LLYC launches Free the Voices, the first diverse synthetic voice bank, to combat anti-LGBTQI+ biases

LLYC launches Free the Voices, the first diverse synthetic voice bank, to combat anti-LGBTQI+ biases



· Using AI and over 250 voices from LGBTQI+ community members across 12 countries, Free the Voices will make five diverse voices available for free at *freethevoices.llyc.global/en *to promote a more inclusive digital future.· Developed in collaboration with Monoceros Labs and their product Fonos, this project draws attention to the discrimination the LGBTQI+ community faces due to stereotypes and biases associated with their voices.· LLYC also published "*Voice, Diversity, and Technology in the Age of AI*," which explores how biases against recognizably LGBTQI+ voices perpetuate discrimination against community members and how synthetic voice technologies can help reduce discrimination.MIAMI, June 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- To address the ongoing discrimination and daily microaggressions against the LGBTQI+ community, driven in part by biases against their voices, global Corporate Affairs and Marketing consulting firm LLYC today announced the launch of *Free the Voices*, the world’s first diverse synthetic voice bank. Developed in collaboration with Monoceros Labs and their online voice studio Fonos, this innovative project aims to raise awareness about voice-related biases while contributing to a more inclusive digital environment. The voices produced will be available at *freethevoices.llyc.global/en* for anyone to use, enabling audiovisual productions and projects to reflect greater diversity.

In an increasingly digital world, AI-generated voices are becoming more prevalent across numerous platforms, but most of them are built based on cisgender and heteronormative samples. *Free the Voices* seeks to change that. Created from over 250 voices collected from LGBTQI+ community members from across 12 countries, it will make numerous diverse voices available for various audiovisual content, for free. It seeks to educate society about the biases associated with recognizably LGBTQI+ voices and increase exposure to vocal diversity.

"Voice-based discrimination still affects so many people, especially within the LGBTQI+ community,” said *David Gonzalez Natal, LLYC’s Partner and Managing Director of LATAM North*. “When someone's voice doesn't fit societal expectations, they can face prejudice and microaggressions, leading many people to change the ways they speak or hide their true voices. This only adds to the invisibility and stigma surrounding recognizably LGBTQI+ voices, which is a shame because vocal diversity should be celebrated."

LLYC worked with LGBTQI+ advocates around the world, including Redi (Spain), Pride Connection Mexico, Casa Frida (Mexico), and the Chamber of Diversity in Colombia, to ensure authenticity and avoid perpetuating stereotypes during the synthetic voice design process. After collecting the data, Monoceros Labs conducted a rigorous anonymization and synthesis process to safeguard individual identities while preserving the diversity of the voices created. This approach ensured that people of all orientations, genders, nationalities, accents, and age groups were involved, avoiding any outside prejudices on what constitutes an authentic “LGBTQI+ voice.”

Alongside these voices, LLYC is launching the “*Free the Voices: Voice, Diversity, and Technology in the Age of AI*” report to explore how voice biases contribute to discrimination against the LGBTQI+ community and examine how synthetic voice technologies can mitigate these biases by increasing exposure to diverse voices.

“The project shows how AI can be used to promote fairness and diversity in all aspects of life,” Natal highlighted. “Everyone is invited to explore the new synthetic voices, share their voices to create new ones, and, most importantly, use them to help build a more inclusive world.”

*About LLYC*

LLYC (BME:LLYC) is a global Corporate Affairs and Marketing consulting firm that partners with its clients in creativity, influence, and innovation to enhance and protect the value of their businesses, turning every day into an opportunity to grow their brands.

Founded in 1995, LLYC is present in the United States (Miami, New York, San Diego, Washington, DC, Grand Rapids, Detroit, St. Louis and Phoenix), Argentina, Brazil (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), Brussels, Colombia, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal and Spain (Madrid and Barcelona).

In 2023, LLYC's operating revenues exceeded 83.1 million euros. LLYC is ranked as one of the 40 largest communications companies worldwide, according to PRWeek and PRovoke. LLYC was named the Top Communications Consultant in Europe at the 2022 PRWeek Global Awards and Communications Consultant of the Year in Latin America in 2023 by PRovoke.

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