Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Review (PS4)



Once one of the most popular genres among gamers, the platformer was almost completely forgotten in the last years. After the countless Disney adaptations so popular in the 90s, lately, we barely see any more platformers worthy of mentioning. But now a fan favorite, the marsupial everyone knows, Crash Bandicoot returns for another spin to prove that its formula is timeless. The fans had to wait 10 years to see another chapter in Crash’s adventures, and they probably should have waited even longer if the last year's remaster had not proved to be so successful among the nostalgia driven community. The creators of Crash Bandicoot always prided themselves with the design that made you throw your controller in frustration at the screen. While many are still questioning this formula, Toys for Bob did not want to change too much the recipe of the game, but they made it feel mode modern by tweaking some aspects and adding a few new ideas. The new Crash Bandicoot is not eas...

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