General Meeting ARGAN - 23th March 2023

General Meeting ARGAN - 23th March 2023



       *Press** release** –* *Friday* *2**4**th March 2023** – **08**h**45** AM*

*General **Meeting** ARGAN **- 23th March** 20**2**3*

*Dividend** 2022 : **€3/**share* *(+ **15%**)*

*with* *the option for the **payment** of the **dividend** in **shares*

*The **general* *meeting** of **ARGAN's* *shareholders* *was* *held** on Thursday 23 March 2023 at the Salons Hoche in Paris.*

The total number of existing shares was 22,981,364 for a total number of voting rights of 22,969,305. At this General Meeting, the shareholders present, duly represented, having validly given proxy to the Chairman or voted by correspondence, together held 18,261,745 shares and as many voting rights, i.e. 79.5% of the total.

The Combined General Meeting of Shareholders approved all the proposed resolutions, including :

- Resolution No. 4 providing for the distribution of a dividend of €3/share

- Resolution n°5 proposing the option for the payment of the dividend in shares (on the totality of the dividend) with a subscription price of €74.81 (95% of the average of the opening price of the share during the 20 days prior to the General Meeting minus the amount of the dividend).

- The resolution n°15 concerning the renewal of the mandate of Nicolas Le Lan as member of the Supervisory Board

- The resolution n°16 concerning the renewal of the mandate of PREDICA as a member of the Supervisory Board

*The **detachment** of the coupon **is* *scheduled** for 30 March 2023 and the **payment** of the **dividend** for 25 April 2023.*

*The option for **payment** in **shares** must **be* *exercised* *from** 3 April **until** 19 April 2023 inclusive. *After this period, shareholders who have not opted for payment of the dividend in shares will receive their dividend in cash.

For individual shareholders resident in France, this dividend of €3 :

· is deducted from the SIIC's tax-exempt profits and is not eligible for the 40% allowance referred to the Article 158-3-2° of the French General Tax Code up to €0.53,
However, it is reminded that, for these same shareholders and except in special situations, this dividend will be fully subject to the flat-tax of 30% and will only be subject to the income tax scale, with the application of the aforementioned 40% allowance, in the event that certain shareholders make an option to do so when filing their annual income tax return.

· constitutes a reimbursement of a contribution of €2.47.
*The full minutes of the General **Meeting** of 23 March 2023 are **available** on the **company's* *website**.*
*Financial **calendar** 2023 *(Press release to be issued after the stock exchange)

· 3rd April : Turnover for the 1st quarter 2023
· 3rd July : Turnover for the 2nd quarter 2023
· 19th July : Half-yearly results 2023
· 2nd October : Turnover for the 3rd quarter 2023

*About Argan *

ARGAN is the only French real estate company specialized in the DEVELOPMENT & RENTAL OF PREMIUM WAREHOUSES listed on EURONEXT. As of 31st December 2022, ARGAN’s portfolio amounted to 3.5 million sqm, comprising approximately 100 warehouses located exclusively in France, valued at €4.0 billion. ARGAN is listed on Compartment A of Euronext Paris (ISIN FR0010481960 - ARG) and is included in the CAC All-Share, IEIF SIIC France and EPRA Europ indices. The company opted for the listed real estate investment companies (SIICs) tax regime since 01st July 2007.

Francis Albertinelli - CFO
Aymar de Germay – General Secretary
Phone : +33 1 47 47 05 46
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Aude Vayre – Press Relations
Phone : + 33 6 14 64 15 65
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