Valiant Eagle’s (OTC: PSRU) Providence Film Group Officially Begins Remake of the Iconic Bruce Lee Film, “Fists of Fury”

Valiant Eagle’s (OTC: PSRU) Providence Film Group Officially Begins Remake of the Iconic Bruce Lee Film, “Fists of Fury”



LOS ANGELES, Oct. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Valiant Eagle, Inc. (OTC: PSRU) announces its subsidiary, Providence Film Group, is working to reboot the iconic film, “Fists of Fury” (also known as “The Big Boss”). Valiant Eagle and Providence Film Group CEO, Xavier Mitchell, will serve as executive producer on the reboot.

Originally released in 1971, “Fists of Fury” was Bruce Lee’s first major film earning $100 million worldwide, equivalent to over $600 million today. The film began his cinematic success in the United States. Valiant Eagle originally acquired the rights to the iconic movie in July 2021.

The reboot’s working title is “Fists of Fury: Johnny Too Bad,” with Damian Lee, author of the screenplay, to direct. Lee’s directing credits include award-winning “A Dark Truth” starring Andy Garcia, Forest Whitaker and Eva Longoria; and highly-acclaimed “A Fighting Man” with Dominic Purcell, James Caan, Famke Janssen and Academy Award winner, Louis Gossett Jr.

Lee’s many producing and writing credits include the teen favorite “Ski School” and festival award-winning films “Hearts of War” starring Nina Dobrev, Roy Scheider and Daryl Hannah and “King of Sorrow” starring “Sons of Anarchy’s” Kim Coates and Lara Daans.

Part of the “Fist of Fury” star cast includes veteran actor Dominic Purcell. Purcell’s famed for the hit series “Prison Break” Followed by DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Top films Purcell starred in include, but are not limited to,  “Blade: Trinity,” “Killer Elite,” “A Fighting Man” and “Breakout” alongside Venice Film Festival sensation Brendan Fraser.

“Fists of Fury/Johnny Too Bad” Synopsis: Young boxer, Johnny Too Bad, who, after killing his father in the ring, abandons boxing then pursues a life of crime. After crossing paths with drug kingpin and boxing fixer, Marion Vargas, he ventures back into the ring. Torn between Vargas and mentor Wellington “Night Train” Henry, former partner of Vargas turned straight after serving time, Johnny struggles to find himself. He battles foes in and out of the ring. He’s further challenged when he becomes infatuated with Lilly, a spiritual mystery.  

“The remake of the classic ‘Fists of Fury’ film has been a key objective since Providence acquired the rights to the movie during the summer of 2021. Working alongside film industry veteran Damian Lee, we could not be more excited about the prospects of the upcoming film,” says Valiant Eagle CEO, Xavier Mitchell. He continues, “We look forward to sharing additional details as development ramps up and we are expecting this to be a box office hit.”

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· Valiant Eagle’s (OTC: PSRU) Providence Film Group Officially Begins Remake of the Iconic Bruce Lee Film, “Fists of Fury”
· Valiant Eagle’s (OTC: PSRU) Providence Film Group Officially Begins Remake of the Iconic Bruce Lee Film, “Fists of Fury”

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