Sling TV launches its own watch party feature for live TV

The Verge


Image: Sling TV

Sling TV is joining the quarantine-era watch party bandwagon with a unique edge over the streaming services that got there first: live TV. The new feature, called Sling Watch Party, makes Sling the first pay-TV provider to add a co-watching feature to its platform, doing so to infuse some much-needed social interaction to the now-solemn act of watching TV alone in your house or apartment during COVID-19.

Sling’s take on this is still in beta for now, and it’s only available via a Chrome browser on laptops and desktops. But it supports up to four people and works for live programming, a huge plus for people yearning for the experience of watching sports or an awards show in person their friends or family.

The feature is available now...

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