Is it a TV or a Cat is trending?

Is it a TV or a Cat is trending?



*LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 28, 2024 / *No, it's neither a TV nor a cat. It's a memecoin called Jeeton which is on trending. Meme coins are a special type of digital money in the cryptocurrency world. They're different because they're based on famous internet jokes and funny pictures called memes. These coins have become really popular because people online really like them and they spread quickly like wildfire.

*What is Jeeton?*

Jeeton is a special kind of digital money called a memecoin. It's not like regular coins you use to buy things. Instead, Jeeton is all about fun and jokes! Imagine collecting funny pictures and turning them into coins - that's what Jeeton is like. It is a timid, robot cat with a head on the tv screen.

It displays emotions and content in its own funny ways. Lots of people on the internet love Jeeton because it's easy to understand and it makes them laugh. When you have Jeeton, you're part of a big online group of people who enjoy sharing silly things and having a good time. It's like being part of a fun club where everyone is friendly and excited about funny stuff!

*Why Is this Coin Trending?*

Jeeton is becoming super popular and trending for a few reasons. First off, it's all about memes, those funny pictures and jokes we see all over the internet. In the subsequent days, jeeton devs made many funny memes that went viral, one of many is a video featuring jeeton's potential, as an infinity tv screen that can display anything.

People love memes, so when they hear about a coin that's based on them, they get excited! Plus, Jeeton has a big online community of fans who share and spread the word about it. When something gets talked about a lot online, it tends to trend, just like Jeeton is doing now. Also, because it's easy to understand and join in, more and more people are getting interested in Jeeton every day. So, it's no surprise that this coin is trending and catching everyone's attention!

*The Success of this Coin*

History tells us that there is a reason of success for jeeton. The credit goes to there team. After completely self funded team they successfully launched Jeeton on, they quickly became king of the hill and got listed on raydium shortly after. In the first week, they hit an all-time-high marketcap of 1 million which was phenomenal.

After this in quick time, they have made a video which went so viral that some investors on solana saw the potential of Jeeton's meme-ability, a cute tv cat mascot, and a hard working, responsive and fun loving team behind the project, and price soared to a new all-time-high of 1.6million, almost an 530% increase shortly after consolidating just under 300k, after dipping from previous all time high of 1 million.

*Current Market Cap and Investor's Trust*

Jeeton is currently holding stable above 500k mcap. One of the reasons for its stability is its holders' trust in the team. The team is made up of high profile developers, studio artists, and programmers who are previously microsoft hackathon champions and are highly well connected in the blockchain space.

Checking out their website, the team seems to be really witty with their puns and memes, while being able to produce high quality branding images. Their version of whitepaper, called the 'jeetbook' showing that the team has what it takes to balance both wit, fun, and quality.

*What do they do for their Community?*

Well, they do a lot for their community as one of the team's latest experiments, the dojeecoin, was a memorial event to pay respects and remember the dog behind dogecoin, named kabosu. The team used this opportunity out of pocket to launch dojee as a tribute to reward holders by airdropping every holder regardless big or small, 1 million dojee coin. At the point of airdrop, the total amounted to 200 SOL ($34,000 usd) and each of 455 jeeton holders got approximately 0.45sol worth of dojeecoin. Many holders accepted their reward and sold their dojeecoin, kabosu might have died a second time on the same day, but holders are happy.

With this fun and unexpected experiment, it is just a beginning. The team showed that they value their community and the potential of Jeeton is far greater than what it is now and it is only primed to grow. According to the team, they have much more plans in future after this press release and we can only wonder what else is in the heads of these creative minds.

*What Will Jeeton Be Worth in 2025?*

The future market prices are difficult for anyone to predict. It depends on market conditions, cryptocurrency developments, and investor and user sentiments. But, according to the market value, with on going faster growth and a faster growing community, it is not wrong to say that this coin will be on the top of the list of memecoins and cryptocurrencies. It will be the game changer in 2025.

*Where Is Jeeton Traded?*

Well, you can purchase Jeeton on Raydium (link available on Jeeton website too) by connecting your Phantom wallet with solana coin in it. More information on Jeeton can be found here on Dexscreener.



Contract Address: 9tXmoSRzr83oFU7e3qbVBzcNspXZv5Kw4PDqFVuCHxDE


To sum up, Jeeton is a hot memecoin that's catching a lot of attention in the world of cryptocurrency. Many investors see it as a great chance to make some money. What's interesting is that its founder, 0x8i11i0n, got in touch with Steve Chen, one of the people who started Youtube, earlier this year. This made people trust Jeeton even more. As more people get interested in it, Jeeton shows how digital money is changing and how new ideas can be successful.

Jeeton's story teaches us about the importance of working together, being trustworthy, and coming up with new ideas in the cryptocurrency world.

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