League of Legends’ virtual K-pop group K/DA is releasing its first album in November

The Verge


As promised, K/DA — the virtual K-pop group that’s part of the ever-expanding League of Legends universe — has its very first album on the way. Today, developer Riot revealed that the band’s first EP, titled All/Out, will be out on November 6th. K/DA released its first single following a two-year hiatus back in August.

If you’re wondering what any of that actually means, here’s a quick explainer: in 2018, the annual League of Legends World Championship opened with a stunning AR concert, which featured a K-pop group made up of both in-game characters and real-world pop stars. It was an intriguing mix that turned into a big hit, and now Riot is bringing the band back in a big way. In addition to the EP, there’s also an...

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