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*AGOURA HILLS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 21, 2021 / *Sir John C. Shin has created 26 successful companies, stood on stage and inspired crowds of more than 40,000 at a time, authored a bestselling book, founded multiple charities, and has even been Knighted by the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen.

He and his wife Lady Arlene Shin, have spent the last three decades honing their life mission. According to Sir John Shin, "Our calling is to help people, protect people, and serve people."

Shin's family immigrated to Los Angeles from South Korea, his parents had virtually no money and little to their name except for 2 small suitcases. They landed at LAX and took a cab to East LA where they settled into a tiny apartment. In South Korea, his mother had worked as a nurse, and his father an x-ray technician. After settling into their new home, Shin's parents set out for USC County Hospital and quickly landed a job working as a nurse and an x-ray technician.

A few years later, the family had saved up enough money to move to Glendale, CA. Although their surroundings had improved, Sir John Shin and his sister, Dr. Stella Erbes, were the only two Asians in their school and Shin suffered taunting and bullying from his classmates. One day, while in the first grade, Shin learned about a school fundraiser to sell the most chocolate bars. The student who sold the most chocolate bars would win a brand new Mongoose BMX bike. Sir John Shin saw this bike as a means to quickly escape his bullies and an opportunity to alleviate his parent's stress over driving him to and from school. He began going door to door in his neighborhood and quickly discovered his affinity for sales and the benefits of building a sales force. At the cost of $1 per bar, one of Shin's neighbors agreed to purchase but only had a $10 bill. Shin explained that he was his first customer of the day and had no change. By doing so the neighbor proceeded to buy 10 chocolate bars and resell them to his coworkers. Shin continued to use this sales tactic and by the end of the week, he had sold more chocolate bars than the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th runner-up combined and was the proud winner of a new BMX bike.

This bike was his means of transportation to and from school and his local Dojo studio. Over the next few years, Sir John Shin practiced Hapkido, Judo, and TAE KWON DO daily from 3 PM to 11 PM. By the time he was in high school, he had qualified for the California state tournament, he won this tournament, which enabled him to enter and win the regional competition. He went on to compete at the national level, the Pan-American Games, and finally the World Games where he placed silver in both games. This afforded him an official seat at the 1988 Olympic trials in Seoul, Korea. Although he did not end up making the US Olympic Team, this experience had instilled in him a work ethic and competitive spirit that would guide him through life.

After graduating from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor's degree in Business administration, Shin decided to put his martial arts skills and bilingualism to use and pursue his dream of becoming a FBI Agent. His recruiter advised him that to be considered he would need additional education, and recommended he acquire a Law degree. Determined to see his dream, he obtained a Juris Doctorate Degree in Law. Almost immediately after graduating, Sir John Shin landed a job at the District Attorney's office, where he met his wife, Arlene. In 1994, Arlene introduced him to the world of finance and together the two founded their first company, AXIANTA Financial partners. AXIANTA has grossed over $1 Billion in gross sales. The company began as a mortgage office, added insurance, investments such as mutual funds and variable annuities, and eventually into college, retirement, group benefits, and estate planning. They had established themselves as the one-stop-shop for all financial services. Arlene and John credit the book, Think and Grow Rich, written in 1937, by Napoleon Hill to their early motivation and business practices.

In time, the company had developed an excellent reputation and client base in California, so when the opportunity to expand arose, Sir John Shin jumped at the opportunity. Before long, he had opened offices in all 50 states. Instead of leasing dozens of offices across the nation, he elected to buy the buildings in each state which eventually led to him acquiring $400M in commercial real estate. When he realized the potential that real estate had to offer, he began renting out office space to additional tenants, who subsequently paid the mortgage, and then some, on his office space across the country.


Through the years, Sir John Shin had continued to return to the principles of Think and Grow Rich. He contemplated how he could get the message into a modern audience's hands. Returning to his life mantra, "Ask without fear," John Shin, the executive producer, along with his colleagues, Scott Cervine, the director, and Andrew Graham, the co-producer, approached the Napoleon Hill foundation with two requests: to turn the book into a movie and to write the modern-day version of the book.

In 2018, Think and Grow Rich Legacy Movie was released as a feature film in multiple countries. In January of 2020, Shin's book, How Rich Asians Think, A Think and Grow Rich Publication along with the Napoleon Hill Foundation, was released. The book quickly became a best seller and has been responsible for changing the lives of entrepreneurs across the globe.

Through their life and career, Sir John Shin and Lady Arlene Shin dedicated themselves to using their wealth for good. When a trip to Nicaragua in the early 2000s opened their eyes to a world of poverty and unimaginable child abandonment, they decided to do something about it. Together with a close friend, Jeff Levitan, they co-founded All For One (, a charity dedicated to changing the lives of women and children around the world by improving social conditions, educational opportunities, and healthcare availability. To date, the charity has helped 2,500 children in more than 12 developing countries. When word of their philanthropic efforts began to spread, Sir John and Lady Arlene were approached by the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen and were Knighted for their humanitarian work. Not long after, the two were promoted to Baron and Baroness by the Royal House of Cappadocia and presently serve as Ambassadors of North America to the House of Cappadocia.

Today, John C. Shin resides in Las Vegas with his loving wife, Arlene, and their four beautiful children. Sir John Shin travels the world (albeit virtually in 2020) speaking to and inspiring crowds of upwards of 40,000, collectively speaking to over 1,000,000 people around the world. He has dedicated himself to equipping young entrepreneurs with the motivation and business practices that guided his success over the years. To learn more about Sir John. C. Shin, and his incredible story, or to book him for a speaking engagement, visit

Shin will also be hosting the Think and Grow Rich Legacy World Tour from March 27-28, 2021.


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