Some Photoshop users can try Adobe’s anti-misinformation system later this year

The Verge


Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Adobe has released more details on its Content Authenticity Initiative, a system for permanently attaching sources and details to an image. The project is meant to mitigate two problems: artists losing credit for work and newsworthy images being manipulated or taken out of context. It’s set for a limited debut on Adobe’s Photoshop software and Behance social network by the end of 2020, and Adobe hopes for wider adoption soon after.

Adobe pitched the CAI last year as a general anti-misinformation and pro-attribution tool, but many details remained in flux. A newly released white paper makes its scope clearer. The CAI is primarily a more persistent, verifiable type of image metadata. It’s similar to the standard EXIF tags that show the...

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