EPA Decision Paves Way for Dramatic Growth in Clean Truck Production and Sales



*NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / March 31, 2023 / *Ceres applauds the Biden administration and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for taking decisive action to accelerate the growth of clean truck sales in states across the country, which will increase access to cutting-edge vehicles that companies want, improve air quality in highly polluted communities, and help businesses, states, and the nation meet their climate goals.

The EPA today granted a waiver for California to implement the Advanced Clean Trucks rule, an ambitious new standard for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, such as commercial vans and large trucks. By granting the waiver to California, the EPA has also paved the way for the rule's implementation in the six additional states that have adopted it: Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. Several other states are considering the policy, with Colorado and North Carolina each having begun the rule making process.

"Companies and state leaders are eager to get more zero-emission trucks on the road and reduce dangerous pollution that endangers people's health," said *Alli Gold Roberts, senior director of state policy at Ceres*. "We applaud the EPA for approving California's Advanced Clean Trucks rule. This policy is a key tool to grow the clean truck market by accelerating zero emission vehicle production and ensuring companies can access the vehicles they want and need to reduce their fuel and maintenance costs."

The Advanced Clean Trucks rule is designed to increase production of electric and other zero-emission trucks by requiring steadily growing sales over time. Under the Clean Air Act, California has the right to set more ambitious vehicle standards than the federal government, and other states are allowed to adopt them as well.

The EPA is still considering whether to grant California a waiver for the Heavy-Duty Omnibus Low NOx regulation, which is designed to reduce dangerous smog-forming nitrogen oxide pollution from new diesel-powered trucks by 90%. The California Air Resources Board requested additional time before EPA acts on the request, and Ceres remains hopeful the waiver for this critical rule will be granted.

Ceres, a nonprofit that works with companies and investors to address sustainability issues, has been a leading champion for policies that support the transition to clean trucks and has helped organize leading companies to advocate for supportive policies, including:

· In 2020, major companies voiced their support for a memorandum of understanding that has now been signed by 15 states, committing to adopting policies that accelerate the growth of the market.
· More than 70 companies and investors - including Etsy, IKEA, and Siemens - called for the ACT rule's widespread adoption in 2021; the number of signatories has since grown to more than 85.
· Nearly three dozen companies - including Panasonic, Rivian, and Tesla - called on the EPA to approve the waivers for California's suite of standards in a letter to agency officials last year.

"These policies will foster globally competitive components, vehicle, and infrastructure industries in the United States and will provide savings to fleets and companies like ours that use medium- and heavy-duty vehicles in their business," the companies wrote in their letter urging EPA to approve the waivers.

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