Startup Launches to Help the COVID-Unemployed to get Back to Work and Close the Skills Gap



*TokuOra has partnered with Burning Glass and EdCast to create a simple process helping them, others reentering the workforce, veterans, students, and those seeking to change careers*

*SAN JOSE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 26, 2021 /* With 100 million Americans out of work, many due to COVID's impact on the economy, while the media are reporting that businesses cannot find enough people to hire, a startup called TokuOra (meaning ‘my life' in Maori in honor of the founder's origins from New Zealand) has a solution. It is using its proprietary software in partnership with Spark (EdCast) and NOVA (Burning Glass) to enable those unemployed because of the pandemic, those reentering the workforce after a long absence for other reasons, students seeking jobs after graduation, veterans, parolees, and those seeking a new line of work to be matched with careers that will thrill them. It can:

1. Match applicants to 1-5 careers in under a minute
2. Show the skills needed for those careers
3. Provide access to over 9,000 certified courses via Spark
4. Allow them to be presented with local jobs that are open via NOVA

"With so many people unemployed, with 67% of them looking to change careers and the continual growing Skills Gap, we have created a simple tool that is easy, fast and very accurate," says TokuOra's founder Wayne Sharp, "There are many tools out there, but none are working well, since if they were, there wouldn't be a growing problem."

NOVA provides standardized job information from more than 45,000 sources and ensures that skills, qualifications, and other features are contextually correct and indexed to the labor market ontology. This partnership will allow TokuOra to be able to analyze workforce data to design more effective back-to-work retraining programs, understand labor trends, perform economic research to inform macroeconomic policy, identify business leads, and save time with accurate job data results.

Spark by EdCast is a leading learning experience platform providing career enhancing training and skills in the moment of need to SMBs and individual learners. It includes personalized learning and a simple Netflix-style user experience with targeted access to courses, trainings and certifications from premium content providers such as Udemy, Coursera, Go1 and more. This partnership will allow TokuOra to provide expanded training/retraining opportunities, track engagement analytics, and measure learning effectiveness for a wide spectrum of individual learners on one platform, said Karl Mehta (Founder of EdCast)

"TokuOra isn't just a great career-matching tool, it will have huge impact on Americans' mental health, happiness, and the economy," says Sharp. "We're very excited and want everyone who can help us match those seeking good jobs to spread the word."

Since it's launch, TokuOra has already had interest from Govt, Non-profits such as GoodWill and Angel Investors.

*About TokuOra*

Headquartered in San Jose, TokuOra uses proprietary software to match the unemployed, those new to the workforce, students, veterans, parolees, and those aspiring to new careers to find jobs that will help them achieve a better quality of life. The program uses algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to help users find the right career, while providing skills education and job placement opportunities. To learn more, visit

*About Burning Glass Technologies*

Burning Glass Technologies delivers job market analytics that empower employers, workers, and educators to make data-driven decisions. The company's artificial intelligence technology analyzes hundreds of millions of job postings and real-life career transitions to provide insight into labor market patterns. This real-time strategic intelligence offers crucial insights, such as which jobs are most in demand, the specific skills employers need, and the career directions that offer the highest potential for workers. For more information, visit

*About Spark by EdCast*

With the mobile-friendly Spark platform learners can access career enhancing training and skills remotely, securely and in the moment of need, wherever they are. Benefits include: Personalized, lifelong learning with a simple Netflix-style user experience, Agile workforce with upskilling, including targeted access to Featured Content Providers, including Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, LinkedIn Learning along with Badging, certification with Gamified badging and certification to foster performance management and incentives within an organization -

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