Evergreen Tea Group is All Set to Celebrate International Tea Day



Tea is the most popular beverage after water with 70,000 cups drunk every second. It has been consumed for medicinal purposes since time immemorial. Promoting the healthy aspect of tea is a much-needed affair in todays time when every one of us is exposed to external hazards. The antioxidants and nutrients rich tea is the go-to beverage if one is committed to their health and overall well-being. From harvesting to retail, the tea industry involves several stakeholders, the Evergreen Tea Group and its sister companies are always vigilant that every one of them is reasonably compensated.
*Evergreen Group, the parent company of **Chai Chun** and Okayti, will organize a special plucking and manufacturing drive on May 21 on the occasion of International Tea Day*

Evergreen Tea Group is all set to celebrate the *International Tea Day*. Complying with the notification issued by the Tea Board, India, all the factories of Evergreen Tea Group will commemorate the *International Tea Day* by participating in the special plucking and manufacturing drive on the 21st of May. The finely plucked leaves will be manufactured the next day. The batch of teas will be presented in the special auction organized by Tea Board, India where every tea producer will bring their best produce.

The two sister companies of Evergreen Tea Group, Chai Chun and Okayti Tea Company will take an important role in undertaking a 10-day long campaign to educate and inform the people about multifaceted aspects of tea through its stores and social media platforms. To emphasize the 2022 theme of *International Tea Day* "*Tea and Fair Trade*" the organic estate of Okayti will retrospect its long and prosperous history of ethically producing the finest single estate organic Darjeeling teas. Okayti will also host a live call session where experts will answer every query regarding tea and its marketing. Okayti has been dedicatedly working towards forming a sense of community between workers and the management. For the first time in hundreds of years, the people of Okayti were felicitated for their dedication, hard work and perseverance.

The colonial roots of the tea industry are still discernible in its etiquette and mannerism. It is reflected in everyday lives and the general milieu. "It takes courage to run the business while also breaking the excessively hierarchical colonial structure on which the business resides. But one has to look beyond business sometimes,"*Mr. Rajeev Baid, Founder & CEO at Evergreen Tea Group* added.

On the other hand, Chai Chun, the first and #1 Tea Boutique in India with 18+ stores across India will host free tea tasting sessions in every store to facilitate a healthy process of introducing different varieties of teas to tea enthusiasts who mostly only consume the CTC variant. Chai Chun will also host a plethora of social media campaigns to inform tea lovers of several aspects of tea.

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