Pre- and Post-Election Anxiety and Burnout Addressed with New Release: "Self-Care for Turbulent Times" Workshop Available on Audible

Accesswire Monday, 19 October 2020
Pre- and Post-Election Anxiety and Burnout Addressed with New Release: Self-Care for Turbulent Times Workshop Available on Audible*Trauma-informed Mindfulness Expert and Founder of Pandemic of Love, Shelly Tygielski helps make wellness and self-care accessible in new Series*

*NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE /* *October 19, 2020 / *Self-care activist, mindfulness expert and Founder of the hugely successful volunteer-led, grassroots, global mutual aid organization that has transacted over $42 million dollars since March to help families in need, Pandemic of Love, Shelly Tygielski has released a new workshop to help address mental health and wellness concerns due to the pandemic and the political climate. Self-Care for Turbulent Times* *(Recorded Books, September 2020) available now for download on Audible is narrated by the author and is the first of four releases in her new workshop series that will be available on this platform. The workshop was developed to provide listeners with a practical roadmap to applying the main pillars of self-care and community care in their lives, relieving stress, cultivating resilience and creating space for peace even in the most unprecedented and difficult times.

In *Self-Care for Turbulent Times*, listeners are invited to nourish the core of their being in a way that will help them weather the political storms, communicate and listen with compassion across the divides, and begin to heal themselves first so that they can help heal their families and communities.

As large political and media machines continue to try to divide America, Tygielski believes "it is important to find ways to come together and support our sense of common humanity, community, and responsibility." She poses that ultimately, together is our only path forward, and that the only way to accomplish this in the world is to first take care of ourselves mentally and physically.

Tygielski is offering, through an anonymous gift made by a generous donor, FREE downloads to any individuals who cannot afford the download. Interested parties and organizations need to send an email to [email protected] and indicate they want access to the workshop; no additional explanation is required.

An overview of topics she covers in the workshop include:

· Why self-care is not self-indulgent
· How "no" is a complete sentence
· How to build a self-care community of empowering people
· Recognizing the signs of burnout
· The incredibly courageous acts of taking a moment and asking for help
· Designing your own personal wellness plan
· Building a community of care to help sustain your plan
· How to power up the movement and use mutual aid as a pillar

*Self-Care for Turbulent Times* has been promoted by an incredible list of celebrities and leaders in the mindfulness space such as Comedian Chelsea Handler, Actor Busy Phillips, Actor Debra Messing, NY Times Best-Selling Author Sharon Salzberg, Meditation Teacher, "I am a Voter" Founder Mandana Dayani, the Wisdom 2.0 community, and Google's Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, to name a few.

Tygielski's workshop series is ripe for roundups during this election season and Tygielski is available for interviews to provide more insight on the importance of mental health, self-care and coping plans. This impactful offering is a prequel to her upcoming book, Sit Down to Rise Up, publishing in Fall 2021 through New World Library.

*About Shelly Tygielski: *Shelly Tygielski is a leading trauma-informed mindfulness teacher who works with social justice organizations, activists, and communities affected by gun violence and mass shootings. She was the named as one of the ten most "Powerful Women in the Mindfulness Movement," and leads a meditation community in South Florida with more than 15,000 active members. Her work as a teacher and for her global movement Pandemic of Love has been featured on CNN, the BBC, The Kelly Clarkson Show and was recognized personally by Vice President Joe Biden. Her debut book, Sit Down to Rise Up, is due out in the Fall 2021. For more information, visit

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