Early Signals by WOO X: BTC Faces Downward Trend While TON Ecosystem Reaches New Highs with Surging Market Interest

Early Signals by WOO X: BTC Faces Downward Trend While TON Ecosystem Reaches New Highs with Surging Market Interest



VICTORIA, Seychelles, June 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WOO X Research, the analysis team of the global centralized crypto futures and spot trading platform WOO X, is pleased to share its latest market insights on the current trends in the crypto landscape.*Market Overview:*
BTC continues to exhibit a downward trend. If it fails to break through $67,600 in the short term, the likelihood of testing the $64,000-$66,000 range increases. ETH has daily support at $3,250. The current market conditions are challenging, so it may be prudent to monitor the market for signs of recovery.

*BTC Spot ETFs:*

· Total Net Inflow: $15.28 billion
· Daily Net Outflow: $244 million
· Daily Trading Volume: Over $840 million
· ETF Net Asset Proportion: 4.46% of BTC market value

*Significant Daily Movers:*

· *TON (New High): *The TON ecosystem has recently gained significant attention with multiple mini-games and DeFi projects. TVL has surpassed $550 million, increasing by 108% over the past month, pushing TON to a new historical high of $8. Notably, TON spot trading has yet to be listed on Binance. Future token launches for projects like Hamster Kombat and Catizen are anticipated to follow the success of Not coin.· *FISH (Daily Increase of 10%): *FISH is a leading meme token in the TON ecosystem, benefiting from the recent surge in the TON mini-game NOT. Market attention has rapidly increased, with the TON token price reaching a new high today. As the most recognized meme in the TON ecosystem, FISH has bucked the trend with a 24-hour trading volume of $2.75 million.· *TRU (Resilient Performance): *TrueFi is an uncollateralized lending protocol driven by on-chain credit scoring, maximizing capital efficiency for borrowers and returns for lenders. With a cumulative lending volume of $1.74 billion and a current market value of $220 million, TRU has shown resilient performance recently and is a hot speculative target in the RWA sector.· *BANANA (Uptrend): *BANANA is a Telegram trading bot offering unique snipe purchase features, allowing users to quickly buy newly launched tokens. With the increasing use of TG BOT, Bananagun's annual revenue has reached $57.76 million, driving the token price to new highs. It has surged more than 80 times compared to its presale price of $0.65.To learn more about WOO X, download our app or visit WOO X

Contact: media@woo.network

*About WOO X*

WOO X is a global centralized crypto futures and spot trading platform offering best-in-class liquidity and price execution. WOO X has an average daily volume exceeding $600 million and is home to hundreds of thousands of traders worldwide. WOO X traders benefit from radical transparency through our industry-first live Proof of Reserves & liabilities dashboard and the company's mission to maintain the trust of its growing community of traders.


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