Ojmar Introduces the All-New OTS20 Batteryless: The Smart Lock That Powers Itself

Ojmar Introduces the All-New OTS20 Batteryless: The Smart Lock That Powers Itself



*No batteries. No wires. No maintenance.*

*IRVINE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 24, 2024 / *Ojmar, a leading manufacturer of smart locks, today announces the launch of a new electronic lock, the OTS®20 Batteryless - the first RFID lock that powers itself. The award-winning OTS®20 Batteryless introduces a groundbreaking innovation - Push Power Technology. When the lock is operated, with a simple push, it generates its own energy. Say goodbye to costly battery replacements and ongoing upkeep.

*OTS20 Batteryless with Push Power Technology*
No batteries. No wires. No maintenance.

No batteries, no wires, no maintenance. The OTS®20 Batteryless is designed to be hassle-free. The self-contained, compact form factor makes installing the lock on locker doors, medical cart drawers, or asset management cabinets a breeze. Your facility manager won't have to worry about monitoring each lock's power level or network connection after setup because the OTS®20 Batteryless operates autonomously.

Eco-friendly by design, the OTS®20 Batteryless lock uses 56% less plastic than standard locks. It's made with recyclable plastics and it's entirely recyclable, underscoring Ojmar's commitment to sustainability. OTS®20 Batteryless is the green choice for any corporate office or fitness center looking to offset their carbon emission.

*The OTS®20 Batteryless Top Features:*

*Self-Powered:* Utilizes Push Power technology to generate its own energy when operated.

*Sustainable:* Fully recyclable components, no batteries, or wires, reducing environmental impact and carbon footprint.

*Maintenance-Free:* No battery replacement or maintenance required, saving time and resources.

*Easy Installation:* Simplified installation process due to the absence of hardwiring and batteries, user-friendly operation.

*Supported technologies:* RFID, NFC, Mifare Classic, Mifare Ultralight, Mifare DESFire, and NFC without firmware updates.

*Enhanced Security:* Encrypted data transmission for maximum protection.

*Easy to use:* Users love how effortless the OTS®20 Batteryless is to use.

*Water and dust Resistant:* Designed to be durable indoors and out.

Ojmar's award-winning OTS®20 Batteryless is a leap forward in smart lock technology, offering a no batteries, no wire, and no maintenance experience. It's easy to install, easy to use, and represents a smart investment for any organization looking to secure their assets while contributing positively to the environment. The OTS®20 Batteryless is available now, leading the charge in sustainable security solutions. For more information about the OTS®20 Batteryless, visit ojmar.us/product/ots20-batteryless, call us at (949) 419-6776, or email us at sales@ojmar.us.

Ojmar has established itself as a leader in innovative smart locking solutions, offering a range of locks from mechanical cam locks to smartphone-connected, Bluetooth locks. With a rich heritage and deep expertise in product engineering, Ojmar's commitment to quality is evident in its robust R&D efforts and industry recognition, resulting in over 80 patents. The company's latest offering, the OTS®20 Batteryless smart lock, epitomizes its dedication to innovation and sustainability. Ojmar's forward-thinking approach is not only ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction but is reflected in its environmentally conscious products. As Ojmar continues to advance the lock industry, it remains the go-to choice for secure, stylish, and sustainable locking solutions globally.

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