WEB3.0 - MAP THE WORLD Has Taken Main Stage on the Global Crypto Scene

WEB3.0 - MAP THE WORLD Has Taken Main Stage on the Global Crypto Scene



On March 29th, MAP Protocol hosts VIP Axe Throwing Party at NFT L.A.

singapore, April 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Over the last 2 weeks, more than 1,000 Blockchain and Crypto community thought leaders attended “WEB3.0 MAP THE WORLD” events in LA and Miami. Among the star-studded list of attendees was Coindesk, Ripple, Tron, MetaMask, Polygon, Dapper Labs, Circle, Algorand, Melos Studio, VERA, Pledge Finance, Bitcoin Latinum, Larva Labs, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Animoca Brands, ARPA Protocol, Krypital Group, GoldenDao, Levelingup NFT, Cointelegraph, Near, Wachsman, RadioCaca, and Harmony One.

On March 29th, MAP Protocol hosts VIP Axe Throwing Party at NFT L.A. — Featuring Steve Aoki.

The night was full of energy and connections and of course, Steve Aoki’s signature cake throwing. After the cake was thrown, it was clear to co-hosts MAP protocol and Blockchain PR that the event must be coined, the “BadAxe Caking” party.

NFT L.A is the largest gathering of Web3 and NFT builders, thinkers, and enthusiasts ever to hit the West Coast. The energy and connections made at the event is empowering artists to connect and build relationships that transcends the evening and moves to build the new era of digital creativity.

The MAP community enjoyed the live entertainment and had a unique experience of competitive axe throwing, guided by professional coaches in Los Angeles. Highlights included performances by renowned DJ and producers Steve Aoki and The Crystal Method, artist Oplus, and “The Crypto Violinist”, as well as a caking by Steve Aoki.

On April 7th, MAP Protocol co-hosted the NFT Asia event in Miami to exchange ideas on NFTs, development, and opportunities. The evening was kicked into high gear with the attendance of one our most reputable politicians and entrepreneurs, Andrew Yang. Yang joined in with the event and shared his deep insights on NFTs as well as entrepreneurship. The conversations and connections made at the event was a pure reflection of MAP Protocol’s core value: Creating a borderless blockchain-verse.

On April 8th, MAP Protocol hosted a VIP event for Bitcoin 2022. Our community and partners enjoyed the evening and made genuine connections from a wide variety of new opportunities related to NFTs and cryptocurrencies. The community was honored to have Brian Brooks, the CEO of BitfuryGroup, former CEO of Binance, and former U.S. Acting Comptroller of the Currency join us and share his exciting insights as well as many new ideas with MAP Protocol. The evening was an event of established deep relationships with our partners and our community members, creating a truly decentralized cross-chain ecosystem.

MAP Protocol brings together creators and titans of the blockchain, crypto, and NFTs worlds. We are only as successful as the Web3.0 communities that we bring together. The events captured the builders, invigorated the investors, opened new thoughts for creators, and was shared by the influencers. All of this, from the “Crypto OGs” to the new world Metaversers has created unforgettable experiences that cemented the role of Web 3.0 as a global mainstay. Here is to many more event to come and building the community of the future!

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MAP Protocol is a decentralized cross-chain interoperability protocol backed by a dedicated blockchain which safeguards cross-chain assets and empowers Dapps to achieve full potential.


MAP Protocol’s cross-chain ecosystem is booming. Join us on the journey to a decentralized Web3 future with billions of creators, builders and users.

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