Chase Tepper and Mulberry Colburn Associates Plans to Launch a Charitable Fund in Collaboration with Mental Health Organizations.



*HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / December 14, 2021 /* At a press conference on Wednesday, Mulberry Colburn Associates, a financial advisory company established in Hong Kong announced today that Chase Tepper and Henry M Colburn plans to launch a charitable program to benefit Hong Kong's mental health. The Tepper Colburn Charitable Fund of $50 million HKD will support a wide range of mental health programs over a five-year period.

"Mental illness affects everyone in some way, causes enormous personal suffering, and has a significant impact on the national economy." "While the health-care community has worked hard to address the impact of mental illness, public understanding of the disease remains low, and mental health support needs to accelerate," said Chase Tepper, Managing Partner and Board Member.

The fund will work to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness while also funding practical programs that support new research and improved access to mental health care. Mental illness has a greater impact on our society than any other major disease, but it receives less funding than almost any other. Tepper went on to say, "It has been a very difficult time for Hong Kong over the last few months, however Hong Kong's mental health problem has been recognized by the professional community as an issue for several years"

*The following are startling statistics about mental illness and its impact in Hong Kong:*

· At least one in every seven Hongkongers suffers from a form of mental illness at some point in their lives - each of them has a family member, friend, or colleague who will suffer from mental illness.
· Mental health funding is modest in comparison to other health care issues - 61 percent of Hong Kong adults currently suffer from poor mental well-being.
· 74 percent of people suffering from mental illness do not seek professional help.
· The annual cost of mental illness to employers is estimated to be HKD 5.5-12.4 billion.

Henry M Colburn feels that assisting the success of its charitable collaborations provides an opportunity to leave a beneficial long-term legacy while boosting the Mulberry Coburn's contribution to its local community. Mr. Colburn, Co-founder of the Tepper and Colburn Charitable Fund, expressed tremendous hope about the collaboration, adding, "With a common philosophy and vision, we can work together to enhance mental wellbeing in Hong Kong and make a meaningful, lasting difference."

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