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*LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / January 28, 2022 / *GlobMed launched in late 2021 with a promise to provide high quality, tailored solutions and care for UK patients, on-demand.

The GlobMed initiative relies on a network of world-class private clinics and specialists throughout Europe under the supervision and support of a UK medical and operational team, subsequently bringing global healthcare to UK patients for the first time ever.

Entrepreneur David Soffer, who along with his co-founders have created GlobMed, identified that one of the major problems that exist at the heart of all public healthcare systems all over the world is that there is excess demand for specific treatments and services, leaving medical providers struggling with increasing backlogs.
However, he also saw that at the same time, private healthcare providers in multiple countries have excess capacity for other specific treatments.

Now, in 2022, Soffer and his team are set to roll out the next stage of GlobMed services.

*"These international systems do not speak to each other and because there is no true global link and reach when it comes to healthcare, the excess demand in one country's system is left to build up, with increasing waiting times and more people than ever having to forego treatment for a long time,"* said Soffer.

*"With public health systems under more pressure than ever, an emerging problem that is only getting worse is that people who need ‘non-urgent' treatment, which includes the likes of orthopaedic conditions and treatments like hip replacements. These conditions leave patients suffering and in immense pain, often having to wait many months, potentially even years to get the treatment they need."*

Private healthcare in many countries, including the UK, is predominantly only as good as the health insurance you can afford.

*"This means that for people who cannot get covered for one reason or another by a private health insurance company, they have nowhere to go and no one to turn to, to help them get seen and treated quickly," added Soffer. "The best surgeons and healthcare professionals should be accessible to everyone. For example, a world-leading fertility doctor or clinic in Spain should not be out of reach of someone in the UK, just because of where they are geographically located. GlobMed connects the dots and enables patients to have access to the very best doctors and healthcare providers around the world, taking care of everything from pre-op to facilitating the journey to the provider and then post-op and all besides."*

At the heart of what GlobMed is efficiency, speed and care for patients as the company aims to be the first truly global standard of healthcare.

*"Bringing global healthcare to the UK is just stage one of our journey,"* summarised Soffer.


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