Civilization VI – New Frontier Pass: Babylon Pack Drops on November 19



Firaxis has just revealed that the fourth DLC pack in the Civilization VI – New Frontier Pass, Babylon Pack will make its debut on November 19. Just like the previous DLCs, Babylon Pack requires Civilization VI to play and will be available to anyone who owns the New Frontier Pass. However, those who don't have the New Frontier Pass will be able to purchase the Babylon Pack for €4.99 / $4.99. The upcoming DLC will introduce a new leader and civilization, as well as 24 new Great People, six new City-States, two new unique improvements unlocked by the new City-States, and a new optional game mode - Heroes & Legends Mode. The new game mode adds twelve powerful Hero units from the world's myths and legends, each possessing great power and unique abilities. More importantly, every Hero is unique and can be claimed by just one civilization. Also, they have a limited lifespan and will naturally expire after a set number of turns, though they can be recalled by spending Fa...

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