China Heads to the Dark Side of the Moon – an Exploration First

One News Page Staff Wednesday, 5 December 2018
China Heads to the Dark Side of the Moon – an Exploration Firstby 👩‍💻 Stephanie Boyd

We are gradually understanding more and more about the way our wonderful and mysterious universe works and operates – but it remains to be said that the Moon, first landed upon in 1969, has been hovering in the background for some time – quite literally! While NASA have confirmed that they will be renewing efforts to probe into our prominent satellite in the near future, it seems that China are set to go one better – with a new and mysterious mission to analyse territory that’s never so much as been landed on.

Chang’e 4, according to The Independent, is a lunar exploration mission which is reportedly set to explore the dark side of the Moon – which, as well as being the name of an immensely popular rock album, remains one of the greatest mysteries of the known cosmos. No one has ever landed there before – meaning that it remains a huge question mark for even the most experienced of researchers and scientists. The Chang’e mission will reportedly set off as of December 8th, and will cast a lander, satellite and other hardware to gather information on what lies on the other side of the celestial body.

China Takes its First Step Towards Exploring the Dark Side Of The Moon
China Takes its First Step Towards Exploring the Dark Side Of The Moon [video]

According to sources, a number of scientific experiments will reportedly be launched, too. A container comprising of eggs and seeds will be transported to the Moon, perhaps in an effort to create life there for the very first time. However, this will not be the only focus of the mission. The lander and hardware will analyze soil chemicals and will offer eyes on the mysterious hidden side of the orb.

However, other details remain fairly scarce – as plans for Chang’e 4 remain fairly under wraps from the rest of the world at this time. It is the latest in a number of recent announcements which will apparently bring the Moon back into research focus. Perhaps fitting, given that 2019 will mark the 40th anniversary of NASA’s epoch-making Moon landings in 1969.

Quite what the Chinese mission will find remains to be seen – but it is nevertheless exciting that more and more researchers and scientists are heading back to the Moon to try and find more answers as to what it is – and what it hides from us on its dark and mysterious back.


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