Russia's 'Most Advanced Robot' Is Just a Man in a Suit

One News Page Staff Friday, 4 January 2019
Russia's 'Most Advanced Robot' Is Just a Man in a Suitby 👩‍💻 Alice Monroe

Technology is evolving before our very eyes all the time, sometimes to a scary extent. More often than not, too, we aren’t able to believe our eyes – however, it seems some of us were more than a little conditioned to seeing robots doing everyday things as, recently, it’s emerged that a popular Russian robot captured on video and seen by millions was, in fact, just a man in a suit. According to The Independent, as a recent display continued, it became more and more obvious to some that the android was being controlled by someone inside of it.

The robot in question, referred to as ‘Boris’, was on display and offering a number of cutting edge dance moves at a recent Russian technology show, where the automaton was also seen to be interacting with people on stage. However, as reports and media outlets showed after the event, what appeared to be the most advanced robot of its kind was merely an advanced costume put to the test by a fairly eager performer.

Videos of the ‘robot’ were shared online and across the world, and many sources claimed that the creation was perhaps too lifelike – adding to that, Boris appeared to have been introduced to the world with little to no fanfare, a move which some considered to be slightly odd given the amount of time it takes for robotics to advance over time.

'Hi-Tech' Russian Robot Revealed As Man In Suit
'Hi-Tech' Russian Robot Revealed As Man In Suit [video]

Sources claim that its clumsy dancing and movements suggested those of a human being attempting to manoeuvre itself inside a costume shell – and that these motions were in fact being brought to life by those of a human dancer, not an android who had learned such creativity. The construction of the robot, too, suggested that it was built to be controlled from the inside.

However, it remains to be said that the event’s organizers never once referred to Boris as an actual, physical robot. However, as the footage of Boris spread worldwide, confusion began to build as to whether or not we were looking at an advanced piece of tech, or merely a man in an elaborate costume. It’s safe to say that – given a variety of tells and sources on the matter – Boris is more human and perhaps better at dancing than a lot of people!

For now – at least – there’s no automaton quite like Boris.


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