ACNSL Announces Annual National Security Book Award

ACNSL Announces Annual National Security Book Award



*WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / February 7, 2024 /* The American College of National Security Leaders (ACNSL) has announced the inauguration of a yearly book award. ACNSL Annual National Security Book Award encourages authors and publishers of book that promotes the reasoned dialogue, documentation, and discussion of the interrelationship of diplomacy and military power in the pursuit and practice of American National Security. ACNSL is a non-partisan group comprised of retired generals, admirals, ambassadors, and other senior government officials with considerable experience in national security policy.

"The winner of the award will be announced on the 4^th of July 2024 and will receive the sum of $2000," Rear Admiral Dave Oliver said, an ACNSL Fellow and himself the author of several books. Additionally, the author and the book will be listed as the winner of the ACNSL website ( and publicized on social media. Another ACNSL Fellow, retired Major General Mari K. Eder is an award-winning author and served on the committee that developed the award. "Our motto is Strength through Knowledge and Wisdom, so we thought it was appropriate for the College to support and recognize scholarship, creativity and writing on this topic," General Eder said.

Nominations must be submitted by 1 April 2024 via email at The following are the criteria for the book award:

1. The book must be written by an American citizen or citizens.
2. The book must be published in the United States.
3. The book must be published in the calendar year preceding the year of the award (so in 2023 for this award). Books from prior years are not eligible.
4. The book subject or focus must fit within the thematic scope as described below:

Goal: This award is to encourage the documentation and discussion of the interrelationship of diplomacy and military power in the practice of National Security. The emphasis desired is the manner in which U.S. foreign policy is developed and carried out, rather than theory or studies. Biographies, autobiographies, and personal memoirs that relate to these practices and processes are welcome. ACNSL is particularly interested in books that focus on opportunities, difficulties, and limitations.

The choice of the awardee will be based on review by a selection committee chosen by ACNSL.


*American College of National Security Leaders*

ACNSL is a nonpartisan voice of experience on national security issues. Our Fellows are retired admirals, generals, ambassadors, and senior government executives with decades of experience in national security, diplomacy, and defense. Together, we are committed to strengthening the security of the United States by informing the debate, advising decision-makers, and educating the public.

*For more information, contact:*

*Dianna Carson, Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired}*
ACNSL Chief of Staff
(458) 245-6600

*Jamie Barnett, Rear Admiral, USN (Retired)*
President, American College of the National Security Leaders
(202) 997-1940

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