.

*#19 Lital Sharvit*

Lital Sharvit is a licensed real estate agent in South Florida. Her operations provide solutions to the marketplace such as updating the community on local real estate market trends, home matchmaking for individuals and families, maximizing opportunities for homeowners selling their assets, and locating and negotiating investment opportunities for entrepreneurs. Lital Sharvit's services converge around an integrated experience from beginning to end. The secret to her success is understanding each client as an individual until their satisfaction is attained. Every transaction through her business is completely catered to the unique circumstances of each individual. Lital Sharvit's advice for women just starting out in the business world is to explore your intentions, do not put limitations on your capabilities, and always stay focused on achieving your goals. Success in business to Lital Sharvit means a perfect balance between work and lifestyle with continuous growth and expanding knowledge. Evolve, achieve goals, and repeat. Lital has a Bachelor's degree in neuroscience and is a certified health coach. She feels that being successful is centered around the mindset, and everything else follows. Lital Sharvit loves keeping healthy lifestyle habits, strengthening her brain cells with new knowledge, and continuing to learn and grow as a business. As for what is next for Lital Sharvit and her business, she is setting short and long term goals and climbing up the endless ladder to success. To learn more about Lital Sharvit and her business, click here.

*#20 Sara Rose Macias*

Sara Rose Macias is an affiliate of Virtuity Financial Partners, which is a Leadership Development business platform in the Financial Industry. Virtuity Financial Partners take an educational approach on your financial goals. They believe that middle America is an underserved marketplace. Their team offers services that help each client save money, get out of debt, and protect against unforeseen circumstances and many more! Sara Rose Macias represents over 221 different companies that help some achieve all-around financial knowledge, generational tools, and brings peace of mind at a time when our country needs it the most. Financial Illiteracy is the #1 Economic Crisis in the World, and Virtuity Financial Partners' goal is to close the gap by giving education to all ages and incomes about how money works. Sara Rose Macias' advice for women just starting out in the business world is to know your "why" for what you are trying to accomplish and use that to push through both the good times and the hard times. Success in business to Sara means pursuing good works because with that comes longevity and blessings in business. Sara Rose Macias believes that a good backbone in the leader will determine the success of any business. One of the biggest obstacles Sara has faced in business thus far has been self-mastery. There is so much personal development that needs to be done in order to be a good leader of any organization. As for what is next for Virtuity Financial Partners, they are planning on making a change for the greater good of the financial industry, developing a clear vision, and taking massive action to expand their business and the way America receives financial literacy today. To learn more about Sara Rose Macias and her business, click here.

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